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    Planet Crafter

    As of April 2022, this game is in Early Access and currently on sale on Steam for $18. Planet Crafter is a "Subnautica in space" type of game where you land on a barren planet tasked with Teraforming it to sustain life. There is resource management, crafting, progression seen throughout the...
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    Attempting my first real Home Network, could use some help

    I just ordered: UniFi Dream Machine Pro (with 4Tb IronWolf NAS) UniFi 16 port PoE Switch (all ports PoE) UniFi 6 Lite (x3) WiFi Access Points Tripplite 1500VA Battery Backup NavPoint 22u Locking Cabinet Whole crap ton of Cat6 Misc items and tools I'm a bit bug eyed at the moment as this a...
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    This game has been in early access for 2 years, but I've only just stumbled across it during a Steam Sale. I searched and could not find any threads dedicated to it, so here we are. Breathedge is a comedic attempt at an Open World Survival game in Space by Russian Developer RedRuin. It is...
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    My Office is an Ode to PC Gaming

    First off sorry for the picture quality, had to use my phone since my old Canon seems to have died. Wasn't planning on taking any, but a friend wanted me to post my system in their Discord so thought I'd share while I was at it. Still proud of the setup. I had been waiting to share until I...
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    PS5 Release Window Officially Announced

    Holiday Season 2020
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    Guestimations on PS5 & Xbox "Scarlet" Specs

    Some interesting info in here for the hardware junkies. Both promising and concerning.
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    EA trying to rename Loot Boxes

    I typically avoid this topic because it has had such a negative effect on game development that it infuriates me. I'm making an exception today. More people need get vocal about this issue, especially after this latest stunt.
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    How do I embed a Reddit post with BBCode?

    I've seen people embed a Reddit post in their post, but I cannot seem to find the BBCode for this. I'm not talking about copying the text into a post, I'm talking about the Reddit post itself showing up like an image within a post. Thanks for the help.
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    So now that E3 is over, what is your most anticipated game?

    E3 was packed with good stuff this year, at least for me. The next couple years looks bright, although only time will tell what pans out and what doesn't. Anyway, there was enough for me to build a top 10 list, so here goes. Cyberpunk 2077 (by a huge margin) Division 2 Metro Exodus Doom...
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    Desk mount suggestions for a 40" monitor

    I'm moving from an old corner desk that is near falling apart, to a new stand up desk (Fully Jarvis) and trying to figure out how to make up for the lost desk depth. Width is no problem since I can mount my 2 30's on arms off to the sides, but I cannot fit my center speaker in front of my 40"...
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    Fed up with the "everything must be a Destiney clone" state of gaming atm.

    EA's statement that no one wants to play single player especially ticked me off. This whole move to make everything pay to play / pay to win has also got me fuming. The fuel to absolutely hate EA and everyone like them is abundant for me. So F* it. I dug out Dragon Age Inquisition and...
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    Aaryn Flynn steps down as BioWare General Manager; Casey Hudson returns to fill the position

    I'm a little surprised this day old info hasn't been posted yet. Casey, who was the Project Director on the ME series and the upcoming "Anthem" for its first year, left to go to Microsoft in 2014. He will now be returning to take Aaryn's place as General Manager. Also returned is Drew...
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    E3 2017: Your impressions so far?

    Games I'm stoked about: Shadow of War Metro Exodus Wolfenstein New Colossus Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider Games I'm interested in... but I'm going to have to see some reviews first: Anthem Kingdom Come Deliverance Games I might buy... some day... on sale.... if they don't suck...
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    Building SFF PC for general use: help to stay cheap and efficient

    I know we get a hundred of these, sorry. Still want some help if anyone's interested. I've got my bigazz gaming system downstairs, now I want something basic to stick in my master bedroom. Here is what I've come up with so far: This will be a basic PC...
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    Error while embedding Youtube links from mobile

    There's a couple threads I post instructional / tutorial videos in frequently. For whatever reason I can no longer do so from YouTube mobile. It works fine from my desktop, but when posting a link from mobile I get an "incompatible hyperlink format" error. Anyone know if this is due to a...
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    Looking for The Division PC players for Non-Rouge gameplay

    Hoping to find some fellow PC gamers interested in the up-coming "The Division" (releasing March 8th). Thought it would be useful to build a list of like minded players in each time zone. If interested post your Uplay name, time zone and what you're after in co-op partners. I'll start: ID...
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    980 Ti SLI owners, what are your opinions?

