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  1. Aptivus

    Free $15 Ghost Recon Online Upgrade Voucher

    Received a Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Upgrades voucher worth $15 bucks from Newegg, came with some ram I ordered for work. First person to post they want it in here, gets it. Free! I'll just send the code(via PM) off of it with the URL or I can PM a link to a photograph of the card.
  2. Aptivus

    New MadCatz Mouse RAT 7

    Has anyone used this mouse? It has great reviews, and the price is right. They're also coming out with a RAT 9 that will be wireless and use battery packs like the G7. Review...
  3. Aptivus

    N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular $99.99 @

    Night Vision Monocular for $99.99 @ woot About $154.99 @
  4. Aptivus

    D-Link Xtreme N Wireless N Desktop Card $59.99 @ BB w/free shipping

    When you go in store the sign might say 79.99, but it rings up 59.99... $20 cheaper than newegg. Heres the Newegg link for more detailed specs and comparison...
  5. Aptivus

    When will we see a mobile version of HardOCP ?

    Would really like to see a mobile version of this website, gives me more flexibility while away...