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    Text Capture

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    PSU Gone Bad?

    Not sure how to really describe this so here I go. Computer randomly restarts now and then, I've tried replacing the hard drive but eventually it starts doing it again on a new hard drive. With my luck though, it could be two bad hard drives but im not counting on that. Thankfully I have a...
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    Yahoo Email

    Not sure to put this in programming or software, kinda belongs in both. Is there a program out there or c++ code somewhere that explains or does the following. Im asking for c++ if i have to make my own. Looking for a program or how to make one that can log me into my yahoo email account...
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    Text Capture

    Looking for a program to capture text from another program... A program called S2_util outputs its results from reading RFID Tags into text window but does not produce an output file till after it closes and we need to incorporate the text in that window into another program in real time...
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    Recording Monitor

    There exist a program that can record what you are doing on the computer to a video. Like if you set it to record an AIM window it can record what you are typing. I need it to record a simulation for a robot application. Anyone know what this program is called?
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    Internet Explorer all Italics, help

    I put this here cause it has to deal with Windows XP and not sure where to put it. A friend of mine is having this problem Internet Explorer and Mozilla are all coming up as italics for the text. It's not internet explorer as mozzilla is doing this and so firefox would probably do it too...
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    Need help finding Solenoid

    It's not exactly for case modding but its for another project I'm working on for class and thought yall could help. I'm trying to find a Solenoid, Push/Pull Type, Stroke of at least 0.5" Also what are some good sites that has a lot of parts to choose from?
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    Rotate around z-axis?

    Quick question. Im using Paint Shop Pro 9.0 and need to make a flat image look like a doormat. So basically a rotation around the z-axis would work but i have no idea how. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    BIOS Beep Sequence

    What does it mean for a low beep - high beep - low beep - high beep - low beep - etc. I think it means the AGP has gone bad or bad connection. I've tried 2 different AGP cards and 1 PCI card but the noise still exists. What is the cause of this? Is the motherboard dead? Thanks
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    Just a few pics to share.

    I took them during my sis' wedding in Hawaii. This one is a lava tube on the main island, i know its crooked but i didnt have a tripod with me so i had to set it on some railing.
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    Dual Monitor - Two Start Menus?

    Hey yall, recently aquired a 15" LCD to go along with my 19" CRT. I'm looking for software that can run a start menu on each monitor and perhaps change the desktop picture too. Basically just software that will optimize a dual monitor setup. Thanks.
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    Online Calandars?

    Anyone know of a good web based calandar to use? Perhaps features I would like is you can setup an event weekly for so many weeks or from a certain date to a certain date, kind of like outlook does with their calandar program. Thanks.
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    web ftp?

    Graphical FTP Web-interface program does one exist? If not then i'm going to make something similar but its gonna be a lot of work.