    I haven't run SLI in a long time and frankly, haven't missed the headache. That said I'm moving to 4k @ 60hz and Witcher 3 on Ultra is more important to me then headaches right now. ;) So, what has been your experience with drivers, fps, good / poor SLI support in games, etc? I want to...
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    4790k going to give me anything over my OC'ed 3770k?

    I'm thinking of making the jump to 4k gaming with 2 980Ti's in SLI. I'm concerned my 3770 is going to be a bottleneck, even at 4.3Ghz. My first thought is to build a new system around the 4790k. Am I going to be gaining anything by doing so or not? Thanks all.
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    First Time Over-Clocker (3770k) looking for input.

    I've been on these forums for years, but never took the plunge out of fear. Money comes to hard and it seemed like I needed to do a boatload of research first. Well, I cannot play Dragon Age Inquisition at max settings (2560x1600), Witcher 3 is right around the corner and my 980 shows up...
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    Uplay brings out the rage in me

    Don't know about any of you, but the only thing this software seems successful at doing is erasing all my game saves... repeatedly. Just tried firing up Black Flag, which I'd finished with 100% sync a couple weeks after its release, and everything was gone. It did the same thing to Blacklist 3...
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    Ubisoft + GameStop + PC = FAIL

    I'm going to spending the next few lines venting, then I'll shut up. :p This morning (8-20-13) was the second time I went into GameStop to pick up a PC title from Ubisoft I had Pre-ordered, only to be told "We don't have it yet... and for some reason it isn't even scheduled for transport...
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    Bought LED TV, broadcast TV looks great, Blu-rays & DVDs look horrible

    So I've never seen this before. I bought a Samsung 6150 series LED, which I understood to be a decent mid-range offering from Samsung. It took some tweaking to get the colors and contrast to look natural out of the box, but for the most part broadcast HD looks good now. However, some...
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    First Time Water-Cooling: air-flow help please

    I've an i7 960 I'm putting an H100 on (starting small). I'm planning a 4 fan, push / pull config at the top of my Cosmos S. My question is: does this change general airflow rules in any way? Specifically, do I still want to maintain a positive pressure inside the case (more air coming in then...
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    Next gen cards delayed until Q1 2012

    Rage3D is reporting the HD 7000 series cards from AMD will be delayed due to production shortages of the needed 28nm chips. Myself, and about anyone else playing BF3 with an AMD setup, will be dismayed by this news, but hopefully it...
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    Need In-wall Speaker Recommendations

    I just bought a house, which means I'm broke. :) Once I recoup some I'd like to put a 40" in the master bedroom with some in-walls. Nothing special, but quality nonetheless. My price range for fronts, center and surrounds would be $1k or less. I'd love to find an upstart internet company...
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    My System featured on

    Fellow Forumite Brianmuse recently gave me the great honor of being featured in his tech blog on My system, a triple 30" Eyefinity setup, has taken me over a year and a half and 100+ hours of over-time to piece together. Being your average blue collar worker, getting to make...
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    Anyone using an Nvidia card for PhysX with a Crossfire setup?

    I have two 5870's in Crossfire and an old 9800GTX I'd like to use for PhysX. I hear this can be done, but my searches are coming up with all kinds of mixed stuff. There are so many versions of different patches out there I'm not sure what works. Anyone done this already and be willing to...
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    XHD3000 dropping like flies, need new recommendation

    Some of you have already seen my setup, but for those who haven't: I purchased three of these screens during their first 8 months of production. I have had two die on me so far. I won't rehash how pathetic Gateway has treated it's customers regarding the mass failures of these screens...
  29. Frraksurred

    Will a CM Silent 1000w be enough?

