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    Good Deal Skullcandy Ink'd ear buds $7.52 + $2.10 shipping on Amazon

    Skullcandy Ink'd in silver. $7.52+$2.10 shipping. I own a pair and love them. SQ is good. Noise isolation works well. They stay in my ears. They are comfortable. Cord is long. They get loud. They seem durable. They are not high end audiophile ear buds but they are great for the price...
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    Hot Radio Shack 200 gig maxtor external HDD $19.99 B&M YMMV

    Just picked up 4 200 gig maxtor external HDD's for $19.99 each. Radio Shack has clearance on these in store only. I asked about any other store having them and was told it varies by store. By the way I live in west central Wisconsin. Good luck guys.
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    Biostar Tforce 550 se vdimm question.

    I have a tforce 500 se and was wondring if there is a way to set the memory voltage between 2.1-2.4? The bios only gives me up to 2.1 and the MOBO jumper only sets it to 2.4. I got the OCZ platinum rev2 2gig kit on sale at frys and they wont boot at 2.4. I belive they are locked above 2.2...
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    3800+ Windsor (65w) or 3600+ Brisbane

    I have a 3800+ Windsor and was wondering if a 3600+ Brisbane would be better. My 3800+ (65w) will oc to 2.8 on air but I am worried about the volts (1.7v). I have a 3600+ on the way for my friends build and plan to test its OC on my board. If the 3600+ will go to 3.0 like I have been reading...
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    Blue DDR heat spreader $3.03 shipped. Blue DDR Memory Heat Spreader Clip $3.03 shipped free. I couldn't find any this cheap at my usual .com's. I ordered a few. I have ordered from deal extreme before without any problems.
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    Overclocking and messed up xp

    I was OCing (testing limits) and got a message saying a registry entry was replaced with a new one at the windows desktop during boot up. The only thing I noticed at first was no sound. Everything else seemed fine. Then I noticed new devices would not install. I went to the device manager and...
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    Braging about my first MOBO mod and a Question

    I have an Asrock dual sata2. I have been limited in overclocking by the vcore 1.45v limit. I read about a vcore mod but was afraid to mess with my MOBO. I didn't want to solder the wrong point and poof. Tonight I decided to go for it. I grabbed my stuff and went to work. It was a great...
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    Should I software firewall or not?

    I am wondering if I need 2nd party software firewall's on my computers. I have a vonage router (VT2442) with firewall and WinXP firewall. I have a simple network with 5 computers on the router. All I do is share some files between computers (1 holdes my MP3's). I dont hold important stuff...
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    Upgrade to AM2 or just get a bigger 939?

    I have a 3000+ oc'd to 2.4 on an asrock dual sata-2. Should I get the AM2 board, sell my ram/cpu and move to AM2 and DDR2? Or should I just get a faster 939 for now?
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    FAR + shipping Fry's ultra wizard black case is back.

    The black version is back. I dont know if you can get this deal if you got the blue one though. Rebate link.
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    Nero 7 Essentials The All-In-One $3.95 shipped

    Nero Essentials Suite 1 Ultra Edition $3.95 shipped Nero Recode 2 The Fastest Video Converter 30-Day trial Nero Wave Editor 3 Audio Editing/ Recording 30-Day trial Nero SoundTrax 2 Professional Audio Mixing 30-Day...
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    mp3 players cheap

    This site has what look to be good deals on mp3/mp4 players. HERE
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    How do I make a super user?

    Hey I am new to suse and cant figure out how to make a super user. I cant install things and am kinda stuck. I am using suse 10.1 with gnome.
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    Problem installing GTXP.

    I am having a problem installing my GTXP sound card. When I run the install package it says it is uninstalling components. It then prompts for a reboot. This happens every time. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Epox 8rda3i and SI 2113 boot problem

    I have an epox 8rda3i and just put a sata controler in it. The controler is the silicon image sd-sata150r with the 2113 chip. I have a fresh install of XP on the sata drive and have run into a problem. When I boot with any HDD on my main ide channels the system will hang on the sata card...
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    Hauppauge WinTV-GO TV Tuner Capture Card $18 shipped

    Seems like a good deal to me. Tv tuner card for $18 shipped.
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    Hijacked can you help?

