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    Request: 6900XT Hashcat Benchmark

    I'm not interested in mining crypto, just unlocking a wallet I forgot the password to an am curious how fast a 6900XT may be in that regard. I've found a few 6800XT benchmarks, haven't seen anything on the 6900XT yet. Can someone who has a 6900XT run the hashcat benchmark on it? Specifically the...
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    Hot - XPG S40G 4TB RGB 3D NAND PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe $400 (Dead) >> Make sure you check the $100 coupon/discount. That brings the price down to $400 before taxes. And as usual, another 5% CB if you're using an Amazon Visa. << Edit: Dead, coupon no longer there. I'm...
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    Is overclocking FINALLY dead?

    Remember the days when you could get a 1ghz overclock out your CPU? Or how about those GeForce 7900 cards that overclocked from 400-500mhz stock to 700mhz? Today it seems like all hardware is released to its ceiling. For example with my brand new build. Manual overclocking hinders ST...
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    OK for motherboard to be in direct contact with the bottom of the case?

    Is it OK for the bottom of the motherboard to be in direct contact with case? I didn't realize XL-ATX meant the board was actually Longer (I thought it stood for "Extra Large"), and while my board "fits" in my case and lines up with the standoffs, the bottom of it is directly in contact with the...
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    Powered USB 3.1 Hub?

    I'd like to upgrade to a USB 3.1 Hub capable of hitting 10Gbps across all devices. A USB 3.0 input to output 3.1 would work as well This is what I have right now: I'm looking for something...
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    Nvidia Titan V

    Edit: Sold!
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    Best hardware for editting and encoding?

    Current system specs: 8086k at 5.2ghz 64gb DDR4 at 3.6ghz 3TB NVMe SSD active storage Amazing for gaming, but trying to edit and then encode 8K video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC is painfully slow. Video file sizes: 7680 × 4320 at 60fps 7680 × 7680 (3D) at 30fps If I don't edit the video...
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    Does Thunderbolt 3 make sense for 7200rpm external drives?

    It's been forever since I've used a 7200rpm hard drive, and am curious if the drives today can reach of match the speed that Tunderbolt 3 allows for, or if I should just get a cheaper USB 3/3.1/c drive. I'd be using one for regular and sequential access of files that are 100mb-1gb in size, that...
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    Titan Volta Request

    Hi. I'm looking for SHA512 password cracking performance of a Titan V. Would anyone with a Titan V be able to run btcrecover and tell me how many passwords per second it can guess? I can't find anything on the Google because I'm guessing not too many Titan V owners have BTC stuck in a wallet. I...
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    Anyone with experience overclocking laptops? (6820/7820HK)

    Does anyone here have any experience with overclocking laptop processors? There are some good deals right now on 6820HK processors, and I'm thinking upgrading my laptop. It's 3 years old, and has a 4710HQ + 980M, and am wondering if I will notice a big difference if jumping to something like a...
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    Planet Coaster

    Is anyone following this, or currently playing the Alpha release of this? From the Reddit community, this looks like it could be the Cities Skylines of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. I loved playing RCT growing up, so I'm starting to get a bit excited for this game's release on November 17th...
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    Jet - ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo $581 shipped

    GeForce GTX1080 8GB Turbo Starting price - $655 $641 to opt out returns or... $631 to opt out of returns and pay with debit - $50 code SHOP10 for first time buyers = $581 - $591 shipped No tax in CA.
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    Safe to transport water cooled system?

    I'm relocating soon and I'm wondering if it's safe to transport a water cooled system intact, or if I should take it apart. My car suspension is pretty stiff, and I'm worried that bumps on the road could cause some issues. The area of concern between the GPUs and the triple slot bridge terminal...
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    Does putting mining profits into an IRA defer tax?

