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    NHL14 Xbox360 [H]ardTeam

    It's that time of year again, just checking on how much interest and if we have enough people to have a team...
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    NHL 12 EASHL - Xbox Team

    I created a HardOCP team - HardOCP Overclockers It wouldn't let me use the word Hackers which is amusing. Send a request to join and I'll add you in - we can talk rules once we get people in.
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    XBOX: HardOCP NHL11 EASHL Team

    Any interest in starting a [H]ardTeam this year?
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    Steam currently down?

    I can't get any of the pages to come up. I'm hoping I'm not the only one. Sadly they put their forums on the same server so I can't get there to check if there are issues.
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    M2N-VM Questions

    I am looking into building cheap PCs for Pentium III 1Ghz/128MB ram replacements for my grade school. On newegg it says that the M2N-VM uses DDR2 800MHz ram. Is it required to be 800MHz or could I use 533MHz ram? I assume it would depend on the processor - I'd be using the 3600+ X2. Is...
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    ..and I still didn't have to reactivate Vista

    I'd like to hear about what you guys have done to your PC and what you had done to your computer to be forced to reactivate Vista. Make sure to note your version, Full, Upgrade, OEM. My original config was: P4 1.8 GHz, 1GB ram, 200gb hard drive, DVDRW, CDRW, Radeon 9600xt, 3com 3c905 net...
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    Wii News Channel Launched

    Update came in this morning. I didn't try it yet, since it wasn't done updating by the time I left for work.
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    Celery 1.0 vs P3 1.0

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    UT + new forceware = choke

    Hi guys, I am trying to install drivers for either: GeForce2 MX400 or GeForce3 Ti500 I tried both with the new forceware drivers (93.71) and UT maxes out the CPU when it is run and I might get 0.2 FPS. Very frustrating. Does anyone have a link to an older driver that may work...
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    Wii Mail: Mark as read?

    Is there a way I can make the daily reports to be marked as read? That fricking blinking mail drives me insane.
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    Wii: Virtual Console Games

    Pretty cool - I already got the original Zelda. Has anyone heard anything about any more or upcoming games that they are going to release?
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    Core 2 Duo Commercials

    I have to admit, I like my AMD processors but I realize how much better the Core 2 Duo's are right now. But I figure I'd start a discussion on this. I thought the Blue man group P3 and the P2 commercials were on the weird side, but wow - weird looking gap-toothed lady dancing worse than the...
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    Where to get aluminum plate

    Hi guys, I am thinking of making a case from scratch but I don't know where to buy brushed aluminum sheets. A local (pittsburgh) place is preferred, but let me know where you get yours. Thanks, Joe
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    matching Pentium 2 CPUs

    I have a dual Pentium II 233 server which will take up to 333s. I have two questions, the first one is for this forum and I might as well ask the WTB question also. 1. How do you match Pentium II CPUs? Is there a site to do such a thing or do you just get same speed/same SL number processors...
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    Pittsburgh Modders

    Hey guys. I wanted to throw an idea out and perhaps more of an ask for help/experience in making odd mods. My story begins here. My cousin was on the design team for Pentium Pro up through Pentium 4. Someone donated a computer the other day that has the hopelessly outclassed, but still...
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    What is/was your 9800xt Overclock?

    Hi all. I just wanted to see what you guys got as far as OCs on your 9800xt's. I put a AS3 on mine since it was rattling when I bought it used. I didn't max it out yet, nor did I get to find the max memory speed. ATITool did the max clock and it was up to 457Mhz and climbing without an artifact...
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    Component Sync on Y/Green and etc.

    I am looking to get a VGA to component cable for a 26" widescreen samsung TV (tube). I read that to use just a VGA to component cable that your video card has to support Sync on Y/Green. I figure my 9600xt can do that, but I wanted to make sure first. I'm guessing I can run a rather recent...
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    upgrade from 9600xt

    Hey all, I have a 9600xt in my main gaming machine, it is gaining on 2 years old now, so I'm looking to upgrade. I was looking at some of the used 6600s or 6600GTs (AGP) in the FS/T forums. Worth upgrading to that or should I just wait a little while longer since I'm not sure how big a...
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    Yet another BF2 problem

    Hey all, I, like many have a BF2 problem, but it doesn't seem to be a common one because I haven't seen anyone else have it. I have a 9600xt using Cat 5.6s. The demo worked great, besides the whole CTD after each round (which seemed to be common). I bought the game and I would CTD...
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    Squidguard performance

    Hey guys. I'm trying to plan a system for content filtering for my former grade school. I was using a program called willow ( but was extremely and overly memory and CPU intensive. I will have about 60 computers on it at the most and likely less than 20 on the...
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    W32.Beagle.BN@mm: Coming to an email near you

    Hey Guys, I've had this pop up in my parents' email and my yahoo email. W32.Beagle.BN@mm @ SARC Like the previous Beagle viruses, the attachment generally has the word "price" in it. Norton doesn't detect it with today's defs (even though it's on their sarc site), Housecall didn't find...
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    MCE 2005 video cards

