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    Asus Transformer Pad TF300T 32GB WITH Keyboard Dock, Case

    Asus Transformer Pad TF300T 32GB WITH Keyboard Dock, Case
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    BF3 Tweaks and Help Thread

    I wasn't able to either, MX518 here.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    In the beta there was an option to have the weapon zoom/sight button toggle rather than hold... I don't see it anymore. Anyone know if they removed this or am I missing it somewhere?
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    Battlefield 3 open beta 29th

    Does anyone know what time the beta will be available?
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    I get placed into SILVER 1v1? SILVER?! (starcraft 2)

    I was originally placed in Bronze and just recently made it into Platinum. I only play about 1-2 games per day so I'll likely make it to Diamond in a couple of weeks. It's been fun to make my way through the ladders. Even though it's fairly meaningless, getting to first in your division and then...
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    What should be my 1st PC game?

    Starcraft, Starcraft 2.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    Mine has backlight bleed as well - most noticeable on the left and right edges. I've decided I can live with it.
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    ASUS VE276Q - Backlight Issues?

    I got my VE276Q last week and, contrary to the many who rave about this monitor's lack of bleed, mine has noticeable backlight bleed on the edges (particularly the left and right sides). I've decided to keep it because, overall, I still find it to be quite good. The call is yours.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    I placed my order on Sunday, they shipped yesterday and the monitor is out for delivery for today! This is with the free shipping. I got lucky that they have stock in a warehouse in a suburb of the city I live in (Chicago).
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    Just placed my order from (via Amazon). Will chime in here with photos and thoughts when I receive it.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    It looks like Amazon ran out of stock and is now using as the primary retailer. Price: $339.99 with free shipping! EDIT: Newegg dropped to $339.99 as well.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    Thanks to those who've bought one for the pictures and input. I'm planning to purchase this within a few weeks.
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    Steam Deals! (Jun 24 2010)

    Got GRID and Overlord pack yesterday. Super tempted to get Lead & Gold, the trailer videos look pretty awesome...
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    Bad Company 2

    Funny... but why does it say Johnson... ? :confused: edit: LOL especially "You shall not make false claim that Carl is overpowered. Carl is power itself"
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    Bad Company 2

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    Bad Company 2

    Quoted for truth. This happens to me all too often.
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    BF2 vs Crysis WH graphics maxed out at 2560 x 1600 56k warning

    BC2 or BFBC2, not BF2 Also, bitmaps? Anyway, BC2 is a beautiful (and newer game) so these results aren't surprising.
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    Bad Company 2

    Speaking of noob questions, can someone explain the Recon motion mines?
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    Bad Company 2

    Agreed, not as big of a fan of the AN-94 and M16 as everyone else - the M416 does it for me.
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    HP ZR24w

    For the record, I apologize. Not for my skepticism (a healthy point of view in any discussion) but rather for the words I chose.
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    Bad Company 2

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    Bad Company 2

    Yep this issue is a major crux of online play right now. Sometimes I have to join 3-4 servers in a row to find one in which the team is balanced correctly. What's even more amazing is, if you're fed up and decide to stay in one that's unbalanced, it often stays severely unbalanced for multiple...
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    Bad Company 2

    Server issues have been very minor for me as well. The game runs great and I've been having an absolute blast. :)
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    Bad Company 2

    Was playing with "[H] Withnail" last night... is that one of you? I was playing as Brad B ... we were on the same team on one map and later, on Port Valdez, different teams.
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    Bad Company 2

    Just played a 5-6 hour session tonight, very few connectivity problems. Leveled up 3, unlocked the AN-94 (awesome!) and raised hell as engineer. Great night :D
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    Bad Company 2

    Found this over at AT. Pretty cool. (click to make your own) Also, I know I'm not very good. Having a blast anyway. :D
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    Bad Company 2

    Whenever I get into an emplacement gun the viewing area is completely opaque, thus rendering the weapon useless. I'm running 1280x1024, medium settings, and DX9 on an 8800GT. This did not happen to me in the beta. Ideas?
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    The Offical Unofficial [H] Ventrilo & Counter Strike Source Server

    Great but 24/7 dust2 sucks. Single map and modded servers have killed CS:S. It's almost impossible to find a good standard or competition map rotation pub these days.
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    Bad Company 2 looks awesome! [Video]

    I've been really surprised with how well the game runs on my Q6600 and 8800GT at 1280x1024 on medium. Maybe I could even take that to "high"? Doesn't look like I necessarily needed to drop $1250 for a whole new Phenom II X4, 5850 build (arriving today!)... But I'm so glad I did :D
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    Bad Company 2

    The good news: The game runs surprisingly well on my machine (Q6600, 2GB DDR2, and 8800GT) at 1280x1024 medium settings. And it looks really good, even at these modest settings. Also, the game is extremely fun. The bad news: I've barely been able to log any playing time online due to all the...
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    HP ZR24w

    Notice he just signed up yesterday. I call bullshit.
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    $1100 Gaming Build - Thoughts?

    Good point, I didn't consider that. I will just get 4GB then. :)
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    $1100 Gaming Build - Thoughts?

    Thanks tiraides. -That HSF does look better, definitely prefer the 120mm fan. I'll make that change. -I want 6GB of RAM and that combo is for 4GB. -I'd like the option to scale up to crossfire in the future and the PSU I selected is actually cheaper ($89.99 A/R) -Good suggestion, I'll make that...
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    $1100 Gaming Build - Thoughts?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming (Primarily Bad Company 2, Mass Effect, L4D2, NFS:Shift, Dirt 2) Web Browsing Movies/TV 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1100 or so, no 3) Where do you live? Chicago 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? See specs...
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    Verizon Moto Droid: How can I Save Attachment?

    Not true... if you can play the file in the music player you can use it as a ringtone. From the "playing" screen of the song you want, you tap the menu button and there's an option to use the song playing as a ringtone.
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    My Droid review
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    Has Anyone Bought A Phone From Best Buy?

    I just bought my Droid at BB on Friday. It would have been fine except I'm on a family plan and my dad is the primary account holder. They told me when I pre-ordered what I'd need to have and I ended up needing more when they were activating. And more... and more... I ended up having to call and...
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    My Droid review

    I got the Droid on Friday evening from Best Buy. Coming from an old, basic functionality LG flip phone this is a world of difference. I love it! Negatives: Physical keyboard is just about as bad as the critics say - however my biggest issue is not the tactile feedback or crampedness but...
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    New version of one of the best games, free

    Wow! I'm impressed that they're still developing this. I played UT for 1.5 years or so before I started playing CS:S. It truly is a great game. Looks like I'm going to have to reinstall Q3 and give this a go. :)
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    PCI Express 2.0 ??

    I'm getting ready to purchase some parts for an upgrade and I'm a little confused about PCI Express 2.0. The video card I am planning to buy is this and the motherboard I want to get is the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P. The card is PCI Express 2.0 but there's no mention in the specs for the motherboard...