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    Samsung A1 1.3 inch info

    When I read about the new 1.3 inch Samsung SpinPoint A1 series, it reminded me of the old Microdrive days that were actually the reason why I started my website with harddisk information. The whole site was originally a list of small form factor harddisks that got seriously out of bounds ;-)...
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    Samsung F1 1000GB HD103UJ Write Performance?

    In the past I was happy with the T166 HD501LJ. Now I tried the F1 series. I was able to get a "proper" read rate: HD103UJ Graph At least this is the actual read graph, not some quick scan or pretty-printed version. Please note that my website is completely out of date regarding the...
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    SCSI vs. ATA - Different Story

    Hi, I'll try to keep this story as short as possible. I'll provide more detail on request. For several reasons, my PC for Internet (this box I'm typing on right now) is a 10 year old Dual Pentium PRO overclocked to 233MHz with Matrox Millennium 8MB 1600x1200@24bit. About one boot per day...
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    Harddisk overview updated

    Hi, I managed to update my harddisk overview once again. Now I'll try to do more than just two update cycles per year. For those who don't read the comments: I only list the biggest or fastest models. I also added some graphs, especially for the WD...
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    Is Seagate taking over FULL market leadership?

    Hi, I'm not talking about the Maxtor deal, reliability or stability. Actually, I am slightly biased against Seagate for personal reasons. But... I was checking the manufacturers' websites because I am currently updating my harddisk overview. Seagate has a lot of news or existing products...
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    Interesting Findings: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB S-ATA

    Hi, This is a complicated issue, so take your time. I bought the Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB S-ATA because it was listed as one of the fastest large disks in a way overrated local computer magazine. I was not able to get a clean zone diagram with any of my S-ATA host controllers (SiI...