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    So what do you think of Intel's Compute Card?

    It's basically a flat compute stick. When Intel introduced it, they said it will work with processors up to 6W, which includes not just Atoms, but also some decent performance Y-class processors (3.3GHz, 2c/4t)...
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    MS to start bundling Windows 10 drivers with Windows Store downloads

    ahahahahahahaha, what could possibly go wrong? Microsoft Details Gaming Enhancements Coming With Windows 10 Creators Update For some reason MS has confused the idea that a PC is a gaming console. Sadly, this is just another bit of proof that MS considers the OS installed on YOUR computer to...
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    Durn you google: Material is an ugly theme, and worse on Windows

    As another pointless strategy decision, Google decided to get rid of the native look of Chrome and force the hideous Material theme on all Chrome and Chromium users, regardless of OS. Before you could disable the Material theme in flags, but that option was removed. That pretty much did it for...
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    Windows 7/8.1 update "fun" starts today... only rollups

    If you only want the security updates, you'll have to download and install it outside of Windows Update. Links to 7 and 8.1 are here: Don’t install any updates yet – but here’s where to find them @ AskWoody MS is supposed to make the Update Catalog compatible with other browsers, but I think...
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    Origin on the House: Dungeon Keeper

    Nox has finally been replaced. Origin
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    Run Linux and other OSs in a web browser

    Virtual x86 I'm not sure how useful those particular images are for doing anything significant, but the concept seems to work fairly decently. Some even worked (usable, speed-wise) on Android with Chrome.
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    A hypothetical Windows Workstation 2016/Windows NT 10 Pro OS, for fun

    There are instructions for turning various versions of Windows Server into a "workstation" desktop OS. There have typically been few reasons to do so, aside some very specific uses (based on functionality only available in the server OS version, or simply because someone wants to try it). And...
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    Check your Windows 7 system: MS is scheduling W10 updates, whether you want it or not

    Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates lol, just as people predicted, MS was going to force W10 updates even if you don't want it.
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    We're just what, 12 months from ARM microservers taking over 20% of the server market? Yeah... Worldwide Server Market Revenues Increase 5.2% in the Fourth Quarter as Demand in China Once Again Drives the Market Forward, According to IDC tl;dr x86 server sales up YoY by 8% and 4% by revenue...
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    AMD vs Sysmark, part deux

    AMD accuses BAPCo and Intel of cheating with Sysmark benchmarks If you remember why AMD rage quit BAPCo in 2011, it's basically the same thing again. For some reason AMD believes that standard office work revolves around offloading tasks to the GPU (it didn't in 2011 and still doesn't today)...
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    CES: New Atom and Core M Compute Sticks The new Atom model is based on Airmont/Cherry Trail (x5-Z8300, 4c/4t, 2W) and has better WiFi than the first model and adds a USB 3.0 port. $159 The other two use Core m3-6Y30 or Core...
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    Overclocking non K Skylake processors possible They overclocked an i3-6100 to 4.7GHz using BCLK. It's about time overclocking returned to Intel's side without a price premium. That overclocked dual core chip can almost hang with the stock speed 8 core 8320E...
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    New Intel Quarks What's strange about these ones is that it looks less like an actual standalone product than a demo for future embedded very low power microcontrollers (like...
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    Microsoft: Windows 10 will be made an automatic recommended update in early 2016

    Windows 10 will be made an automatic “recommended” update early next year or in doublespeak: Making it Easier to Upgrade to Windows 10 lol, this should be fun.
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    PSA: MS has been installing the same type of data collection on 7/8.x as 10 has

    If you have an issue with how much data Microsoft collects on Windows 10, MS has been sneaking the same types of data collection on 7/8.x for many months as "Important Updates" with no mention on the update information page about what each really does. For an eye opener, open up task scheduler...
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    Where are the new chips? Broadwell/Skylake/Braswell

    It's not that they're completely absent, because you can find each of those in systems, but something just isn't right about this. It's not just a slow launch. It seems more deliberate. Chips have trickled out with slow starts for many years, and whether or not capacity is constrained there...
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    oh wow, forced update on to Outlook Mail (Preview)

    lol, I can't even who thought this is a good idea. I can view 3 message summaries on the screen at once*, it seems to be formatted for touch usability on a 5" screen (not useful for a 16" laptop display) and there are no meaningful ways to customize the message views or opt out of the preview...
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    Intel clarifies 14nm products and 10nm in 2H'17 (earnings conference webcast 7/15/15)

    From zdnet and the conference call (live webcast ended a few minutes ago and download should be available soon): So Intel confirms there's going to be a slight delay for 10nm, but it's still coming in 2017 (~2.5 years between 14nm and 10nm).
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    Fry's Broadwell i3-5010U Intel NUC $222 after email code Wednesday only $278.99 - $56.99 promo code = $222 Not too bad for the price. If you want something even cheaper, these Braswell (Atom) NUCs are starting to become available now for around $130-$140:
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    PSA: grab Windows 10 updates NOW or be stuck on current insider preview version

    until the next build (final release version?) is out. MS will be pulling the build 10162 ISOs and suspending build update availability very soon.
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    Origin On The House: Zuma's Revenge

