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    iOS 15 Beta

    Anybody giving the iOS 15 Beta a try? I will almost certainly wait until the Public Beta's start coming out before upgrading my phone to it.
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    Convince me to keep Mac OS on my iMac.

    I have a late 2009 27" iMac: i7 2.8ghz quad core 12GB RAM 1TB HDD Radeon 4850 It is currently running the last version of Mac OS supported on it, High Sierra. It's really bothering me that I'm no longer receiving newer version of Mac OS for it. It looks like running Mojave or Catalina is...
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    iOS 13 Public Beta

    That time of the year again, the Public Beta program for iOS/iPadOS/TVOS 13 is open. Anybody else giving it a try. :) Developer Beta 8 - 8/21 Developer Beta 7 - 8/15 Developer Beta 6 - 8/7 Developer Beta 5 - 7/29 Developer Beta 4 - 7/17 Developer Beta 3 - 7/1 Developer...
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    Raspberry Pi VPN Gateway Problem

    I build a VPN gateway out of an old Raspberry Pi B 1+ (single core, 512Mb RAM) for my parents to use to stream International TV through an Apple TV 4. The VPN gateway works and everything, but video will not stream over the VPN cleanly. Lots of pauses and just general interruptions in the...
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    Apache/HTTPD: Adding Config Parameter to URL

    Can someone help point in the right direction on how to add a config parameter to a URL in Apache/HTTPD? Is this done with modrewrite, or is there a better way that I should be trying to do this? The specific web app in questions is called KeeWeb, it's a web based client for KeePass...
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    iOS 12 Public Beta

    Whose installed the public beta so far? Kicking around the idea of jumping in early on the public betas this go-around.
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    Looking for Mechanical Keyboard for Work

    Looking for a new mechanical keyboard for work. I'd prefer to have Cherry MX Blue style switches that provide the audible and tactile click. Looking to keep it under $100. I'd prefer a simplistic/minimalist design, back lighting not necessary. Here is the current one I'm leaning towards...
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    Looking for Streaming Audio App

    I am currently using my Synology NAS and the DS Audio app for iOS to stream my home audio collection to my iPhone and iPad. Does anyone know of any other server software that I could use to replace this functionality?
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    Converting public SSH host key to SSL PEM format.

    Does anyone know how to convert an OpenSSH public host key to OpenSSL PEM format? I have an application that is trying to do host key validation and it will only accept keys in OpenSSL PEM format, even for OpenSSH connections.
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    Raspberry Pi Cluster

    So I've always entertained the idea of building a cluster with Raspberry Pi to tinker around with distributed computing, but I've never been able to figure out something to actually do with the cluster. So I'm looking for ideas of what to do with a cluster of Rasperry Pi's. Don't really know...
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    iOS 11 Beta

    Anybody running the iOS 11 beta yet? I plan on running the public beta when it comes out, but was curious to hear how stable the first developer beta is so far.
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    Non-Touchbar MacBook Pro: i5 vs i7

    I'm looking to buy a non-Touchbar MacBook Pro. I've pretty much decided on every other option except the CPU. I'm trying to decide if I should spend the extra $300 on the i7 CPU upgrade. I looking into specific differences between the 6560U and the 6660U, and it looks the the only difference is...
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    Need help fitting a HSF to a SuperMicro Xeon board.

    I have a SuperMicro x8dti motherboard that I'm trying to fit a pair of Akasa Venom heatsinks and fans to for a build I'm in the middle of right now. The back plate of the CPU socket is designed to accomodate heatsinks that screw INTO the plate. The Akasa Venom HSF's come with a different...
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    Using iTunes cards towards purchase of Mac.

    Ok, need a little help on figuring out how to use iTunes gift cards towards the purchase of a Mac. I have $200 worth of iTunes cards that I got using rewards points from my Discover card. How can I use these towards the purchase of a Mac? Can I take them to an Apple Store? Can I use them...
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    Question about what power supply I need for Xeon board

    Looking to power one of these motherboards: I'm confused by the second 8 pin connections on the motherboard. Every power supply I've seen only has one.
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    iPad 2 Replacement

    My parents are in need of a new iPad. Their venerable iPad 2 is end-of-life'd by Apple, the battery is pretty bad, and a bunch of apps they use have been updated and don't run well on iOS 9. My initial thought was to just get them a base model iPad Air 2. But I'm a little worried that it...
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    watchOS 3.1 Battery Life Improvement

    Has anybody noticed a huge improvement in battery life on their Apple Watch after upgarding to watchOS 3.1? Ever since I've upgraded my battery life has vastly improved. I've been off the charger since about 8:00AM this morning and I'm still at 96%. Before I would have been at around 60-65%...
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    HDMI Cables and CEC Compatibility

    I bought a new Vizio D-series 70" TV a few weeks ago and I'm having trouble getting CEC features to work with my Apple TV 4. Are certain HDMI cables not compatible with CEC? I know that most likely the problem is firmware problems on Apple TV and/or the TV itself, but I'm just trying to rule...
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    Wireless Access Point Recommendation

    Looking at the following two access points. Having trouble deciding between the two. I already have all Apple products so that's why I'm considering the Apple AirPort, but I've heard alot of good things about the Ubiquiti units. Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR Apple AirPort Extreme I've been looking...
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    iOS 10 Public Beta

    iOS 10 got released for public beta today. Anybody taking the plunge and running it on their devices? I have it running on my iPad mini 3 for now. May end up installing it on my iPhone 6 if it runs OK.
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    USB Flash Drive vs. Cheap SSD

    I'm in the process of moving my pfSense firewall to new hardware and I'm trying to make it consume a little less power. I'm considering buying a cheap ~120gb SSD, but I'm wondering if simply using a USB flash drive will work just as good. I'm not so worried about the performance, but I am...
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    Are Apple TV 2's Jailbreakable?

