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    Does anybody have any experience with this company? They seem like they are pretty good from everything that I have read, but I would like to get some other feedback. They have great prices, and I am looking to get the ProStar 9096 with the X800. What do you guys think of them?
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    LCD mod

    Well, I finally went to Radioshack and picked up the last few things that I needed to finish my 5" LCD mod. I modded an old CD-ROM drive and used the tray and motor. I attached the LCD to the tray and wired the motor to 7 volts. I then bought a small project box and mounted a reversing switch...
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    Rail Volts?

    Is there anyway to make a rail like 7 volts? I can't remember, and I would like to use 7. 12 volts is too much and 5 just isn't quite enough. I am modding my 5" LCD so that it will move in and out of my 5.25" bay using an old CD-ROM. I just need to setup the switch and set the voltage. Any...