    This is just a curiousity. Microsoft states that you need a DX9 card that has a 128-bit memory bus to run MCE 2005 (well the media center part of it). It works fine with my 9600xt which is 128-bit. I looked in the BB ad today and there's a media center PC with a GeForce FX5200. Correct me if...
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    6200 vs 9600xt

    Here's a good question for you all. Since GeForce 6200s now come in AGP flavors, how do they stack up against the 9600xt? The 6200s are actually cheaper but I haven't seen any comparisons and figure it may end up being a better card. Any tests?
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    Squealing Asus K8N

    I built this system for one of my customers: Athlon64 2800+ (754) Asus K8N 1GB (512x2) PC3200 ram Antec case with 300w PSU It seems that the motherboard is setting the CPU voltage at 1.5-1.55 volts (which I can't find a way to lower, it's supposed to be 1.45 right?), the motherboard...
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    Need Aria Card Reader

    Hey Guys, perhaps you've seen my troubles with the Aria Card reader in the forums. Apparently Antec agrees that my card reader is fudged, but since I bought the case from someone in the forums they refuse the warranty. They allow me to buy it from spare parts but I'm guessing that is going to be...
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    S754 DDR33 only with 2 RAM sticks?

    I don't know about you, but I have a GA-K8VT800M motherboard and if I try 2 sticks of 512MB Geil PC3200 RAM (the blue ones), and I try to run them at DDR400, they error out after about 5 minutes in Memtest86. This pair worked great in my A7N8X-E Deluxe in dual channel at DDR400. Then I read...
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    9600xt heatsink change

    Hey all, I'm prepping my 9600xt for putting an ATi Silencer 2 on it tomorrow and I got the stock HSF without damaging the card, but it seems ATi uses an adhesive type of pad instead of a normal thermal pad. There is a few spots on the core that has this gooey crap on it and I can't get it...
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    AXP-m 2500+ OC limit?

    Hey Guys. In my sig there is the one mobile system I've been using. I've been trying to get the thing to hit 2.5 stable, but here's what I've tried. I run the RAM at 200Mhz because it is Geil CAS 2.5, and don't want to loosen the timings too much. Its a A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo. I was using...
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    Hard Drives and PS2s

    Hey all. I have some questions. I have a old style big PS2 with network adapter and I've been trying to get a hard drive to work with it. Make note. This is a 3.2gb hard drive. I just want to be able to save games to it since games like madden and nhl 2005 use enormous amounts of memory card...
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    Asus Probe mixup

    Hey all. I have a A7N8X-E Deluxe BIOS 1012 and my Asus probe is reading my MB and CPU temps switched. Is there a way I can switch them back?
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    Intel D815BN and Athenatech 106 case

    Hey all, I rarely have problems with a computer building, but this has me stumped. I have a Intel D815BN motherboard that has a USB header for front USB on it and if I connect it to the front panel and put a USB device such as a flash drive in it, the activity light comes on, so it is getting...
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    A7N8X-E onboard audio vs Audigy LS

    Hey all. I know a lot of you love your A7N8X motherboards so I have a question. I have a A7N8X-E Deluxe on order. Also, today at BB I got one of the Audigy LS's that were on sale. I got it for $51 (employee price) - $30 mail-in rebate for $21 basically which I deem one hell of a deal. In...
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    Manual Mult. on m2500+

    Hey all, Unfortunately I have GA-7VA that doesn't have a multiplier setting. Does someone have a known way I can temporarily mod my m2500+ to a half decent multiplier? (it is at 6x now, making it run at 1020Mhz) I just need to do this until my A7N8X-E Deluxe comes next week.
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    Powerful low-profile card

    hey all, I need to find the most powerful low-profile (with bracket for low profile preferred) AGP video card you can find. I've found 9200s and 9600se's, but that is about it. I'd love it if there is something a tad more powerful. TIA
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    HEEELP (I hate rubber grommits)

    Hey all. I've been trying extremely hard for 4 days to get this... ...stupid window into my side panel of my Antec Minuet case. I can get the grommit on there, but once I try to put the window in, it either pops out or the rubber grommit decides to tear. I've tried everything. Putting...
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    R9200 vs R9600se

    My fabulous question of the day is, if I have to get a low profile AGP card. Should I get a Radeon 9200 LP or 9600SE LP? I figure the 9200 is slightly faster, but the 9600SE has DX9 support.
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    Where to get small window

    Hey all. I just got a Antec Minuet case. It is freaking sweet. Unfortunately, due to its small size, it is extremely hard to find a window kit to fit it and I don't have the modding skills to cut plexiglas in straight lines...heh. I would guess I need about a 9" by 7 1/2" or 8" oval or...
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    Stupid Dlink 802.11b card

    I have a DWL-520 card and I am using it with my Linksys Wireless-B router. This isn't a "it doesn't work at all" problem, but rather an annoyance. It will connect fine, but the only way I can get it to grab an IP address from the router is to disable the wireless card in Windows XP Pro...
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    Radeon 9600 or 9600se dilemma

    I am putting together a Athlon 1Ghz in a A7N266-VM motherboard. I need a low profile card so I have these two cards for a decision. Would it be worth the extra money for a standard 9600 or would it be a waste in this system (system has 512 PC2100 ram)