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    Spend more on cpu or mobo?

    for your use id go with 2600k and slightly cheaper mobo...what kind of o/clock you trying for? alot depends on what kind of o/clock your wanting to cheap of a motherboard are you looking at? which ones....
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    Dead X58 motherboard... replace or other socket?

    yea if funds are slim an open box on newegg or a used x58 board on the forums would be the way to go..for 100.00 bucks you could be up and running..
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    Asus P8P67 Deluxe - No Video After Video Sleep

    bios issue most likely...had same issue with my dfi 1366 board until updated bios came out...
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    i7 3820 a better choice than i7 2700K?

    K models will most likely be easier to sell when you do decide to upgrade...2500k or 2600k ...alot of people on this forum will jump on a K model over the non K...
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    I need Mobo advice.

    A couple of things come to you need a 2600k vs 2500k? you need hyperthreading? why not look at the sabertooth with its 5yr warranty...also would a z68 chipset do you better for future look to be building a very nice system...
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    Northbridge heatsink question.

    first thing i always do when i buy a new mobo is fire it up on a table and if it posts the i remove all heatsinks and apply a known good paste on all of a temp nut anyway snd hot running chips drive me nuts...since 1996 ive never had a board fail in my personal rig..i attribute this to...
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    Best Pick for X58 Motherboard

    gigabyte x58 oc board...a tank of a board..i want one so bad...maybe next month when x79 boards come out and prices drop a little more on x58 stuff..
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    Best Pick for X58 Motherboard

    asus sabertooth x58...a stellar board...
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    ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme X79

    love that all i need is money...
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    GIGABYTE X79 Motherboard Spy Pics

    cant wait to see the price of these boards...i thought x58 was expensive when i built but i have a feeling these boards will be quite a bit more than x58......but performance will be astounding ill bet.. intel does things my 1366 setup for now tho....
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    BIOS Update Fail (Help Needed)

    never flash in windows, never...lot of guys got paper weights after ebay for a replacement..
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    CPU Overvoltage Error. New build, all stock. Ugh..

    id be asking for an RMA for that to be something wrong there with voltage control..can you oin out the vcore with a dvom?
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    LGA1366 Motherboard recommendations

    id have to agree on the msi big bang board especially with the sale price of 219.00 on newegg right now....its a steal and a great board also....myself if i were looking tonight id have to go for the msi big bang...heavy duty board for the money....
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    Mobo quick question

    no difference at stock..why the k version with no o/clock?
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    Best bang for the buck motherboard for an I7 2600k?

    ck out the asrock z68 boards...extreme 3 seems to be the best for the money...
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    Gigabyte GA-G1.SNIPER anyone using this?

    everything ive read on that board was that it was a great board..personally i dont care for the theme and strange looking heatsinks but it o/clocks like mad and is a quality board all around...giga builds fine hoping for the x58 oc board myself...
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    Which of these boards to get?

    why leave i7 920 at that speed..sort of a sideways upgrade...if you can call it an upgrade...wont gain much but runs cooler and less power....just wondering.. im in the same situation but changing out to SB seems pointless to me to give up 17/920 @ 3.8 turbo on to SB...i wanna see 2011...
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    Which way to go?

    i7 920 overall better system...1366 is a powerhouse and will be viable for quite a while longer...
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    Just got a i7 960, which mem should I pair it with?

    aint that easy with the i7 1st gen...they all o/clock bout the same..should have kept the 920 unless it was a co version.....4.0-4.2 unless you bought a golden to fool with voltages too ...hitting 4.0 requires 1.32-1.39v or so to get 4.0..better have a good cooler too...these things...
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    Best 1155 motherboard right now?

    any 1155 board priced from 129 to 200ould be fine...the o/clocking comes from the cpu...the asrock board is a killer deal and giga has some great boards...look around and newegg amd see which one you like ...not hard and you cant really go wrong....
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    Why are 1156 chips so expensive?

    dude used would be the way to go...check the forums ,alot of guys jumping on the 1155 socket. you wait and look around and you will see a great deal come along....
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    Intel I7 920 / Intel I5 2500 k

    920=heat but runs so the o/clocking an amd guy ,now on my first intel system and you have to admit BD is a turd and i was hopeing it to be on 2600 or better performance .. so it looks like intel for a while...
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    thoughts ???

    You guys are so blows me away...are you guys engineers?... I read constantly and am knodlgeable but you guys really are light years away from where im at...congrats
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    x58 or p67

    your 920 would be a better o/clocker..they all o/clock bout the same unless you hit the golden chip.. just stay with the 920...SB does not really intrest me with the rig i have...maybe slighter faster in some things[SB] but the difference is not worth upgrading or side gradeing ...wait for x79...
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    2500k can't get 5.0 ghz no matter how high the volts

    some do, some dont...all luck of the draw...
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    How do I stop my Asrock mobo from whining?

    i had several gigabyte x58 boards that whined and i tryed all kinds of things to fix it...nothing worked short of an rma....the board you have doed not seem to have a history of coil whine so if i were you id get an rma going...the later gigabyte x58 boards did not whine, not to say none did but...
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    How do I stop my Asrock mobo from whining?

    you may be rma'ing that thing...coil whine...?
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    880G, 890FX, or 990FX

    for as much as you can future proof a computer go with the 900 series never know in the future if you will want BD especially if its a home run for rooting for them big time....
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    Motherboard Question

    6 x PCI Express 2.0 slots PCI_E2 & PCI_E5 support up to PCIE x16 speed PCI_E4 & PCI_E6 support up to PCIE x8 speed PCI_E3 & PCI_E7 support up to PCIE x4 speed count the slots and see if there cramped......i like that board also...
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    funny issue, can't isolate.

    id try another bios first....could be a corrupted bios or possibly a board going did a good job of troubleshooting up tp this point....another bios rev. or a reflash....if no joy post back...alot of experience here with that system...
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    Passmark AMD FX-8150

    Looks like x58/i7 is still a competative setup. If BD is between SB and I7 950 then x58 is gonna be around awhile and be in the hunt.
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    Will my PSU suffice?

    yea a 650 would be perfect but if u want o/kill 850 is a killer unit...rig in my sig runs perfect with ocz 700 rig is pulling more than yours money and go a good 650.... imo...
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    ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3?

    good idea at 4.5v with less volts...difference really wont even be got a lucky one.. ive got a golden 920 that does 4.0 with 1.27v stable....gotta love the good luck..
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    ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3?

    man id say a fun chip to play with.....ought to check around and see what voltages others are getting for mhz.....your temps look great.... i have a x58 rig and im real familiar with this setup...
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    i7 930 / CM V8 purchase advice

    very good price...used cpu normally sells for that...
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    ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3?

    kaekae, lord to me that looks like you have a very nice chip there...hows the temps at those volts?
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    unlucky. stressed pc breakdown. major

    ekuest, thats good advise..buck up and go on with your life....
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    unlucky. stressed pc breakdown. major

    I doubt the motherboard wasnt compatable with the cpu..there are tons of people running that setup.. sounds like you took a surge and fried the board while you were out...
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    ASUS M2N-E SLi

    not if you only have enough to upgrade what you munkle said buy a used one off forums when BD comes out...x6 will be alot cheaper buying one used....
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    Asrock z68 gen 3 with 2500k LOW VCORE??

    id try another set of ram as long as your voltage is set correctly in bios...