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    Not sure what this is called...

    Hi, So I have a "problem" and I am not sure what to look for in solving it. My issue that I an unable to concisely describe is: Main box hibernates rather then fully shutting down. (This is what I want) On the main box I RDP into two separate terminals. I fed both login credentials to the...
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    non Z-Wave Smart Switch

    Hi, I'm looking for a non Z-Wave 3 or 4 speed wifi enabled smart switch for a ceiling fan. Ultimately I am not looking for a z-wave solution as this will be a little (lot) more expensive for the application it's needed for. Just want something simple. Currently I have a few Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi...
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    Open back bluetooth headphones

    Does something like this exist? I have been on the hunt for some good open backed bluetooth headphones. On ear, over ear or behind the neck. No wires please. I used to own Sennheiser MM 100 and while not technically "open back" they were on ear while letting in a fair amount of ambiant...
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    Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM Macro Lens For Nikon Bid, or BIN BIN price is a reasonable $269.99 Up for auction is my Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM Zoom Lens for Nikon. It is lightly used and in excellent condition. Rings move smoothly. Auto-focus is fast and consistent. The lens was always used with a UV filter from day...
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    Apple A1156 Remote for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, New In package 5.99 + 1.90ship

    Looking for a remote for your MacBook pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Apple TV? Look no further, I have several up for sale here: 5.99 ea + 1.90 ship. All are sealed brand new in original plastic wrap. Kick back and control your Apple products from a distance...
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    Star Wars The Old Republic Collector's Edition: Statue, Journal and Soundtrack

    Up for auction My unused and unopened items from SWTOR CE box: BIN: 89.99 OBO Darth Malgus Statue Journal of Gnost Dural / Art Book Soundtrack. All Items are New and unopened in the original factory box. All items have been kept in a pet free, smoke...
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    Need help finding a chipset waterblock (Asus Striker ii Formula)

    Greetings, I have a new (to me) Asus ii Striker Formula i780 mobo in my system. I am running a OC’d q9550 @ 3.6GHz with 1066 Ram and 1700FSB using 1.3 bios settings for voltage and 1.26 as seen with CPUID. Anyways…this MOBO runs stupid hot on both the NB and SB chips, it usually tops out...
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    Zalman Reserator-XT & 6870 question

    Greetings fellow [H] members, I would like some advice with my current WC setup. I have a Zalman reserator XT currently cooling only a Q6600 with a slight OC to 3.0gHz. The system has performed admirable for the past 2 or so years that I have had it. I am thinking about purchasing a Radon...
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    Canon Rebel xsi

    Is this a good deal? I am about to pull the trigger on a my 1st DSLR and discovered someone selling a NIB Canon Rebel xsi for $400. Any thoughts on this? or is it possible to find one for less? thanks.
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    Better HTPC option?

    Hello, I am in the market to build a HTPC. I recently purchased a 32inch Toshiba LCD TV this BF and want to join the 21st century with a HTPC. (My former TV was a 29inch 1989 Sanyo lol). I currently have a 1.86 C2D Mac Mini and a HP DC7900 USDT. I just completed the Mac Mini HTPC build...
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    Help on choosing new 2.0 speaker's

    Hello, I am in the market for a new desktop sound solution. I am currently running a logicrap z560 4.1 setup. After lots of research (Mostly here on the [H] audio forum I decided to avoid new logicrap speakers like the plague. My budget is $250. I would mainly be using the speakers to listen...
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    Is this possible?

    Greetings, I am currently running 2 desktops both with an onboard sound solution. I use one rig as a gaming hi-end workstation, and the other as a file server, print server, media player (TV, and win amp mostly) .I am in the market for replacing my existing computer speakers on both my...
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    Refurbished PSU?

    Hello, So I am in the market for a new(er) PSU. Specifically one that is whisper quiet as I recently migrated to a H2O cooled solution. After the migration i discovered that my PSU fan is unusually well now seems to be a good time to upgrade. I located a Zalman ZM850-HP for...
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    4870 Aftermarket HSF question

    I recently purchased a 4870 and would appreciate some advice on what aftermarket HSF combo to upgrade this card with. I narrowed my search to either ZALMAN VF1000, Or Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo From my limited forum trolling I discovered that this card has unusually hot VRM...
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    Vista Multiple Monitor issues

    Hopefully someone here can help me with this perplexing issue. I am almost at my wits end and very nearly broke something in a fit of rage.... I am running Vista 64 (yes i flaming please) 4GB ram, 2 raptors in raid 0, on a P5KE systemboard using a Q6600 under a Scyth ninja HSF. My...
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    noobish speed fan Q6600 question

    Thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for any guidance o this subject. My question is simple and one that has been bothering me for a bit. I use speed fan as my temp monitoring program of choice. I am running vista64 with a Asus P5KE logic board. I have a Q6600 under a Scythe ninja2...
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    Dual/Tri screen dreamscene

    Hello, I recently upgraded my system from Vista 64 busniess to Vista64 ultimate (thanks to the freebie from WFP) Like most of us on this forum I am using a Dual screen setup. Additionally I am using UltraMon to throw up dual screen wallpaper onto my desktop. My question is this: is there...
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    Need help finding a good DVI/VGA to S-Video adapter

    Hello, I am attempting to build a cheap media extender/HTPC for my SD 1989 Sanyo TV. (Upgrading the TV is not an option) My application is that I would like to run a Mac Mini to my TV and use frontrow with the sapphire plugin to navigate and display my network shared video collection on my...
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    Vista Anytime Upgrade help

    Help! Recently I received my Free Vista 64 dvd's in the mail for participating in the windows feed back program. I am havening a pickle of a time attempting to utilize the "Anytime upgrade" feature touted on the DVD's. So far I have attempted to simply change the SN in my current Vista...
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    Mac G5?

