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    Brand New Dell 7420 - sticker cause issue with HD?

    Work laptop was throwing errors in windows do you guys think a sticker residue could cause such a thing? We pulled out the drive and see pic below. Gonna clean it off an run a bunch of dell support assist crap
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    Can anyone guess which card this is?

    A non computer friend I have said he would give me a video card from a computer his neighbor threw out....😃 can anyone guess which it might be he sent me a meh pic but I asked him for the back side an he said just come over and get it lol. Probably won’t go out his way till this weekend if that
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    What do you think of this ebay prebuilt ryzen setup.

    Hello Hard Guys I was looking at this earlier this week its in my watch list on eBay. But i wanna hear your crude thoughts of this prebuild. I am sure the mobo an power supply are bottom of the barrel but looking at prices of per components it doesn't sound too terrible. Link...
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    Kid just wants to play apex what card do I get?

    My son is 14 he has an i5 3570 and 8gb ram we have an ancient 285 gtx it’s barely playable what are some affordable cards in this epidemic they could get at least 30 frames per second in this game? I looked at somebody trying to play it on a 5770 and that was unplayable as well
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    Basic question about speed

    HI, I am wondering why the cpu on this dell 7400 is showing the below. Feels really laggy anyway to investigate why cpu speed is at .40?
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    Recommendations - Im old and need a bigger monitor.

    Hi all, I have a 19in or 20in basic aoc monitor. I was wondering if someone knew a cheap place to buy new or used monitors. I'm looking for bigger than 24in. I mean i would complain if it was 27in. I was looking online a found a couple of deals but I know nothing about this stuff. I usually...
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    Silent Mouse?

    I game at night cause of my shift is there a silent mouse thats worth buying. I see reviews for lots of mice but have no idea. Does anyone own or recommend a silent mouse? Thanks
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    Can you guys tell me how iphone warrantys work?

    I got a phone from a friend its dead and it has a full warranty. Do i just take it into apple store and say hey can you guys fix this? its a iphone se and its getting no power i dont know why maybe water damaged. Friend at work gave it to me he said fix it and keep it. Was going to give it to...
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    Can you recommend computer finder software

    I have a friend that owns a small business lending loaner type computers to people. Is there a program that will help track down the computer if it get lost or stolen. he doesnt mind paying for software if it protects his business. Thanks
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    dumb question about a raid enclosure

    Can i re-purpose a raid enclosure to be a external hard drive enclosure like 2 drives in a powered box? I Know this sounds like a dumb question. Thanks
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    help me find a monitor stand or mount?

    I have this monitor LG IPS226V-PN Black 21.5" 8ms IPS Panel Full HD LED BackLight LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 5,000,000:1 - i cannot for the life of me locate the stand i was using it as my second monitor but got a new one and you know how that goes.
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    Wondering if i should upgrade my video card.

    Hey guys i currently have a 660gtx 3gb by evga. I am pairing it with a i5 2500k and wondered if i should upgrade. I see the 770s in the for sale threads are coming down in price and wondered if thats a good move. link to my card EVGA 03G-P4-2664-KR G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-Bit...
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    Site where i can find out what the card can run?

    I got a nvidia 280gtx card for $20 on ebay. Im just wondering what games i can play is there a site out there that says what i should be able to run? Im hoping it will run borderlands pre sequel in a decent way. Thanks guys
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    Recommend after market cooler for 660gtx?

    So the card i have was dropped on the ground yay totally broke the fan. Can you guys Recommend a after market cooler for a 660gtx galaxy 2gb any ebay links would be appreciate of if thats not allowed email me a link plz. I was reading and it looks like theres bunch that work on a the...
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    oneplus invite

    given out
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    BNIB Hyper 212 plus heatsink cooler

    Selling it on ebay as well as here got a few in stock You may be able to get it cheaper on ebay you never know.
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    $110 in amazon what video card is best?

    So i need some help from your great hardforum members. What is a good card on amazon for gaming for around $110 i have a credit of this very amount. My current card is a 6770 Radeon and it runs kinda slow on some of my games. I want a card with full hdmi not mini. ATI or nvidia dont matter. so...
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    What is the best paste for a video card?

    Gonna re apply paste to my htpc video card what should i use? I have mx2 and some of that cremaqui stuff the white one.
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    Any tips to salvage gfx card

    I bought a used 460 gigabyte card and it ran good for 5months then started to crash to desktop and some games turned purple and then crashed to desktop. Could i clean repaste the card and save it? or did the first couple crashs kill the card. its running pretty hot and i pulled it since then
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    Recommend video card for 4 monitors

    I was asked by a friend at church to help them setup a 4 monitor setup for the auditorium. They have the money waiting and they are buying: 1 x 50in lcd 2 x 32in lcd And currently have a little 15in lcd hooked to the pc. I am just going to get them a new video card and possibly build...
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    ebay - Black ops 2 X360 -$46.00

    Seems to good to be true specially at this price point? What do u guys think?
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    PC GAME - Fallout 3 for $9.99

    Games for windows live is offering fallout 3 for $9.99 What do you guys think?