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    Gonna treat myself... What Keyboard brands should I look in to?

    I just picked up the Cherry MX Board 6.0 and swapped the default keycaps with wooting PBT double shot ones and put spacers on the caps to help with the clacking noise when bottoming out. I love this keyboard, solid aluminum housing, and recessed keys make it look classy at the same time mean :)...
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    HDR 10 and Dell U3011

    Hey Guys, I was wondering how this whole 8/10/12 bit thing works for HDR and if my Dell U3011 meets the requirements of the various HDR standards out there. My understanding is that the panel is native 10bit but with 12bit internal processing capability. Dell U3011 Review: Dell's New 30-inch...
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    PC games on living room TV, how practical?

    Use steam big picture mode for gaming, set your tv as the primary monitor in steam big picture mode. BPM will take care of the primary monitor switching :D
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    WCCFTech RAM affects FPS in FO4....bullshit

    The site they refer to is digital foundry ( I do like their reviews and they are quite detailed in their analysis, however I am skeptical in their theory of being extremely cpu limited and that faster...
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    Love the sensationalist title. You don't need 8gb if you don't play COD!
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    ASUS Announces Strix Sound Cards

    This is mainly targeted at games wanting the special processing right [CMSS 3D/Dolby Headpone/ Multi-Channel out] ? I mean if you really care about audio quality, you'd want your DAC/AMP out of the computer and on your desk.
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    Suggestions for amp?

    the o2 dac/amp are on massdrop group buy as well (
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    SLI bridge, high pixel clock

    I would like to buy one, but I only have one GTX 980. I also don't know how to connect this to my sound card. Shitty product, crossfire bridge is better, more compatibility with my PSU.
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    Not impressed with my Audioengine A2's

    Kanto Yu5/Yumi, i picked them up and honestly are the most versatile bookshelf's i have ever used. Check them out. Much better than the A5s
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    2.1 speakers of HTIB?

    I upgraded from my Creative T40 to the Kanto Yu5. It's simply the best 2.0 system i have heard and super versatile [RCA, 3.5MM, 2x Optical & Bluetooth]. I got the Yu8 Sub with it connected, but not as pleased with the sub. the speakers are amazing.
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    980 Ti for a quiet setup in P182?

    P280 user here with an oc'd 2500k and used to have 2x gtx570. Vast improvement over 182b, case is super quiet and very cool. Now have a gtx 980, its funny, my xbone's psu fan is lowder than my pc when idling!
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    NVIDIA GeForce Windows 10 Driver

    Any data on Frame Time Latency improvement from windows 7? Guru3d same frame times are about the same as Windows 8.1, but nothing comparing to 7 :(.
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    Project Cars?

    Any word on if the collision stutter is fixed?
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    Grand Theft Auto V Image Quality Comparison - Part 5 @ [H]

    Doesn't GTA 5 support MFAA which makes 2x AA equal 4x. All though TXAA blurs up the scene, I quite like it in GTA 5, makes the game look like a Pixar movie
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    Bottlenecking my 980 GTX?

    Really win 8 > Win 7 for gfx perf?
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    Project Cars?

    Thank god you see it too, There were actually a few posts on this in Shift [no grip forums] as well. Pretty much any non marketing video of this game also exhibits this. though no one ever seems to highlight it. I don't understand how just as much you do :(
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    Project Cars?

    Anyone else have weird collision stutters. Shift had a similar thing where there would be weird sutters when ever there were physical hits/damage. Its annoying as hell and it shows up in many videos. I am surprised people aren't sensitive to this. No drop in fps happens.
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    Gearbox to release Homeworld 1 & 2 HD

    Anybody get SLI to work, Geforce Experience isn't downloading the SLI profile contrary to what the website says.
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    X-fi Titanium Issues

    Thanks for the input guys, i installed the latest driver and unfortunatley no luck. When I max oout my speakers volume, i can faintly hear audio from one of the speakers. I hooked up my wii/ps2 to the rca in on the speakers and audio playback was fine ruling out a potential fault in the...
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    X-fi Titanium Issues

    I don't think creative have issued a new driver for the card in a couple years, ill check. I had creative T40's, but they were running off the 3.5mm.
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    X-fi Titanium Issues

    Hi, My x-fi (nearly now 4 years old), had been working flawlessly since purchase, but recently, when I swapped in new speakers (KANTO YU5), I get very very low volume coming out of the RCA outs on the card. Line out works fine however. I checked the leads, and switched cables and no luck...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    First dedicated 3d accelerator was unfortunately a shiitthy Geforce 2 MX 200 with 64MB of ram back in 2001. First game I recall full was og half-life. Remember thinking I messed the whole game up by pushing the trolley thing in the reactor. Good times. Sadly, that same videocard was used to...
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    The Crew is unplayable

    Seems like typical case of Ubisoft IP: Great in theory and premise, terrible in execution. (Watchdogs, Early Assassin's creed, Far cry 2). Wait till the inevitable yearly release that hones things out I suppose.
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    Audioengine A2+ has white noise. Defective?

    Bummer, Kanto is sending me a replacement, and they indicated that I should not be hearing hiss using it near a computer. Will update as well.
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    Halo MCC : Official Trailer

    I wish I could even play this game single player! Campaign checkpoints saving are broken as hell in Halo 2, where the full level needs to be complete. Played the bridge level 3 times now and it sucks. Can't play online in the meanwhile because that's broken too. This game needs a server...
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    Audioengine A2+ has white noise. Defective?

    +1 I have the Kanto YU5 (similar design), and have the same issue. A low level hiss is apparent when you get really close to the tweeter.
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    New product from Creative--Soundblaster X7

    Creative stuck in the late 90's era marketing!
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    Powered bookshelfs with remote, multi-input and spdif in/sub out?

    +1 on these, so far blow away by its simplicity and versatility!
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    Forza Horizon 2 Demo out and pre load/purchase live

    Just signed up today as Amazing Ansh!
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    Xbox One Preview Program

    Wrong thread :(
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    Microsoft Surface Pro & Gaming

    Invisible Inc has a great interface on the surface 3, steam home streaming is pretty awesome, plug a 360 controller in and your set. A lot of indie games are great on surface.
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    The last game you played that actually made you feel good?

    Mario Tennis on the gameboy color. So simple yet hard!
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    Logitech G27 - Game Recommendation

    Asseto Corsa works awesome with clutch/pedal, don't know about triple screen.
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    How does the PS4 cpu compare to PC cpu's?

    Actually, an 8800gtx can still run multiplatform games at or better than their console counterparts. You must remember a lot of console optimization these days mean "run the game at lower resolutions" The original spec for 360 games where min 720p with 4xAA. I think project Gotham racing was...
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    Have you lost your gaming interest?

    Yep, though the odd iphone/indie game keeps me occupied at times.
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Burnout Paradise and NFS HP2 does it for me.
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    Sim City V [H]ard Region setup Information

    If enough ppl get in, could have inter region competitions?
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    BF3 compared to PS2

    You can always play BF2 instead. Its on PS2 as well. Looks better in firefox though imo. ...Have I gotten things mixed up?
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    The GTX 480, is it still relevant for today?

    When vram's not an issue, dual 480s are quite beastly. My dual 570's are comparable to your build and handle any game with ease at 2560x1600 even. Bf3 the only exception where I can't enable AA because of the limited vram.