    I have a second gen Apple TV that I'm not using anymore and was curious if they are jailbreakable? It's running the latest version of the Apple TV software. I recently bought a new Apple TV 4 and I'm loving it.
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    Lenovo 100S Chromebook: Alternate Operating Systems

    Dose any one if you can load alternate operating systems on a Lenovo 100S Chromebook? Please note that there is a non-Chromebook 100S model that Lenovo makes, but I prefer the Chromebook model because it comes with 4gb of RAM and has a slightly different case layout that I prefer. I looking...
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    iOS 9 Public Beta

    Anybody try out the public beta for iOS 9 yet? Thinking of giving it a try on my iPad mini.
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    Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel

    I've been on the fence for months on whether I want to get the Pebble Steel, or wait for a Pebble Time. Looking for a little help deciding which to get... This will be used on an iPhone. Pebble Steel Pro: All metal construction Pro: Looks more professional Pro: Display seems to be brighter...
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    Pebble Steel Smartwatch with iPhone 6

    I've been tossing around the idea of getting a Pebble Steel smartwatch to use with my iPhone. I haven't found too many videos on what works and what doesn't work when using the Pebble with an iPhone. Just about all the feature highlights I've read and seen are when using it with an Android...
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    IE shortcut on Mac OS X

    I have a web app that relies on IE/ActiveX. I know that IE for Mac OS was discontinued a while ago, so the only way I can get IE to run on a Mac is in a VM. I'm looking to dumb down the VM experience and make it as seamless as possible and get an app shortcut on the dock or desktop to launch...
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    Persistent NFS/SMB Share mounting

    Is there a way mount an NFS/SMB share and have that mount remain persistent across reboots or standby cycles? I have a Synology NAS where I keep my KeePass database. I've been using KyPass to access and use it on my iMac. But eventually my NFS connections to my NAS will timeout, and KyPass...
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    AMD Eyefinity Questions, running 3 monitors.

    I'm running an AMD Radeon HD 6850, I'm trying to run 2x DVI connected monitors and another HDMI connected TV. But it won't allow me to run all 3 simultaneously. The card is advertised as being able to support 6 monitors. How can I run all three monitors at once?
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    Considering this upgrade: Thoughts.

    I've been toying with the idea of upgrading my aging computer but I'm worried at how much of an improvement it will be. I'm getting back into PC gaming, and my current computer can handle most of the games I play pretty well. Here is my current system: HP xw6400 2x Xeon 5160 (3.0ghz...
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    Problem with Video Card Upgrade

    I'm trying to help my brother-in-law who is out of state get a new video cards working in his system. He has an HP H8-1070T which uses Pegatron IPISB-CH2 motherboard. His old video started failing so he decided to upgrade to a new XFX Radeon R9 270X. He figured that this new video card...
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    Sony Pulse Wireless Headset

    I've been thinking about picking up the Sony Pulse wireless headset... ...I primarily play PS3 and PC games, and I will...
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    Replace Coax outlets with Ethernet througout house?

    I currently have AT&T Uverse Internet and TV in my house. I have been thinking about ripping out all the coax in my house and replacing it with ethernet allowing me to hard wire all my devices (PC's, printers, NAS, TV's, etc). Currently, I have a goofy ass wireless bridge setup across my house...
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    Dell Optiplex GX620: Only 3.5gb Usable RAM

    Putting together a system from scraps for a family member... Dell Optiplex GX620 Intel Pentium D 3.2ghz 4x1gb DDR-5300 Windows 7 x64 ...The system shows all 4 slots populated, and Windows reports 4gb installed but only 3.5gb usable. Can someone explain to me why .5gb isn't usable and...
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    Graphical interface for rsync on Mac OS.

    I'm looking to setup some rsync jobs on a Mac to synchronize files over internet. I've doing the same thing with Windows using DeltaCopy. But I cannot find any utility like this for Mac OS. I tried using arrsync, but it looks like you can only specify local disk targets and not network...
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    GTA5: Which version to buy?

    I'm probably going to pick up a copy of GTA5 soon. Because I have both a PS3 and a 360, I can't decide which version to buy. I'll be using my PS3 more because Gran Turismo 6 will be on PS3, whereas Forza 5 is for the XBox One. But, I feel like 360 games look better than the PS3 versions.
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    Looking for a small upgrade

    Currently running 2x Quadro FX 3500's NOT in SLI. I want to upgrade to a single faster card. The system that it would be going in is in my signature. I've been looking at either a Radeon HD 6670 or a 7790. Would it be worth it to spend the extra money on the 7790? My motherboard is only...
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    Self-Signed SSL Cert and CA Question

    I have an old web server with a few virtual hosts on it. All the sites are using self-signed SSL certs, but in addition to that all the certs are using a self-signed CA. The self-signed CA cert has expired. If I regenerate a new self-signed CA cert, will it invalidate all the other certs that...
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    Best Free SSL Cert

    I was looking into getting a SSL certificate from a trusted CA. I would be using the cert for a small home server I have running. Should I bother looking into some of the sites that provide free SSL certs, or should I stay away? Which free SSL CA's are the best?
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    PCIe SATA III Controller Card Recommendation

    I recently bought an SSD for the system in my signature. The SSD is capable of SATA3, but my motherboard only supports SATA2. I am easily hitting the limit of SATA2, and I was thinking about adding a SATA3 controller. The problem is, my motherboard only has PCIe 1.1, so a typical PCIe 1x...