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    Which would you get?

    I don't want to run into the "dual core gaming issue" problems some dual core nvidia users are having, so .... X2 3800 and an ati x1800xl OR 3700+ San Diego and an nvidia 7800gt What route would you take?
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    New stepping on 3700+?

    Just saw this on Newegg, a new 3700+ listed as "ADA3700CFBOX" The other 3700+ listed is "ADA3700BNBOX". The CF is 12 bucks more. New stepping?
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    Thunderdome! Two mobos enter, one mobo leaves

    I can't decide between these two mobos. I'm a bit biased towards Gigabyte because I've used their boards for some time now, and have had few problems. It seems as though the gigabyte has more features for a lot less money. Am I missing something? WHich would you get,and why GIGABYTE GA-K8N...
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    Mac Mini Superdrive upgraded..already??

    Apple Store now lists the Superdrive in the mini as an 8x drive. It was previously 4x I think some of the other BTO options have been reduced in price. I'm getting happier about waiting to order every minute :)
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    Safest options for leaving my pc on all the time

    This may seem stupid, but I've always shut my pc off at the end of the day. I've decided to try leaving in running non-stop, and was curious about a few things. First off, which OS would be the safest from attacks? I have SUSE Linux 9.1, and Windows XP Pro installed. I am behind a hardware...
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    iPod dual OS question

    I reformatted my mac iPod to use on my Windows box, mostly because it has a much larger hard drive and can rip cd's a lot faster than my iBook. I notice it also works on my iBook, and I can also use iSync for my contacts and calanders ( I really like iSync). Is it harmful to the iPod for me to...