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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword please
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    Steam Mobile App Beta Invites

    I'm interested. Steam ID : ZenPirate
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    Google + invite button is up

    asiebold (at) gmail (dot) com Please and thanks !
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    Droid X $9.99 Verizon 2yr agreement

    Keep in mind there's a droid x hardware refresh coming. Looks like a 1.2ghz processor and more ram in the same phone chassis. That's why the "old version" is going on sale
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    Free Google Netbook! (cr-48)

    Got mine today!!
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    Razer 1337 giveaway

    I clicked jhartono0002's, and here's mine:
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    Best Apple Product Period

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    ATI Catalyst 9.11

    ^ that sounds like a bad card
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    ATI Catalyst 9.11

    I keep getting this in my Win 7 action center: Anyone else seeing this with 9.11? Running a 5850
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    Google Wave invites

    asiebold AT gmail DOT com
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    The "My Favorite Video Card Company is Better" Thread

    3dfx 4 evar!!! I usually purchase whatever mainstream card is best when a new elderscrolls game comes out. :D
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    OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Upgrade $29 from Amazon

    How? 10.6 drops ppc code entirely
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    Does your IPhone/ITouch stutter?

    Keep less than 3 pages of apps and you'll have no stutter.
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    Nvidia 9400m specs in Unibody Macbook

    It's probably underclocked for heat/battery purposes. Didn't Apple lock the earlier MBPs with ati x1600 cards at lower frequencies as well?
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    VMWare Fusion or Parallels?

    I use Fusion. I tried parallels, but didn't like it. I use VMware quite a bit on Windows so my opinion is skewed.
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    360 a little bit too loud?

    I have a Dreamcast, and I'd say that you're correct
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    PS3...60GB or 80GB?

    best link I can find atm:
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    PS3...60GB or 80GB?

    The 60s have better BC with PS2 games, but the 80s have better bluetooth connectivity. Take your pick.
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    360 a little bit too loud?

    The fans in my 360 are no louder than those in my PS3. The DVD drive, however, is horribly loud.
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    Just received my EVGA 8800gt 512-P3-N801-A1 from Newegg - New cooler

    Good to know. Does anyone know anything about the new part number? (EVGA 512-P3-N801-AR). It seems they just added it.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    woops, nevermind
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    Really slow iBook G3?

    You need more ram. Max that thing out.
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    mbp apple macs no viruses????

    The short answer is "yes, you are correct".
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    If you're not getting an iPhone, why not?

    I'm not getting one because AT&T coverage in my area is horrid.
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    Most stable 939 mobo?

    I thought the Antec neo550 had issues with some nforce mobos?
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    need advice in making a pc idiot proof...

    Install Kaspersky Internet Security on it. Password the admin account (don't give them the password) and make everyone a limited user.
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    Dell Inspiron E1405 - My full review.

    I have the same notebook, and you are correct. It powers up Dell's media playing software without booting into Windows.
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    Q about Dell's restore CD (e1405)

    Make sure you ask for application cds as well. I had to email dell to get mine, as the dvd burning/viewing software isn't included when your laptop ships.
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    Just ordered my e1405!

    I just got a similar machine yesterday. My previous notebook was an iBook, and I'll be the first to say this thing is pretty nice. I opted for the 1.66 Duo, 100gb HDD, and one 9 cell battery. Build quality is just fine, and so far it runs cool. I didn't get a Macbook because I was afraid of the...
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    White Macbook: More Ram or Faster Processor?

    The 1.83 duo is more than powerful enough for 99% of the laptop purchasing market.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    I've just moved up from HD-201s to these:
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    I don't think Oblivion is going to be near as demanding as everyone thinks it will. The dev machines use 9xxx radeons, IIRC. That said, I cannot wait for the game to come out.
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    Which would you get?

    I do enjoy gaming (currently awaiting Oblivion), but I also do some light video/audio encoding along with the usual household pc usage.
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    Which would you get?

    Everything I've seen so far involves nvidia's forceware dual-core aware drivers. If I'm mistaken I'd love to find out now ;)
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    Which would you get?

    I don't want to run into the "dual core gaming issue" problems some dual core nvidia users are having, so .... X2 3800 and an ati x1800xl OR 3700+ San Diego and an nvidia 7800gt What route would you take?
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    New stepping on 3700+?

    Just saw this on Newegg, a new 3700+ listed as "ADA3700CFBOX" The other 3700+ listed is "ADA3700BNBOX". The CF is 12 bucks more. New stepping?
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    AMD Processor Advice

    I don't know about improvement, but there is a mighty big thread over at nvidia's forums complaining about dual core problems with nforce dual core enabled drivers:
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    iTunes on Windows - Keeps Loading Back Up!

    Mine loads once after I quit it. It's irritating.