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  1. trixdout

    Case Stumped on New Build

    After a 7yr hiatus, I'm baaaaaaaaack!!! :whistle: My old build was simple and first ever: CM 690 Classic, P5K, Q6600, 8800GT, 4gb DDR2 circa 2006 :love: Now I'm on to building a new system. Parts are getting expensive comparatively to my first build. considering inflation and all, still...
  2. trixdout

    My Q6600 (non G0)

    So I believe I have a basic B3 chip, but am not really sure. Through CPU-Z, it says I have a B3 but with a revision G0. So in reality I don't know what that means. I also ust have a basic P5k motherboard, not the deluxe. On the white label on the mobo, it has green in parentheses. I'm running...