    Ultima 8 was finally replaced with an old PopCap puzzle game. It's not a bad casual game, but it's several years old.
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    New Xeon D: 8 cores/16 threads, 2.0/2.6GHz turbo, 45W

    Johan at AnandTech likes it a lot: The Xeon D is a Broadwell based chip made to fit between the E3 and E5 models, and for use in high density servers. It also gets most of the RAS features missing...
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    IPC fanatics: a nice reference

    I saw this on another board. The chart on the right shows per generation and cumulative IPC improvements from Dothan to Broadwell: Note that IPC improvements have been fairly linear, contradicting the claims that Intel is artificially holding back performance on new uarchs. I do agree that...
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    Driver update coming to fix Kepler performance in Witcher 3
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    Amazon app store: many paid games and apps for free again 5/15/15 (click the banner) Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson Language Coach PicShop - Photo Editor Daily Expense Manager PRO G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client Mirroring360 - AirPlay Receiver Angry Birds Seasons HD...
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    Quadro 341.61 WHQL driver release

    Nothing huge about it for most people. However, I noticed this in the notes: This is the last driver for GT2xx, G8x and G9x GPUs Gee, thanks Nvidia. Go ahead and only support my laptop GPU for 8 scant years. :angryface: :hulkrage: ;)
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    Windows 10 IoT Core is out for several devices Development is similar to Windows 8 C# + xaml Modern programming or PowerShell scripting, if that kind of thing excites you.
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    Judge: Advanced Micro Devices must face securities fraud lawsuit (Llano related)

    I guess the lawsuit never went away. Not surprising as supplies of Llano chips in the retail bound channel and to system makers were in short supply for months. Lying about it probably wasn't a good idea. If this is the main reason they're suing, I don't think Llano was the primary problem even...
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    Pixar Renderman free for non-commercial use
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    Amazon app store: many paid apps for free again 3/19/15 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Cut the Rope SUPER WHY! World of Goo Alphabet Aquarium Vol 1: Animated Puzzle Games with Letters and Animals Kingdom Rush Origins Ruzzle The Hidden World Elements of...
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    Atom re-branding: x3, x5 and x7 models lol, this is not comparable with the i3, i5 and i7 naming conventions so why is Intel confusing Atom performance with this?
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    "Intel forges ahead to 10nm, will move away from silicon at 7nm"

    Ars previews Intel's presentation about 10nm and beyond at ISSCC 2015: Going with a III-V material as speculated in the article at 7nm is a strong bet. I think the end of silicon proclamation...
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    Ars reviews the Broadwell NUC

    So tiny... It has a Core i5-5250U (1.6/2.7GHz) with HD 6000 graphics and support for M.2 storage. The Ars review has mostly worthless benchmarks, but the Hot Hardware one...
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    Intel's new "Curie", because sometimes Edison is just way too big It's about the size of a button, an 18mm diameter round package, made for wearable computers. Specs are very low end of course, since it's basically a Quark SE based data collection device.
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    More paid Android apps and games for free @ Amazon 12/31/14

    Edit: still available 1/1 and I think it ends 1/2 Click the banner on top MONOPOLY Electronic Arts Inc. Angry Birds Star Wars II Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Stack the States Dan Russell-Pinson Fruit Ninja...
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    Amazon Android App Store 11/28 bunch of free paid apps Click the banner on top. There's a few pretty good apps and games in the list. Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games Angry Birds Seasons HD (Fire Edition) Bejeweled 2 Sonic Jump Perfectly Clear Dr. Panda & Toto's Treehouse Mind Games Pro...
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    If you wanted a Xeon Phi coprocessor for any reason: 31S1P 8GB for $150 at SabrePC

    The list price is off. These cards are $1000 and up outside this special promotion. It comes with 57 cores and 1 TFLOPs DP performance. Pretty hot deal if you need or want one.
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    Many paid games and apps for free on Amazon app store, ends 11/1/14 Click the banner on top. List of free apps & games: Plants vs. Zombies Plex Fruit Ninja Toca Town Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I Zombie Gunship Blocky Roads Pro Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download...
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    Skylake silicon and test boards spotted Not exactly news since that CPU shipped 2 months ago, but there are other more recent items listed. What does seem to be news is that Skylake silicon is also only a Y model, with the higher power models on 14nm still MIA.
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    Bunch of free apps today (9/26/14) in Amazon's app store

    Click banner on top Air Harp (Kindle Tablet Edition) Alarm Clock+ Autodesk SketchBook Pro City Maps 2Go Pro - Offline Map and Travel Guide Earth & Moon in HD Gyro 3D PRO Genius Scan+ Merriam-Webster's Third New International Pro...