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    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    Dude, you know what happens if you say his name three times. Why would you bring this down upon us?
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    BitTorrent Traffic Share Drops To New Low

    My thoughts are pretty close to this. With legitimate and easy to use alternatives (Netflix, Amazon streaming) there's not as much need for me to torrent TV shows and movies.
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    Google Loses Data As Lightning Strikes

    Reading the issue logs for google is an entertaining activity. Even google employees are susceptible to fat-fingering a setting, just like us!
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    FBI Investigating Series Of Fiber Cuts In Bay Area

    I read about this somewhere else yesterday and the bad guys may have been dressed as utility workers, which makes this pretty dang premeditated.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Space engineers and BF4 cranked up to ultimate.
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    Google News Going Dark In Spain Over 'Google Tax'

    A German publisher tried that, but they backpedaled pretty quickly.
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    If you purchased a recent GTX 970 or 980 video card and did not receive a free $59.99

    Looks like I've got a call to make tonight.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G Video Card Review @ [H]

    I too lucked out this round. A few GPUs back I happened to go with (at the time) ATI and was super pleased. I was days away from pulling the trigger on an R9 290 non-X when I logged on to [H] and saw the 980 review. I waited for some 970 reviews to come in and pulled the trigger, not regretting...
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    PC Dead Rising 3 Not Capped At 30fps

    I saw the forum post had some links to uncapped raw footage. I'm at work, so I'm unable to check out the video.
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    Building Your Own NAS

    I'd also like to see a 20+ drive Unraid setup, but those only allow one parity drive, no matter what :(
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    WD TV Simplifies Personal Content Playback on Any TV

    Losing Netflix is a dealbreaker for me, which is a shame. My current 2010-era WD TV (called the magic box in my house) is used for an 80/20 split of Netflix/USB storage. It's been my favorite of this class of devices, and I've even convinced a few friends to purchase one as well.
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    Pirate Bay Uploader Hit With $32m Lawsuit

    He took donations, so it's a bit more than just an IP address. The taking donations is the thing that will nail him to the wall in terms of identification.
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    NVIDIA's Jetson TK1 Mobile Embedded Supercomputer Now Shipping

    This is really cool, an affordable way to get into dedicated CUDA stuff could be a lot of fun. On a smartass note: How long until people buy this for mining cryptocoins?
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    GTX 580 SLI upgrade/sidegrade

    What this gentleman says, pretty much. Plenty of mid-range cards will absolutely spank Source engine games at 1080p.
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    Intel Haswell Delidding Tutorial

    That's honestly bananas. I haven't had any issues overclocking my i5-3570K to 4.4ghz on air, but I would love lower temperatures when I do so. Does the de-lidding allow you to use lower voltages when overclocking, or just make higher voltages safer due to the lower overall temperature?
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    Average i7 3770K or good one?.

    I'm really jealous of your chip. On my i5 3570k I have to push into 1.2v to hit 4.2ghz, with temps in the ~73 range under prime95 load.
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    connecting a bolt-on cpu watercooler to a gpu

    That one is on the list whenever I update my GPU.
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    Accidental Passive Cooling

    Sounds like a pretty good heatsink choice if you're going for the silent PC route.
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    Are the price drops from Nvidia enough to make you go Nvidia rather than AMD?

    I'm considering going custom WC, and I would be forced to do a dual loop with the new AMD, so I'll probably pick up a used 780.
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    Big Price Cuts for GeForce GTX 780 & 770 Tomorrow, GTX 780 Ti Coming 11-7

    I thought Anandtech's bench had some sound tests. If I'm wrong, my bad.
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    R9 290X - less DP more DVI?

    My monitors are on the older/cheaper side, so I'm a-ok with DVI. Only one of mine does DP, the others are DVI.
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    R9 290x Delayed?

    A 780 beater priced like a 770 would definitely open my wallet, and I'd be purchasing my first AMD card since the 9500, back when it was still ATI.
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    When you buy a SSD, which factor you should consider first?

    I'll go with this fella's recommendation. You want long-term quality, which is currently the 840 pro. MLC is great, and Samsung is a producer, not a reseller/rebrander.
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    Ideas on unclogging a 1TB HDD

    Windirstat for checking space, and burning a lazy Saturday morning on uninstalling programs you don't use.
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    Corsair Hydro Series H100i

    I'm thinking about getting one of these for my ESXi box. Anyone have opinions on the noise with it running on low speed (most of the time)?
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    Is iTunes still crap?

    I'm not a fan of the latest release, having a separate tab for playlists is a complete change from how it worked back in 2004. It has always been clunky, but at least it was consistently clunky.
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    Datastore options - SSD Local or on NAS

    For my future setup, I'm going with SSD for the VM operating system drives, then FreeNAS for the data drives.
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    I'm interested in your ESXi combo.

    I'm interested in your ESXi combo.
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    What other drawback (beside security) on XP & office 2003 ending support in Apr 2014?

    Security is the biggest reason to move from XP to 7, especially going from XP SP2 to anything.