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  1. DogsofJune

    G.Skill ram temps

    Two G. Skill F4-4000C18-16GTZR on a Gigabyte X570SI is reporting 239.1 Celsius temps while gaming. This is concerning. I don't think its right, but its of interest. Yesterday I added two 120mm fans as exhaust to the top of the NR200P case after I noticed it said 255..... Anyone else seen...
  2. DogsofJune

    SMS on the PC?

    I used to use Pushbullet, but I'm not doing a subscription and the free has a monthly limit on use. Which I hit in less than three days. I looked at Airdroid and it's slow as fuck, not a fan of the ads either. So whats a good current app so I don't have to keep picking up my phone all the time...
  3. DogsofJune

    Free Steam games

    Slickdeals has this posted up <Link> Tomb Raider Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Drawful 2 Deiland Headsnatchers Free in case some of you don't have them already and your backlog isn't impending enough
  4. DogsofJune

    WD red 3TB drive that's short

    My mother collects hardware, thinks at 70 she is all that with computers, but I digress. So I ended up with this 3TB WD red. I decided recently I would make use of it. Damn thing only shows 801GB of space. No idea where it came from or what use it was prior. Ma could have picked it up from a...
  5. DogsofJune

    Upgrade 1900X to 2920X experience

    Didn't go so well. I never received a DOA processor till now. It's a shame the 1900X goes to a new home tomorrow. Looks like I'm going to be down my CAD box for a bit. I never reinstalled a cpu so many times before. I thought I wasn't getting the cpu seated in the socket right. Threw the 1900X...
  6. DogsofJune

    Pop OS and hardware upgrades

    My Plex/Gaming whore is getting an upgrade. Plex duties will now be served by an X58 Xeon combo under Win 10. I'm looking to have just a pure Linux gamer. So the 4770k and motherboard are pending sale and I have a 2700x with a Asus ROG Strix B450-F filling the void. My question is, can I get...
  7. DogsofJune

    Windows log in...

    So the Threadripper box has been running without too much issue, it has created another dilemma for me today. It has a Asus Strix 5700XT installed and it's a bit quirky. Today I have some time so I was going to replace it with a 1080ti from my 2600 box. (Being that it's down currently) I had...
  8. DogsofJune

    Xbox and PC

    Alright, I am Googling this and am not finding the specific answers I desire. So, can you on the same network play a coop game with a PC and a Xbox One? Game in question, Borderlands 2. Have it both on Steam and Xbox. Lan game?
  9. DogsofJune

    Ryzen 5 2600 SFF cooling

    So I finally found a case for my 2600 gamer. The previous case was some old junky mid tower box I had in storage. Now it's in a SFF Corsair box. I have the stock cooler on it and it's stayed in the normal temp range for a 2600. 60-70c under load and around 63-65c gaming, but the new box...
  10. DogsofJune

    Ubuntu and Plex again

    I had issues when I installed Plex with 18.04, but I eventually got it resolved and all has been happy till recently. I updated to 19.10 and all worked till Friday. It popped up, said there were updates to Ubuntu, I clicked install, then it said it needed a restart to happen. That was it. No...
  11. DogsofJune

    New error on Ubuntu log in

    This has appeared recently. It seems to suggest MariaDB issue, but that isn't installed. At least I can find no trace of it being installed. This pops up, I click OK, it brings up the background, the error pops up again, disappears, background cycles again, then all is fine. It's annoying...
  12. DogsofJune

    GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 WiFi antennas

    I lost mine, whats a good replacement? Usually this box is connected to the network by way of Cat 6, but it's possible I ma set it up again here soon and all that is available for the time being is wireless. I'm sure the originals are to be found in storage, 3.5 hour drive away. So, what can I...
  13. DogsofJune

    iPad mini 4

    Is it typical for Apple products to randomly ask for your Apple ID? It won't check my email, update apps, or be anything other than be a nuisance till I enter my Apple ID password. Why did it randomly forget? I keep expecting a Mac version of the MS office paperclip to reveal itself...
  14. DogsofJune

    Windows 10/Ubuntu network No talky!

