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    Need help on carerr path options

    I've been with an outsourced IT company (we do IT work for other small businesses) for about 8 years now. It's a small company (12 employees, I'm the ONLY hardware/Windows/everything tech). There used to be another guy that worked with me and we covered each others skills pretty well. But he has...
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    Locked out of the FrontPage forum

    Is it just me or is anyone else locked out of the FrontPage forum? I LOVE that part of the forum.
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    RDP clipboard full?

    I have a user who copies and pastes between their workstation and the Terminal server throughout the day. Everyday the copy and paste will stop working between the pc and server. Any ideas on what's going on and why?
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    Terminal server and document Auto-recovery

    Here is the problem: I have a Windows 2003 R2 Terminal server with 20+ users. When Word/Excel crashes for a user, it does the document autorecovery thing. When another user logs in and opens Word/Excel, they get that last user's crashed document to show up for them with the option to save the...
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    Large backups to external media

    I need to backup 500GB of data from a server onto an external media. Right now I am using 700GB USB drives, these are 3.5" full size drives. I calculated that it takes ~20GB per hour. So now the backup takes 25+ hours to finish and that is not even including the verification. The server has a...
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    Windows 2008 in SBS2003 domain

    I would like to setup a test environment of the following and was wondering if there would be any issues that might pop up. Windows SBS 2003 Premium as a Domain controller. Windows 2008 Standard joined to the SBS domain as a member server. Terminal Server will be installed on the Windows...
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    User name change in SBS 2003 (Exchange)

    SBS 2003 R2 Standard using exchange. How can I change the user's last name and have Outlook reflect that change when they send or receive emails. I've changed the user's display name in ADUC. When the user receives email, the display name (To) is correct; but when they send email, the display...
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    File browsing into XP pc

    I have this pc with XP Pro Sp2 and all the updates applied. I have one folder shared. Within that folder there are 10,500 files, each about 32KB in size. When I try to browse to that folder from any other pc (XP, Win2k3), it takes about 10-20 seconds to start displaying files. In the mean...
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    Windows Server 2003 R2 ?

    I have a Windows 2003 R2 media and VLK to be installed on a server. I've done 6 of these so far. After installing it, I check on the "Properties" of "My Computer" and it says "Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack1" It should say "R2" in that line just like the last 6...
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    Multiple Windows 2003 license question

    Server #1 is a Windows 2003 Terminal server with 40 CAL per server and 40 TSCAL per user. It is the licensing server for the TSCALs. It has been running for 1/2 a year. Server #2 will be a new SQL server with some sort of accounting program. It has 20 SQL CAL per seat. It will also be a file...
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    Leaky caps replaced

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    Geforce 2gts vs mx4000 vs fx5200

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    LifeView FingerID uses?

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    Patch kernel with cifs

    I have Red Hat 9 with 2.4.20 kernel. I downloaded the cifs patch and extracted it into the /root. I also download the 2.4.20 kernel from I extracted the kernel into /usr/src. I run the patch -p1 < /root/linux/cifs_24.patch. I then copy the /fs/cifs/* to the /usr/src/new...
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    Benchmark DLT ejection problems

    I'll make this short, IBM server with Benchamrk DLT tape drive. Out of the blue it decides to eject the tape whenever it wants anytime of the day whether or not it is being accessed. Software is Novastor's Novanet and tested with MsBackup. Drive has been updated to the lastest drivers from...
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    Wooden 1U Fressco Router

    I finally got hold of an old Aopen P200 MHZ AT board w/ onboard video to make by router. I baught a reverse 1U riser and regualr 1U riser to lay the NICs flat. I used keystine jacks for the front ports. Freesco is the OS installed onto a 2 gig, partitioned to one 120mb drive. The case is a...
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    Metal enclosure for mod

    I have searched and can not find a box that fits my needs. What I'm looking for is a metal, or plastic( if I can't find the metal one) box. Less than 4" high, less than 19" wide but more than 12" wide, and 10" deep or more In Other words, something about the size of a 1U-3U server case. Its...
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    Boot up without mouse = no boot sector

    Weird thing happened today when starting up my file server headless and keyboard/mouseless. the board could not read from the drive and a msg appeared as if it was trying to boot from a disk with no boot sector, like a blank floppy. I plugged in a mouse and it booted fine. Never seen that...
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    Just picked these up for the low low price of FREE

    Got ir for FREE. 4 racksmount case with asus p2b-ds and scsi drives. Plus 5 full tower aopen cases with the same hardware. Pics?: Four of these. Cant wait to build my rack. And all of them had this inside. Would be great if it was 1998. Asus p2b-ds with 350,450,550 dual singles, scsi.
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    Antivirus for Windows 2003

    Norton 2002 and 2003, avast, Kaspersky personal; none wants to be installed on server 2003 at all. What versions of what anti virus will install onto a server OS?
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    Leaky caps replaced