    Anyone know? I'm wondering if mining and dumping the profits into an IRA defers the tax. I figure the investment growth over a 30 year span would greatly outweigh the final tax still owed in the end after it starts being withdrawn. I know mining isn't very profitable anymore, but this is more...
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    Bent pins? (MSI X99 XPower)

    Today i finally got around to begin putting together my X99 build with all of my parts arriving. Except on little minor problem - I think my MSI board came with bent pins. As soon as the cover came off, I noticed what looked like bent pins. I can't really test the board out unless I buy a heat...
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    X99 Rampage vs XPower

    Any detailed comparisons between the two? I'm looking for a board that will be able to take my 5960X to its maximum potential, and both of these boards are built to do it. But the XPower is $100 less, which I could use for better DDR4 ram. Any opinions on if you had to choose between the two?
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    G-Sync mitigating microstutter?

    I'm the type that really noticed microstutter, even on my Titans with Nvidia's hardware frame metering. But, with G-Sync enabled, microstutter seems to have disappeared. When frame deliveries are inconsistent, I wonder if it's made that much worse because the frames almost always get delivered...
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    What are your altcoin picks from here on out?

    With hopefully everyone learning a major lesson LTC, (that every coin not named Bitcoin can ever become complacent), I'm just curious as to where everyone will be placing their investments with in the altcoin market. I'm interested in alts, because they can outperform BTC anywhere from 2-10x in...
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    Overclocking and DP on compute capable cards

    Has anyone managed to overclock their double precision capable cards? (Titan, Titan Black, Titan Z). My overclocks stick when I run single precision, but when I switch to double precision, my Titans pin to 876mhz regardless of my settings in PrecisionX or Afterburner. I feel like I once had DP...
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    BTC Down Trend Done?

    Excuse my terrible English in the title... What do you guys think we are going to see from here on out? I'm expecting sideways movement around the $500 (+/- $100) for a little while. Though if BTC price somehow manages to break $650 soon, it might not drop back down sub-$500 for quite time. I...
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    [ANN] CryptoAlts "Hybrid Mining" Pool

    Hello [H]ers. I run mining pool. Though I have been operating it at a loss (payouts going wrong during big changes, and recent DRK fork cost me), it's still a fun hobby of mine. I've wanted to expand my coding hobby and the world of crypto is letting me do just that...
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    Nvidia GPUs are awesome on x11

    My Titans can do ~3MH/s per card, at around 1160mhz clock (using ccminer). Power use is around 225W from the wall. I believe this is R9 performance from Nvidia's top end cards. From what I've read, it seems Nvidia cards are having their hash rates scale 4-5x going from scrypt to x11, compared to...
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    Senator wants to ban Bitcoin in US

    Link to Article How did I know this guy was an old fart before I even read the story? And I don't appreciate someone trying to take away my freedom. :rolleyes:
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    Did I brick my 7790?

    I accidentally flashed a 7870 bios on it. :o (selected the wrong slot number in flash) Now atiwinflash can't find an adapter. Even when I try to force flash it gives me the error. I don't even see it in device manager anymore. Is it bricked for good?
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    NE : 2GB HD 7850 $120 AR

    There's a good deal over at Newegg for a 2GB 7850. The model is a PowerColor AX7850 2GBD5-2DHE/OC. It is $150 - $30 rebate = $120 AR. It has free shipping available as well. This isn't too far off the lowest HD 7850s we saw pre crypto bubble explosion. I would like to add there is also a 7870...
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    Wii U is the most dissapointing console I've ever owned.

    Zelda (already played through Wind Waker back on GameCube), Metroid, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, F-Zero, none of these have came out yet and Mario Kart isn't due until Spring 2014. I am so close to just giving up and selling my Wii U. Nintendo couldn't even counter XB1 and PS4 with...
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    Disconnecting CPU from loop and leaving GPUs

    I tore down my loop this weekend and am running everything on air right now, with a H60 on the CPU. I've been measuring power draw of my Titans in SLI at 1100/6600 to be typically between 550-600W from the wall. But I have seen spikes as high as 700-750W. I've seen a single Titan draw as much as...
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    Any way to use win 7 upgrade key long after clean install?