    I'm adding a 5870 XXX to the "Fire" system in my sig for Crossfire. I'm curious if also putting my old 9800GTX in for PhysX would over extend this PSU or not? I'm not OC'ing anything (apart from the card's factory OC) and I'm running a sound card, 2 opti drives, a SSD and a HDD. If my guess...
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    ATI Control Panel Profiles not working with some Steam games?

    I have a few games I've purchased through Steam that do not seem to want to cooperate with the over-ride settings in CCC's 3D profiles, particularly 8xAA with 24x edge-detect sampling. After setting up and acivating a profile for Deus Ex and Splinter Cell I get an error that says "Failed to...
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    ATI 58XX and GSOD (Need help)

    I know this is not a new issue. Since the 10.1 drivers I have had a recurring GSOD problem. It was frustrating then, the fact we are on 10.4 now and it is still a problem is infuriating. On two separate builds now, in every game, at random times I am having to do a hard boot due to a GSOD...
  32. Frraksurred

    Shame on Ubisoft (Splinter Cell Conviction)

    Despite the DRM fiasco, I bought the game based on my love for the series. I have not even completed the training mission at the beginning because the game's performance on the PC is horrific. Granted my settings are high, but my system should have no problem with this glorified DX9 game...
  33. Frraksurred

    Wanting to hear from 3008WFP owners

    One of my XHD3000's died so I need a new 30". I will never buy Gateway again... ever. After my experience with Gateway I want something that is going to last and be supported. The Dell seems to review well, has the inputs I want, a scaler and a 3 yr. warranty, so I'm giving it the most...
  34. Frraksurred

    Still waiting for a 2Gb 5870

    Eyefinity at 7680x1600 is awesome! But also extremely demanding. I want to build a Crossfire setup, but not until some 2Gb 5870's (or faster) are released. Yes I realize the 5890 is 2Gb, but also de-clocked. I'd rather buy a factory OC'ed 5870 that remains under warranty then OC on my own...
  35. Frraksurred

    Help setting up games to work with Eyefinity

    Ok, I am the proud owner of an XFX 5870 XXX for my three XHD3000's (I'll be after a second soon, now that crossfire is enabled). However, it seems just about everything outside of Source engine games wants to stretch the center screen across all three instead of fixing the FOV. I've been...
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    Building new system for Eyefinity - input welcome

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Primarily gaming, web browsing, and daily use. Occasion photo / video editing 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1500 3) Where do you live? Midwest USA 4) What exact parts do you need for that...
  37. Frraksurred

    5870's in stock at the Egg

    Finally picked one up myself, looking forward to seeing Mass Effect 2 at 7680 x1600. :D XFX HD 5870 XXX Edition with double lifetime warranty.
  38. Frraksurred

    Do ALL X58 mobo's support SLI and Crossfire?

    I've not been paying much attention to i7 since I had just finished a C2D system. However, with Eyefinity on the loose and wanting to play Mass Effect 2 across all three of my 30's I'm thinking of upgrading to something that will not bottleneck a couple 5870's in crossfire. That said, I've...
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    Mass Effect 2 media Bonanza

    Since the release of Dragon Age, Bioware has kicked it into gear where Mass Effect 2 is concerned. I'll forewarn you, if you want to avoid spoilers you will want to avoid these videos. Though Bioware claims these are only mild spoilers and they're still reserving "the big stuff", there is...
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    Win7 64 and X-Fi issues; need help.

    I updated Vista 64 to Win7 64 Home Premium. I have an X-Fi Titanium with both 5.1 analog and digital out to my receiver (specs in my sig). After updating I uninstalled all the old Creative drivers and apps, then installed the latest Win7 drivers and apps. I have analog stereo sound in...