    I just replaced 12 caps on a p3 mobo i got for free because the old ones were all F___ed up and blown. They were 1000uF 6.3v caps. The new ones I put in are 2700uF 6.3v. I was reading up on replacing caps and they mentioned that as long as the volts are equal or higher , then its fine. But...
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    Geforce 2gts vs mx4000 vs fx5200

    I'm gona build a cheap pc soon and would like to know which is the faster of the three and in what order. I dont need something that will play Doom3 with all the eye candy turned on, just something that works. thnx
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    New Domain with 2 DNS

    I figure I put this here too since it deals more with Windows 2000 server services Scenerio: Im building a domain of 5 client and one DC. Dhcp via internet router. Domain name is business.w2k. The DC will handle DNS for the domain. BUT on the network, there is a DNS of another domain...
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    New domain with 2 DNS

    Scenerio: Im building a domain of 5 client and one DC. Dhcp via internet router. Domain name is business.w2k. The DC will handle DNS for the domain. BUT on the network, there is a DNS of another domain serving domain names for registered web sites which does not belong to the owner of...
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    Win2k joins Win2k server domain access denied

    scenerio: Win2k server as PDC running AD user I'm adding is called" test and password is: pwd I've added the computer name in computers Client: Windows 2000 pro Joining domain with domain name "the-one10" and loggin on with "test" and "pwd". Access denied. My question is, why does it...
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    Compaq and incompatible memory?

    I just picked up an off lease compaq deskpro P3 600mhz/ 10gig and a 17' flat screen monitor all for $66. It has 128 MB ram and I had some various brands and size pc100 lying around, so I decided to put those in. No matter what I put in, it would beep and show on the screen that the DIMM in Slot...
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    Cant view netowrk conections after sp2 on xp

    I cant view the network connections folders via properties after i installed sp2. Any ideas? Need more info to diagnose me? thnx
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    No network connections after SP2 on XP

    I cant view the network connections folders via properties after i installed sp2. Any ideas? Need more info to diagnose me? thnx
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    Infrared mouse receiver to all purpose Ir receiver?

    Is that posible to do? I want to control and htpc with a remote, and I have and extra Ir receiver for a mouse that I'm not using, any ideas? thnx
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    PSU wireing

    I cut the power outlet socket in the psu to extend it for a modding project I'm doing, But I forgot the collor orientation to it. Its the socket on the rear of the psu where you plug the power cable into, I need which wire goes where behnid the socket. thnx
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    Htpc V 2.0

    Time to redo my HTPC since I want it to sit with the rest of my Home Theater equipment in the shelf. This is what it used to look like, woody. This is what I want it to look like: I went looking for some plexi, originally I was going for a dark smoked front, but Home Depot didnt have...
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    POST and CONNECT commands in weblog - - [10/Sep/2004:16:02:47 -0500] "CONNECT HTTP/1.0" 404 - - [10/Sep/2004:16:03:03 -0500] "CONNECT HTTP/1.0" 404 - - [21/Sep/2004:06:30:34 -0500] "POST HTTP/1.0" 404 - -...
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    NAT +SPI blocks outgoing webservices

    When I turn on SPI on my HP hn200w router, people outside cant access my webserver or and services., But with SPI off, everything is fine and dandy. I would like SPI on but I cant. Any ideas?
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    Printer power consumption

    I have an old Apple Laserwriter Select 360 fro free from work and I just fround out how much power it uses, I got the following specs online: # LaserWriter 16/600 PS 790W # LaserWriter Select 360 450W Anybody got anyinfo on a standyby mode for it?
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    LVD SCSI usefulness?

    I have an adaptec scsi card that supports lvd scsi @ 80MB/s and a drive that goes with it, but that drive tests slower than a 6 gig ide drive. What I want to do is buy this 18GB 68pin Ultra-160 SCSI 15,000RPM . Will this drive be able to stress the card and max out the drives speed, or will...
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    PS2 usb hub for pc?

    Will a usb hub for a ps2 work for a pc. I'm %99 sure it does,but just wanted to make sure. %100. thnx
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    Unistall programs in OS8

    I just got a mac clone, power computing 210, G3. I got some questions because this is my first time using an apple. My first question is, How do I uninstall a program. Is there something like and ADD/REMOVE option somewhere. Second, how do I defrgment the hard drive. And last but not...
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    Low power UPS for 2 psu?

    I cant afford a high power UPS (to support 550W psu), can I just buy a low power UPS for the ability to send a command to shut down the pc in case of a power outage? I dont need for the PCs to run for more than a minute, I just need it to be able to do a gracefull shutdown.
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    Out with the old, in with the new(not so old)?

    I been eyeing this Tyan S2466N mobo and pair it with a pair of 1.4 orhigher Applebreds, but before I can do that, I have to sell, get rid of my old rig before my GF lets me buy another one :) So what do you guys think an ACORP 6a815epd with 2 P3@1ghz 133 fsb, with 512MB ram will go for. I really...
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    PC cards in routers interchangeable?

    I got this HP hn200w wireless router with out the wire less part for free. When I opened it up, I saw an empty PCMCIA slot. I did a little digging around the net and saw a thread about it As you can see, his thread was never...