    Once upon a time, they talked to each other. I could look up shares on any of the Win 10 boxes and see the Linux shares, but it was always easier the other way around. Now, the Win 10 boxes see the Linux shares, but ask for a password, so I enter the only one I know that has been setup. Nope...
  15. DogsofJune

    Amazon Fire 10.1 charging issues

    It's about a year and a half old and refuses to accept a charge anymore. The owner uses it a lot. Reads books, games, movies, streaming shows. Seven days a week, 24/7 it seems. Lots of use. Battery won't accept a charge anymore. Maybe due to poor charging methods by the owner. Any of you...
  16. DogsofJune

    Super Meat Boy

    Free from 12/28 to 1/10 at Epic Games. Super Meat Boy Never played it, but will give it a whirl.
  17. DogsofJune

    Lego lord of the rings

    Humble Bundle freebee
  18. DogsofJune

    The AMD OC days I miss

    Cleaning stuff up and came across this. Shame I don't still have the mobo and processor still. Almost as much fun as 333 celeries on a BP6 running at 500 ea.
  19. DogsofJune

    So, you should always measure....

    I had a system all setup in an ol Aopen case circa 1999, 2000. Great case. Huge, heavy, not terribly roomy even for a server case. In it I stuffed a Gigabyte GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 mini-itx mobo with a 4770k and 16 gig of gskill ram with two WD 2 TB and one HGST 4 TB drive for some Linux Plex whore...
  20. DogsofJune

    Video card upgrade. Best practices

    Well, I know how to handle upgrading video cards in a Windows environment, but I’ve never done it in a Linux one before. Going from a gtx 670 to a 1070 ti with the Ubuntu box in sig. I googled it, but sifting through some of the, results, has me curious. Maybe overthinking it perhaps. Lots on...
  21. DogsofJune


    I hate April Fools, and I probably would hate this more if it were true.....
  22. DogsofJune

    ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon Rx 480 8GB OC video issues

    Due to the wonderful review of this card, I got it. I love how it makes the games look, Ashes of Singularity, Doom. It's paired with the 3770K system in sig. It's a wonderful card for 1080. Until you watch a movie with it. I have tried Win 10's media player, VLC , Cyberlink PowerDVD 10, and...
  23. DogsofJune

    Win 7 Home Premium

    Looks like Microsoft no longer has a link to download the ISO's anymore. I have a laptop that needs a format and reinstall. Have a key already. No discs with laptop or recovery partition. Can a clean 64 bit ISO still be acquired? Any help in the right direction while I continue my search...
  24. DogsofJune

    Dell venue 8 pro and win 10

    Anyone have one of these that upgraded to Win 10? It works on mine but it won't "see" the stylus and blue-tooth won't pair with anything. It's reported as working fine. Tried looking for updated drivers, bios's, uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, hollered obscenities. The Dell keyboard and...
  25. DogsofJune

    Need an itx board for a 1090t

    Looking for a home for a Phenom II Black 1090T. It was residing on a Gigabyte matx board, non oc'd. Mobo died. Looking to go smaller this time. Needs to find a good home for it, stable for home theater/server duty. Suggestions?
  26. DogsofJune

    DVD media

    I have had a rough time finding decent DL DVD media. I have a Microcenter nearby and I have gotten three different brands of blank DVD's and as they get to the end of the burning session, coasters. Anything I have bought recently doesn't seem to work. Verbatim, Memorex and one other brand I...
  27. DogsofJune

    Storing watercooled systems

    I have a few systems that are watercooled and due to the economy, work is sending me out of state, half the country away, for most of the summer. I will take my HTPC listed below, but none of the other systems. My intent is to drain them and place them inside the cab of a vehicle that is...
  28. DogsofJune

    Excel question

    I am trying to work on a spreadsheet that reflects a price fuel adjustment in Excel from Office 2003. I have a cell that will contain the info of the contract price for fuel. The next cell is for the price of fuel cost for that particular month that work was performed. Next cell contains...