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    Asus Transformer Pad TF300T 32GB WITH Keyboard Dock, Case

    Asus Transformer Pad TF300T 32GB WITH Keyboard Dock, Case
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    $1100 Gaming Build - Thoughts?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming (Primarily Bad Company 2, Mass Effect, L4D2, NFS:Shift, Dirt 2) Web Browsing Movies/TV 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1100 or so, no 3) Where do you live? Chicago 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? See specs...
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    My Droid review

    I got the Droid on Friday evening from Best Buy. Coming from an old, basic functionality LG flip phone this is a world of difference. I love it! Negatives: Physical keyboard is just about as bad as the critics say - however my biggest issue is not the tactile feedback or crampedness but...
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    PCI Express 2.0 ??

    I'm getting ready to purchase some parts for an upgrade and I'm a little confused about PCI Express 2.0. The video card I am planning to buy is this and the motherboard I want to get is the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P. The card is PCI Express 2.0 but there's no mention in the specs for the motherboard...
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    Need a pad that won't wear down in 6 months

    I got a Ratpadz GS for Christmas this year (my request) and the thing is practically useless now. It has worn down to almost complete smoothness in the middle and makes for a very difficult gaming experience in CS. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, hard pad that will last me? Thanks!
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    Word processor to count word instances

    I am working on a transcript I made for my linguistic anthropology class and I am looking for a way in Word (or in any other freely available word processor) to count instances of words. Specifically, I have to mark each line with various types of analyses like "preference" or "dispreference"...
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    AMD Heatsink Installation

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    Accidentally removed ext HD w/o unmounting

    I'm at my brother's house and have been using he and his wife's Macbook (because all they have is mac's). I have a bunch of music on an external hard drive that I was sharing with them. I removed it from one of the laptops to plug into the other one because the first ran out of disk space and I...
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    HD 485's vs HD 555's

    Well I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD-497's for 3-4 years now and I love the heck out of them, they are still in good shape sounding as good as ever, but I've been browsing around here and gosh darn it I would really like a new set of cans. The natural upgrade would probably be the 485's, which...
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    Gameport not working on ESS sound card

    I snatched up a Thrustmaster Formula T2 wheel and pedals from my thrift store last week for $15 and returned home to find my dad's computer (I'm at home on break from college) doesn't have a gameport. So earlier this week I purchased a card from a guy on the forums here, an ESS Allegro PCI Audio...
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    D-Link DI-624 Connection Troubles

    I've had my D-Link DI-624 for about a month now and since the beginning have been having intermittent connection problems. The connection just drops and the only way to solve it is to physically reset the router. At first it was happening every hour or so, now every 15-20 minutes it's going out...
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    My mouse feet are completely gone

    So the mouse feet on my 3-4 year old Logitech MX500 are pretty much gone, and have been for awhile. I've been too lazy to do anything about it - just been putting scotch tape on them (which wears off after a couple days, so there's about 20 layers on the damn things right now). I was going to...
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    Chipset HSF fell off!

    In the last couple of days my machine has been locking up (completely) when I game or run other intensive applications and I have been very perplexed as to why. Today I cracked open the case to have a look and, first there was a huge amount of dust and crap inside the case, which I've now...
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    Constant beeping

    My friend just built a computer with an AG8 and a 2.8ghz proc and the thing works but has a constant beeping noise when it's running. It posts fine and the BIOS menu can be accessed, even windows can be installed but the damn thing beeps continuously. Does anyone know what might be the cause of...
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    Freeze up problem

    I just built a computer for a friend and after like a week of running the computer is freezing up every ten seconds or so. In windows task manager I see that the System Idle Process is running with above 95 CPU usage and presumably is spiking at 100 when the computer freezes. As per the...
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    Gateway startup problem

    We've got an old gateway computer (at least 5 years) that we haven't used in awhile due to getting a couple new ones. My sister wants one in her room so I put in a new hard drive (the old one was slow and faulty) and figured it would run as normal. When I try to start it up I get BIOS beeps of...
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    AMD Heatsink Installation

    My friend came over with the new parts for his computer. I built my first and only computer about a year ago. It's the 2.4c based one in my sig. By my recommendation he has an NF7-S with a 2500+ barton. The most difficult part for building mine was attaching the heatsink, I used a 3rd party...
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    Soundcard problems

    I formatted today and I'm having problems with audio. I think my mistake was installing DirectX before installing the AC97 drivers. When I run dxdiag and click on the sound tab it reports that no sound card is installed. In the device manager, however, it says the AC97 chip (integrated on my...
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    major problems... HELP

    First, specs: Abit IC7 mobo Pentium 4 2.4c with a Zalman CNPS-AlCu HSF 2x512MB PC3200 Corsair XMS ATI Radeon 9700 NP WD 80 GB SE All in a nice antec case/PSU with 2 120mm fans running full power Every since I built my computer last fall I've always been slightly unstable, nothing that...
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    Nevada vacation pics (link)