    Hello, So i have a G5 to "play" with for now and i was wondering what PPD to expect from a box like this? Its a G5 2.0 PPC 2gb of ram and I believe that its a dual G5. Any info would greatly be appreciated. thanks!
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    Hot!32.99+Ship for 160gb 2.5 EIDE HDD

    Good deal for an IDE Lappy HDD Linkage 90day warranty but listed as new? It looks like a good deal for someone who is in the market for a new lappy hdd.
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    Good Deal: 100 Custom Staples Business Cards for $1.99

    Use code 93128 to make them $1.99 with free shipping. or you can order by phone. I did this In FireFox and ordered 200 cards for 7.51 with ship. Good deal if you are looking for new/replacement business cards.
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    Newbie needs some help please

    Hello, I just started folding for Team 33 on 2/18 and as of today I have 5 computers folding for the team. In the near future I plan on including 2or 3 more--i just need to find a cheap switch to use (if someone has one to donate that would be lovely!) My question is this: What is a...
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    How do I run Mem86 ram test on a Mac?

    So at work we are getting more Mac's on Campus and I have seem a few come across my tech bench. Is there an easy way to test the RAM? For Pc's i use memtest 86, is there a similar program that i can run off a live boot cd? Thanks.
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    Hello, im new here

    Hello, I just recently decided to take the plunge and enlist my home server in FOH for team 33. The specs are AMD 939 3800x2 @ 2ghz, 2gb ram on win2k3. As the server is always on I wanted to put it to do something rather then just act as a file server when needed. Only question is where to get...
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    Mac Mini HTPC?

    Hello, So I have a Mac Mini that is currently not being used, and probably will not be used at all in the near future. Presently I am using a laptop to stream Divix, and MP3's from my server over a 54g conection. My question is this: is it feasible to use the Mac Mini in a similar manner? I...
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    Help with MS outlook--please.

    Hello, So I have an interesting MS outlook question, and I need some guidance and or advice on what the best solution to this problem. I have several computers on my network, 1 laptop-running vista, one file server-running win2k3, and one primary rig-running both vista and XP. All systems...
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    Kryotech Chiller / CPU Cooling Unit

    So there is a fella selling a few of these in my neck of the woods: here is the ebay link. So my question is how hard would it be to adapt this to a socket 939, or 775 setup? This is insanely cheap for something like this as i would not pay for s&h i can just swing buy and grab it for cold hard...
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    85$ Zune!

    White and Black Zune are on sale at Woot! 85$ not bad. To bad i don't need one.
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    Better laptop processor upgrade

    Hello, I am in the process of upgrading my HP NC6230 Laptop from a 1.86 Pentium M to one of the following: Either a 2.0 Pentium M, Or a Core duo 1.60 Pentium M. What chip would be the best upgrade route? Additionally there will be 2GB of ram, and I will be running Vista Business on it...
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    Question about this LCD Panel

    HP 24" LP2465, Does anyone know what type this is? Is this a SPVA or possibly TN? I am thinking about picking one up, and before I do I just wanted some additional info and user opinions. Thanks. The benefits of this monitor for me is that I deal with HP products and can warranty them through...
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    HP L1955 opinions please.

    Is this a decent monitor? I got a broken one from work and I was able to RMA it under the remaining warranty period. I was thinking about doing this again so that I would have a matched pair. I recently switched from a big-ol 21incher CRT. As far as I can tell the picture quality is slightly...
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    24pin atx extension cable help

    Help, I need help finding a 24pin atx power supply extension cable. Additionally, this cable needs to have the 4pin breakaway thing as my system board has the AMD939 20+4 layout. I tried with Google, and all I found was cables that do not have the detachable 20+4 extension design. I guess...
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    30$ 4GB CF MicroDrive

    El linko. Hot for someone whom may be in the market for one of these things. Unfoirtunatly this doesn’t work with my dell axim, and I suppose readyboost is not supported on this thing… Other then that this is a fairly good deal.
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    WGA Woes...

    So i get up today and turn on my computer like i always do in the morning only this time there is a new icon in my task bar...the dreaded WGA demon nipple. Needles to say my copy of WinXP is ligit. I go through the steps that WGA tells me to do and attempt to activate my copy of WinXP...
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    weird winxp BSOD

    Hello, I have an interesting problem winxp problem. The issue is that whenever the broweser connects to the internet, either through iexplore or through mozilla, about 30sec later the computer provides a BSOD. I have already done a repair install thinking that the os is corrupt. And I...
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    Question about the SP-97.

    Hello, I have a brief question about the TT SP-97 Heat Sink. I noticed that when I place a fan, either a 92mm or 80mm, there seems to be some space on the outside of the HS that is cooled by the fan as well. My question is this: Should I be concerned about the drop in Air pressure caused...
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    Please help me choose a new HSF combo.

    Hello, Currently I have a Thermaltake Volcano 11+ HSF, and this thing is LOUD :eek: . I think it is time to Change this to a HSF combo that is perhaps a lot quieter. I was in the market to Purchase a WC kit, but unfortunately my cash-flow is down to a trickle a best… So in the interim I...