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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Absolutely this. As someone who works on cars probably more than computers dialectrics grease is a wonderful thing. It prevents arc'ing which is what causes melting at electrical connection points. It also makes sure connections don't corrode over time where weather might affect it. Plus it has...
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I have the FE and bought the Cablemod 4 to 1 cable. Looks nice. Card hasn't exceeded 65C while gaming with anything I've thrown at it. Definitely CPU limited in some games but at 150+ FPS in nearly every game I play I just laugh.
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    Gateway 14.1 and 15.6 1080p notebooks for $99 and $139

    My first Gateway was a P2 233 that I probably enjoyed more than any computer I ever owned. Played through most of the Monkey Islands with it and it was the first computer I put a graphics accelerator in. Monster 3D. OMG Quake 2 in Glide!!! Folks were buying Dell's but I always stood by the...
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    5800X at Microcenter for $200 + $25 coupon for new customers

    Ah, I assumed based on your sig that you are running a 1700. 1700 -> 5800X is a huge jump, but probably not worth it if you already have a 3700x.
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    5800X at Microcenter for $200 + $25 coupon for new customers

    The x3d is a gaming beast. I actually built a system around it. No regrets all!
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    5800X at Microcenter for $200 + $25 coupon for new customers

    Absolutely. That system even with a x370 would rip. Benchmarks show there isn't much difference between x370 and x570. Mem speeds matter a little but you'd get a huge boost.
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    5800X at Microcenter for $200 + $25 coupon for new customers

    Absolutely worth it if you don't want to upgrade entirely quite yet.
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    Radeon RX 6600M (in desktop form factor) for $133

    What? Is this trustworthy? If so the price is crazy. Would be great just to have a spare just in case.
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    Star Wars Collection 95% off at $9.91

    Ah. JK2. My favorite game of all time. Miss the dueling in MP. So good!!!
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    HP Omen 35x16 mouse pad - $11

    Whats the best way to clean these things? I bought one but I don't like it cause it gets nasty pretty quick since I usually eat lunch at my desk.
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    Worth upgrading from 9700K to 7700X ?

    If you were running AM4 already it would be a no brainer. 5800X3D all the way. In your situation I'd probably just wait. Time flies and the new year will be here before you know it. If the games you play are fun and you're not noticing performance issues while gaming then it's a no brainer. Pick...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5700x for $199 at Newegg

    Can't really go wrong for 90 bucks!
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5700x for $199 at Newegg

    Wow! Smoking hot!!!
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    [DEAD] Powercolor RX 6700 XT $369

    Yeah, I have a 3080ti in my main desktop and a 6900xt in my HTPC gaming at 4k and I gotta say, the 6900xt is extremely impressive. Paired with FSR 2.0 where supported it just keeps getting better.
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    Upgrade path for old 1800X build

    Ditto. I run them in my mITX HTPC and my only complaint is cooling the 5800x3d. I'm running the Kraken X63 as well and it get's into the 80's under stress testing. Used to hit 90 easily with a 240MM evga cooler. Case is a Hyte Revolt 3. Overall I'm pretty happy and the temps aren't of any...
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    Microcenter: 5950X $499.99

    Whoa whoa whoa... you forgot an SSD or NVMe... :LOL: Pretty amazing what you get around the 1k mark now.
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    Upgrading from 3700X - 5700X or 5800X?

    In that case wait until the chips hit the used market. ?
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    Upgrading from 3700X - 5700X or 5800X?

    5800x3d would be the best upgrade from a gaming perspective though I doubt people who bought those will be selling them soon. I'd look out for a 5700x. It runs cooler and gaming is nearly identical.
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    Nvidia Shield TV Pro $169 @ Amazon - DEAL OVER

    Comparitively, even the 2015 Shield is more powerful than MOST other streaming devices out there now. It's essentially the same as a Nintendo Switch. Roku? No thanks. The lag those have when browsing YTTV is annoying. I have no problems with my 2015 or 2019 Shields.
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    Nvidia Shield TV Pro $169 @ Amazon - DEAL OVER

    Interesting. I have not experienced this, though I've removed all "cruft" and only use a few apps...
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    Nvidia Shield TV Pro $169 @ Amazon - DEAL OVER

    These are excellent. Wonderful support, easy to use and they're FAST! I use it for YouTube TV, Plex, and Netflix mainly. No input delay unlike the Roku 4k device I was using before. Love it.
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    Should I Upgrade from 6600 XT to 6750 XT?