    So, I lost my Win 7 keys after I did a clean reinstall about 3 months ago. Well, I didn't lose them, but I just didn't feel like looking for them at the time. Since then I've rearmed my operating system every month. Now I'm at the point where I need to activate, and I have my keys in hand...
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    OpenMP C++ Parallel Loop... Thread Racing Problem?

    I'm trying to parallelize a loop to speed up calculation. A portion of my code is below... int tSteps = 100; for (int t=1; t<tSteps; t++) { #pragma omp parallel for for (int i=1; i<nodesx-1; i++) { dTx = dt * (alpha/(dx*dx) * (T[i+1][j][k] -...
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    7870 Myst (Tahiti LE) + 4 Games, $200AR NCIX(us)

    Ripped straight from SD. Pretty amazing deal. It's a Tahiti LE for $200AR, with the new AMD bundle of 4 games. You could quickly sell the bundle for $50-$60 making this card cost less than $150 in the end! Link to NCIX They also have a similar another model for $210AR. It has a slightly...
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    PSU wattage label

    When a PSU is rated "750W", is that for 750W from the wall, or 750W after it has been converted into DC (~880W from the wall assuming 85% efficiency)? I'm not exactly sure how much headroom I have on my X750 which is mining with 2x7950s and pulling 500W from the wall measured by a KillAWatt. I'm...
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    Down-sampling = Eye-strain?

    Last night I experimented with down-sampling for the first time on my setup. I ended up going with 3200x1800 down-sampled to 2560x1440. It helped with the aliasing, but I'm not sure if it was just me, but the picture felt uncomfortable to look at. I tried it in Crysis 3 and Planetside 2, and...
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    Can't Install ZX on Win7 (Works on Win8)

    I've been at this for two hours, and I just give up. I cannot get a new Creative ZX sound card to install in Windows 7 64-bit. I cannot get it to install in Win 8 either on the gaming machine. But it works fine in my other Windows 8 64-bit machine, so I have no idea what the problem is. When I...
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    Sandy Bridge = Legendary?

    Sandy Bridge has been out for two years now, and is still among the top for performance. The IPC increase versus the first geneation i7 was not anything spectacular, but their overclocking (and their ezmode overclocking) made them clear winners. The Q6600 is legendary, but 2 years after its...
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    Windows 8 CPU Usage (Resource Monitor)

    I've changed my VM workstation to Windows 8 (previously Windows 7). Given the difficulty I've had navigating the new OS, I've pinned a few things now to my task bar so I don't have to go through the start screen again looking for things. Anyway, my workstation is pretty much maxed out on the CPU...
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    Windows 8 CPU Usage (Resource Monitor)

    Edit : Posted this in the wrong forum. Please Close!
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    Win7 Install... 40gb+

    I just installed Windows 7 on a machine and I guess I've never noticed this until now. But anyway, why is the Windows 7 installation taking up nearly half the space 120GB SSD? All the Windows 7 virtual machines I've installed only take up around 10GB... When I highlight everything in drive C...
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    Finally trying out custom WC.

    Today while sitting here at my lab computer, I must have had the Jab-tech page for the D5 RX360 cooling kit loaded for 2 hours. At some point while I was analyzing experimental data, my finger slipped and my credit card available limit all of a sudden went down by $300. :( The reason I did...
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    GTX 660Ti available now NE/Amazon

    Edit : Didn't mean to make this into a new thread. Haven't had my morning coffee yet. Mods please close.
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    Undervolting PhsyX Card?

    Is it possible to do this? I have a GTX 480 (overkill I know, but I just didn't want to sell it) and I'd like to undervolt the card so that it gives off less heat when being used. MSI AB wasn't letting me adjust the core voltage slider. Is anyone able to undervolt their cards? I'd just like...