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  1. Aptivus

    Best MMO gaming mouse

    Check out the Roccat Nyth:
  2. Aptivus

    Logitech G9x?

    I too loved the late G9X, my replacement was in the form of the Roccat Nyth with extended grip. Check it out, very similar (grip wise) to the G9X in my opinion.
  3. Aptivus

    Dim LEDs?

    Do you really need an indicator to know if your case is on? Just un-hook the LED header from the board.
  4. Aptivus

    XFX Type 01 Bravo Case

    Why does the link go to the HardOCP news page, which then sends us to another link? Why not simply link the final page in the first place?
  5. Aptivus

    Minions Mod

    Very cool, can't wait to see more. Did you do any preliminary drawings or google sketchup?
  6. Aptivus

    Display case?

    I have one of these, they're pretty sharp, not to terrible to put together, despite people's gripping in the reviews. They have a nice red version too...
  7. Aptivus

    Free $15 Ghost Recon Online Upgrade Voucher

    You win! Sending you the code via PM now! Edit: PM sent, enjoy.
  8. Aptivus

    Free $15 Ghost Recon Online Upgrade Voucher

    Received a Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Upgrades voucher worth $15 bucks from Newegg, came with some ram I ordered for work. First person to post they want it in here, gets it. Free! I'll just send the code(via PM) off of it with the URL or I can PM a link to a photograph of the card.
  9. Aptivus

    Any interest in a gaming PC (ATX) "desk-TOP" case? Would appreciate feedback!

    Nice design, need some 5.25" slots though, maybe 2? From what I've seen with your design it looks like you want people to use a slim drive. Limited options with slim drives. Would the Plexi be part of it's support across the from, how thick are you thinking for it? Cause the weight of 3...
  10. Aptivus

    Any interest in a PC desk case (microATX)? Prototypes/details inside!

    Nice design, need some 5.25" slots though, maybe 2? From what I've seen with your design it looks like you want people to use a slim drive. Limited options with slim drives. Slide out mobo tray would be nice.
  11. Aptivus

    Yahoo CEO Apologizes for Bogus College Degree

    So that's why Yahoo sucks so much.... :-)
  12. Aptivus

    AT&T Adds Limits To Your Unlimited Plan

    I had Sprint for years, just switched to Verizon, and I must say it's way better. I had the 4gb plan, but switched it today to the unlimited. :-)
  13. Aptivus

    Google Bypassed IE Privacy Settings Too

    Sounds to me like a browser flaw. Not necessarily Google deliberately trying to do "evil". Just sayin'.
  14. Aptivus

    Please Lord, Save Us from the FarmVille Movie

    And they wonder why people pirate movies. LOL.
  15. Aptivus

    Sony Putting Up a 94' Metal Rainbow In California

    Can the links in these news thread actually take you to the source site, instead of the HardOCP news page that displays the exact same info? Example: I guess this is one way to cheer up after months of bad news for the company. Why is Sony building a huge fake rainbow? Is California no...
  16. Aptivus

    Mouse Belt Buckle

    And of course, the Mac mouse costs more! LOL
  17. Aptivus

    Pope Sends First Tweet, Uses iPad 2

    So now the Pope has become one of the sheep? WOW.
  18. Aptivus

    Apple Bans DUI Checkpoint Apps from the App Store

    Man that brings back memories!
  19. Aptivus

    Apple Sued over Use of iCloud Name

    iCloud? Sounds iGay! LOL
  20. Aptivus

    Fake UPS Email Making the Rounds

    Looks more like a DHL delivery notification than a UPS one.
  21. Aptivus

    New MadCatz Mouse RAT 7

    Thanks, did a search, but didn't include periods.
  22. Aptivus

    New MadCatz Mouse RAT 7

    Has anyone used this mouse? It has great reviews, and the price is right. They're also coming out with a RAT 9 that will be wireless and use battery packs like the G7. Review...
  23. Aptivus

    Logitech Harmony 900

    They're fully programmable, so if your Popcorn hour and your dreambox have remotes, then yes, if they're not listed, then you can add them manually. I have this remote and love it...
  24. Aptivus

    Nook Color

    Reading on a back lit screen is a No Go for me. It's no longer a e-reader, its a crap tablet.
  25. Aptivus

    Need Fans for my new H50

    Yeah get the GTs.
  26. Aptivus

    Crucial 256GB SSD $399, 128GB SSD $199

    Great deal, still too rich for my blood.
  27. Aptivus

    AOL: You’ve Got FAIL!

    Don't you miss this:
  28. Aptivus

    H50/70 in LIAN LI PC-V351B

    Considering this myself, would be pretty sweet.... OP if you do this please post pics... Oh and use the H70 :D
  29. Aptivus

    cases with usb 3.0

    You can't go wrong with a Lian-Li
  30. Aptivus

    Will a 850W psu support 460SLI

  31. Aptivus

    Necessary for an Upgrade?

    +1 for this....Check out this article for the 460.
  32. Aptivus

    Dual Video Cards, how much of an advantage?

    Check here for a really nice review...
  33. Aptivus

    Artifacting card, time to replace

    Bake it in the oven, fix your old card for backup.
  34. Aptivus

    Can Dual GTX460's drive 5760 X 1200 acceptably?

    Maybe it's just me, but I haven't noticed any discernible decrease in performance.
  35. Aptivus

    MSI Lightning II vs. GTX 480

    +1.... But for the price of a 480, you can get 2 460's and probably an SLi board, might even be a combo deal in it somewhere.... Read this report for the 460
  36. Aptivus

    MSI Lightning II vs. GTX 480

    Just buy 2 460's and over clock them easily and use multi-monitor gaming without freaking display port crap and save $80..
  37. Aptivus

    Please suggest to me a video card

    Well you do now.... :D