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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Yep I died in Valheim the other night because of it. I am using the DP cable that came with the monitor. I figured it was the best choice. I don't have another high quality cable to try. I'll see what I can find.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Does anyone else have an issue where the whole screen randomly goes black for a few seconds, then comes back? This only happens to me when I am using my desktop computer over display port. I have zero issues with my laptop on USB-C. Its really irritating in games. (GPU is Gigabyte 1080, output...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    This is still the greatest desk ever made that didn't cost $10K.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    I was finally able to get mine ordered. This thing is sweet! I don't notice the BGR artifacts people talk about. Here is is on my Ikea Jerker: There is so much room for activities!
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Thanks so much for the pics. Maybe I have bad eyes, but I really don't see the BGR text halo thing that people talk about. From comments I see elsewhere, they make it sound like text is the worst thing ever on this screen and its completely illegible.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    I am looking at getting this monitor for a mix of 80/20 productivity/gaming to replace my Acer XB271HU. Does anyone have any pictures or experience with how the BGR layout effects spreadsheets, documents, and code?
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    Best Multiplayer FPS of all time...

    Tribes or Q3A for sure
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Hey guys. I am not sure where else to post about this because so few people use these dinosaur processors anymore. I have an Asus Rampage Gene II mobo with an i7 950@ 4.0 Ghz. I have ran it overclocked on water since I got the proc back in 2009 and its been a champ. Today the thing decided...
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    Fisher-Price Makes Exercise Bike For Kids With Tablet Holder

    My daughter would love this. I ride my indoor bike trainer in the winter because its too cold to ride outside. She could join me and have fun while copying daddy things.
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    Still Running Windows 8? Time To Upgrade, Or Else

    Windows 10 jacked up my Surface Pro 1. I have had nothing but problems since upgrading. Its also much harder to use in tablet mode than 8.1 was. I'm going to be going back to 8.1 because 10 is a mess on the SP1
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    Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

    You guys should make a game controller. Only choices out there are logitech and xbox controller.
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. I would love to watercool my whole system! 2. Yep, makes things easier over a homemade solution
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

    Answer, both the color and the silence!!
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    I like the variety. I'd love to see more customization options.
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    ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

    When I was trying to install my tablet into my car, a cheap chinese power supply fried my tablet. I had to buy a new motherboard for it. It sucked. The End.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    I love the no BS reviews here. Looks like AMD got rekt.
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    smaller footprint for a htpc means much better wife approval!
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    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 240 Compact PC Case Review @ [H]

    I have this case, and the biggest drawback is that many of the best GPU's physically cannot fit in it because they are too tall (like the Strix) or too long (G1). If the case was maybe half an inch larger in each direction, this wouldn't be an issue. It really makes GPU shopping hard since...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My first homebuilt computer (Pentium w/MMX) had an Asus mobo! Still running Asus to this day (Rampage II Gene)
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    WD Elements 4TB (recert) $89.99 WD Store

    What do you mean? Can you no longer break it open and get the bare drive out for other uses?
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    AT&T Copies T-Mobile's Data Rollover Feature

    How about they stop throttling my unlimited connection? My phone is practically useless the last few days of my billing month because of it.
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    Swiftech H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit AIO Review @ [H]

    I'm looking at this cooler for my current build, but the size of the pump bugs me. I don't know how much it would reduce the space available for a GPU. Does anyone know how this would fit in a Corsair Air 240?
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I could finally get rid of this 6950!
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    ASUS GTX 970 STRIX DirectCU II Video Card Review @ [H]

    Why do all the good 970's have to be so tall?!? They don't fit in a Corsair Air 240.
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    Which 970 Are You Buying?

    I wish all the good cards weren't so tall. I just got a brand new Corsair Air 240 and none of the good cards will fit. Either too tall (Asus & MSI) or too long (Gigabyte).
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    X58 Sabertooth(i7-950) - Keep or Upgrade

    Its not worth the upgrade if you're just gaming on it.
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    920 i7 @ 3.5ghz vs 4790k @ stk/4.6ghz

    I have a Rampage II Gene, you will need to make sure you're running the latest BIOS (1701)
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    Corsair Carbide 240

    Yeah, I'm probably going to go with the H100i. I can't afford a full custom loop at the moment, but my current Thermalright tower won't fit, so I need something. I might just have to run without the side panel for a few days, haha
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    Corsair Carbide 240

    I had a ton of amazon credit, so I'm just gonna wait it out for them to ship next week. Besides, I don't have a HSF that fits the case yet, so this gives me a bit more time to get one.
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    Corsair Carbide 240

    The price just dropped on Amazon right as I got enough money to buy it. I'm looking forward to this case a lot!
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Awesome!! Thanks for the info. I'll look at the X series then, and see what I can find. As far as heat goes, are you guys on Air or Water? I've been good with an old Thermalright Ultra Extreme and a Panaflo 120 so far for the 930.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I just found this thread, and I think it might satisfy my itch to tweak/upgrade my current system. I have a ASUS Rampage II (the exact same one Kyle used in his review here: I've been running an i7 930@ 3.5 GHz in...
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    Tigerdirect is absolutely awful

    Even their B&M stores suck ass. Story time... When the Asus T100 first came out, they were one of the first ones to offer it for sale. The website said my local store (Dallas Tollway) had them in stock. I called the store to confirm and the dude on the phone said that yes, they had a few...
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    Corsair Graphite Series 230T Compact Mid-Tower Review @ [H]

    Just a heads up, most of the thumbnails link to the wrong pictures.
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    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 540 Computer Case Review @ [H]

    Wow, this a really nice case!! Need to convince the wife to buy it for me!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Galaxy rocks!!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    Fast, and well built!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    They are blue!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

    Galaxy cards look nice!