    Hey guys my browser has been hijacked. I have ran adaware,spybot,hijack this,and spyware blaster. IT just keeps comming back. My AV program finds and deletes A file called SHLPUI.EXE over and over plus I found a .dll file named sehlp.dll. Every time I delete it it comes back in a second or...
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    Gaining rights to files.

    Hey I posted this question a year or so ago when I screwed up my computer. Now I am in the same situation (kids computer) and cant remember how to fix it. Yes, I tried to search for it with no luck. I installed over the old install (win xp pro) and cant get access to the old user file from...
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    TTGI 420w power supply 19.99 11-11 04 1 day only.
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    restore prob

    I have a compaq 1200 series and I cant get the restore cd to work. When I boot the system it says windows recovery is starting and I just get an A prompt. The disk should start a recovery utility (compaq site says) but it doesnt work. Furthermore I tried to install 98 fresh and it keeps...
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    mobo question

    I have a epox 8k5a2. A friend has an asus A7V600 he would sell me for $35. Is this a good upgrade? I know the asus has a faster chipset as well as some other features (SATA,LAN,8xagp). I love the oc ability I get from the epox so I would want good oc'ng as well. I have matched pair pc3200...
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    Smartshader. What setting do I use? What good is it?
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    9700 NP question

    Hello I have a few questions about a 9700 np I just got from a hardform member. The card has a sticker that says 9700 but windows says its a 9700 PRO. I have 4.8 installed and when I try to install 4.9 my system crashes on boot. Furthermore I installed rage3d and it says defalt clocks are...
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    Question about epox boards.

    I have a ep-8k5a2. I am looking to upgrade. I plan to stay with epox and am wondering what boards are the better socket a boards. I am looking for overclocking features more than anything else. Thanks
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    Quick question

    What does LMK mean/stand for? Had a pm and the guy says LMK me. What does this mean? Dont mean to sound like an idiot but I know not.
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    Need advice on buying a 9800 pro.

    I am looking at 9800 pro's and am wondering if there are any brands to stear clear of? Some of the brands are powercolor, msi, saphire, and ati. I know to stay away from the EZ or SE models. Is there a board that lets you know that they are good or bad ie. a powercolor black board is crap or...
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    Need link to vid card ratings.

    Like it says I need a link to the newest vid card ratings. I am buying a new card and need a shoot out or other kinda comparison on the newer cards (AGP). I am upgrading from a ti-4200 so all of em are going to smoke my card. I just want to know the best card for under $200. I dont want to...
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    Language pack

    Hi I have got a problem while browsing net. there are some websites, when i open the page it asks for" LANGUAGE PACK INSTALLATION" and a download window comes up. If i click on the "OK" button some files copies to windows/system32 (especially japanese and south korean language).but then...
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    need XP help (user account/boot prob)

    I got a prob with XP pro. I tried to run the repair console and started the install process instead. The system did not ask me what drive or even display the repair console? Now when I boot I get the windows install screen. I have put a fresh install on another HDD and can access most of my...
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    RAM settings V.S. FSB?

    I have an 8K5A+ and 2 512mg pc2700 sticks of winteck (samsung chips) RAM. I have been playing with the settings and am wondering is it better to have low timmings or a higher FSB? I can run at 210fsb with bios settings on "fast". I am not shure about actual timmings. I decided last week...
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    Norton internet security

    I have norton internet security with anti virus. I want to remove this and have been told that the uninstall program leaves behind some files that can still slow your computer down. A friend claims his computer has never ran the same since he installed norton and he has had some problems...
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    Question regarding heatware

    When a person sells you something as a retail item. Ships you a white label/generic item. Refuses to change the price to reflect the diffrence. Only offers you another item for the same price as a white label would cost new. Is this a nutral or negative rating.
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    Hard drive problem

    I have a hdd that seems to work after start up but after awhile my shortcuts and any other way I try to access it only give me an error the the drive is not accesable. I tried reformating with pqpm7. I have ran numerous tests on the drive with norton, pqpm7, and windows utilities. No luck...