    I agree with Spartan. If you could stretch the budget just a little the extra muscle the 6800 has will be quite noticeable over the 6750. Not trying to spend your money but it's good advice. The Red Dragon is a great choice as well. That being said, the jump from 6600XT to 6750XT will be quite...
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    ASRock RX 6900 XT $690

    That's the best choice. You would just be throwing away money at that point. At 2560x1440 your 3080 should be able to handle every game at max settings. If not, then utilizing DLSS. You're better off waiting for next gen.
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    ASRock RX 6900 XT $690

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    ASRock RX 6900 XT $690

    So much card for the money! I paid 999 for my FE a few months back and it's been awesome. Especially with FSR 2.0 support ramping up in so many games it's like free performance.
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    5800x $275 at newegg.

    Agreed. I miss the Santa Clara one. Good ol' days. Last thing I ever bought there was a C2Q Q9550 and motherboard combo...
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    So I don't have this monitor (yet) but if you're running Intel graphics there is nothing within the OS to toggle off. Maybe there is something in the monitor OSD related to gsync that you can turn off?
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    B-Stock EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING $1099

    It's honestly not worth it. I've had both the 3080 and 3080ti and at 1440P and 1440PUW the regular 3080 does everything beatifully. Stick to it and see what next gen brings?
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    AORUS FO48U 48" 4K OLED 3840x2160 120Hz, PC MONITOR $799.99

    Well that just makes a whole lotta sense, doesn't it :) Thanks for the clarification!
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    AORUS FO48U 48" 4K OLED 3840x2160 120Hz, PC MONITOR $799.99

    The 43 isn't OLED though, right?
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    Yes, you can run over your GPU with a car

    This is definitely the coolest thing I've read today :) Glad it's working! Register that sucker for RMA IMMEDIATELY!!! :P
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    Harbor freight 20% off anything this weekend

    Sweeeet! Was planning on going there tomorrow! Thanks OP! 12V tire inflator and a case for my auto polisher. ;)
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    PBO Tuner helped a little but boost voltages still got higher than what was expected. I was lucky enough to be noisy on MSI's forum and they released a beta bios with (-) voltage offset. That has worked out really well! A slight loss in performance but temps are in the ~70's with the settings...
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    You can get this guy for 769 AR. 720 a couple of days ago. I have a 6900xt and a 3080ti. For this price, 6900xt no question... especially with FSR 2.0 coming out on so many games.
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    And regrets you shouldn't have. Hopefully cost was reasonable as this system is insanely powerful compared to your old one.
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    LG C8 55 stand on a C7 55?? Will it fit?

    Hey folks. Long shot but I have an opportunity to buy a C7 for REALLY cheap but I would need a stand where I would use it. I have a C8 that's wall mounted elsewhere but I kept the stand. Does anyone know if the C8 stand would work on the C7?
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    MSI Vs. ASUS 6700 XT

    Did you see this?
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    MSI Releases Beta Bios's with (-) Voltage offset for 5800X3D on certain B550 boards

    Hey folks, This is something I've been bugging MSI about for a little while now and it's finally here!!! We can now undervolt our 5800x3d's on several B550 boards through the bios. This current list is as per below but they're planning on adding this option to all 500 series boards soon...
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    MSI Vs. ASUS 6700 XT

    Both seem to be great but the Asus is 50 bucks cheaper right now on amazon so maybe that one? That being said, I have to ask... why not get a reference 6750XT from directly? It handily beats up the 6700 XT and is available at MSRP. Just wondering...