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    this is interesting 1366 on x79 boards any thoughts on this from the intel guys in the know?
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    what happened to dfi downloads

    for weeks now the dfi global site does not have bios/drivers downloads anymore... anyone know what is up with downloads for any dfi board are available... i know they arent building anymore lanparty boards to not offer the latest drivers and bios for existing boards seems wierd...
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    need input on msi x58a GD65 from guys using one

    im tempted to purchse an msi x58 gd65 for a bargain price and wanted to know if anyone has any input on this well it o/clocks, temps etc...any input would be wellcome as i only have a couple more days to decide....
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    can anyone tell me if this msi 1366 board is 8+2+2 phase control

    ive got a great deal on this x58 gd65 but even contacting msi tech support I cant get an answer on this board 8+2+2 on the phase control..I see the 8 for cpu and 2 for NB but to me it looks like 1 phase on the ram....a customer of mine is an msi fan and wants this board to do light...
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    directron has some gigabyte p67 boards

    these look pretty awsome
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    ck out this 1366 zotac board, never heard of it

    a 1366 board by zotac..never seen a zotac board before, never knew they made them.. for $119 , maybe if you were in a bind and only had 120 to spend....
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    newegg showing 19 1155 boards right now

    Go get em guys
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    New gigabyte x58 o/clockers, who is going to buy this lord why was'nt this out a year ago..this thing looks it out....
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    check out this video and pics on new gigabyte o/clock board looks like a great board, hope its priced right...some competition for all the other x58 extreme boards..hopefully will be priced around what the asus r3e extreme is... late to the game but for some it may come in handy...
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    new 1155 boards on sale at newegg look guys new 1155 boards in stock
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    would anyone buy the sniper x58 board

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    gigabyte x58 sniper board on newegg now

    well guys what you think?
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    gigabyte assassin board on newegg now a really wild looking board but for $529.00 and 11 bucks to ship I believe ill pass..does look like a fun board to have tho...
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    would this work for a server

    I want to build a light server for home..we have three computers for the family ,all late stuff. 2/ i7 920's and 1 dell quad 775 9550...I also have an amd socket 754 lying around ..its a newcastle 2800 [1.8ghz] ,its my wifes old rig...i have a copy of server 2003 ,legal copy i bought from a...
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    Is anyone seriously considering the gigabyte assassin series

    I was looking at the review of the giga assassin board and from what i read it sounds like the best board ever built... the pricing is out there for sure and my thoughts and budget would only let me go for a gurella version but thats probubly not going to happen ... Id like to know how many of...
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    x58 intel redesigned boards

    Im not a big fan of intel boards for what i use them for but with the redesigned x58 boards and the 30$ rebate that is being offered, some models look very interesting for people looking for something less than extreme o/clocking... take a look at neweggs site and see if you agree...i wonder...
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    sound issue with win 7 64 and tv card

    Ive got an msi tv anywhere card and i really like it for my needs..i have 1 issue with it and im kinda stumped where else to look for a sloution... sound works fine if i open the tv card software before opening ie and surfing..if i open ie and start surfing and later on i open the tv card...
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    any input on msi x58 gd65 considering purchase

    Ive got a chance to buy an msi x58 gd65 brand new from a mom and pop store for 129.00 wanting to replace my dfi board mainly just for something to do as i want to redo my case...if i decide to sell my dfi board it would probubly come out even ... id like to know what some of you guys think...
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    anyone know how to play sniper ghost warrior in a window?

    anyone know how to do this? googled it but not much info..
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    micro center says SB sales on jan 9th

    micro center online says SB sales on jan 9th and there showing prices for instore purchase.....
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    Has msi finally built a good 1366 board

    I look at this board and finally see an 8 phase cpu voltage regulators on this new board.. board looks good to me but still dont know if it runs got like the other 1366 boards with the real hot northbridge temps and vrm heat...
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    DFI makes a lanparty 1156 socket board I thought they were getting out of the lanparty business and only going to build oem and corporate boards... this is a new board on their wasnt there a few weeks ago..they...
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    I thought I was good but some of you guys

    Ive been on this forum for years and I work fixing and building computers full time/part time now,so slow but keeps me employed..anyway, I thought I was pretty good but some of you guys amaze me with your knowlege and experience..Are you guys engineers or just naturally smart..I eat up any thing...
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    Does anybody manually control fan on video card

    Ive got a singleslot 4850 in my computer .I have always connected the fan directly to the fan controller which has 6 controlers[knobs]I jump the connector from the fan with a 3 pin extender cable an i have temp readings up on screen when gaming so i can choose between noise and cooling..ive...
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    question on intel nic card

    I keep reading on how the intel nics assuming thats wired. Does using a wireless intel nic perform better than the realtec or marvel... if so anyone know of a decently priced one?... I have the dfi x58 T3eH6 uses marvel...but now i have been using a rosewill raylink wireless.....
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    3 Temps show on 4850 I need info..

    I recently installed a 4850 video card in my rig and since im not a gamer till recently and in everest sensor readout I see gpu diode disp IO, gpu diode memIO, gpu diode shader...... are these seperate chips on the board.. MemIO runs a few degrees hotter than the other two... idle temps are...
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    will a 5670 outdo a 3850

    Id like to know what you gamers think...I game every so often but nothing weekly.. I play chrysis and oblivion when i do play...would a 5670 outperform a 3850 in graphics and run cooler to boot.....
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    Wll this work ok with microsoft

    Im currently running win 7 home 64 bit and i just installed an ssd drive..what i want to do is keep my existing version of windows running on current 750gig wd hard drive..I want to do a clean install of win 7 64bit but i only have a 32bit unused new win 7 home ...can i load the 64bit version...
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    Chance to buy R3E or Big bang

    With a 10% discount and a 20$ gift card i can buy the mobo for 312.00...seems like a good deal to wanting to bail on my dfi T3eH6 and sell it for 160.00 and upgrade to the for 152.00 i can do it ...this is brand from newegg...or should i go for the big bang from msi.... opinions...
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    Msi big bang 1366 on newegg

    Looks pretty nice...maybe competition for asus re3 and evga? like to read some reviews....priced at $299.00...we will see as time goes by...
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    will this ocz fatality 550w be powerful enough for this i7 920

    Im building a 920 i7 very much like the one in my sig but the difference will be a less expensive case and a 4650 video card..o/clocking will be limited to 3.2 or so on stk voltage,2 hard drives, 4 fans and a fan controller..... I need to keep the cost down as much as possible.. im looking at...
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    Which video card ,need advice

    im running an i7 system and i currently running a 3850 512mg HIS video card...Im not much of a gamer but i do dabble every so often.... I have this card due to it being a single slot card with cooler...i need the single slot solution..would a 5670 vid card outperform the 3850... I wish someone...
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    Question on ram for regor 245

    Im building a stock rig for a friend of mine and need to know if i need to use ddr2 800 or 1066..what is stock speed?
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    cant get on internet as user but admin can

    I work at a public school and 2 kids were using 2 computers with win xp pro and somehow got on a porno site which caused pop ups galoe..i ren spybot and got all the pop ups gone and ran malware too. problem is on user side no internet,on admin side works fine...ran ipconfig/all and settings...
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    7750 kuma overclock

    i have my 7750 kuma now running 3400 just by raising the multiplyer. with 1.42v finally stable. is this normal or a good chip for a kuma?
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    Any advantage with digital voltage regulation

    I currently run an asus m4a79 dlx and am unhappy with the overvolting of the board and vdroop with the 8+2 phase regulation... im considering buying a dfi 790gx or fx board with digital voltage regulation...does this stop or minimize vdroop and on these dfi boards when you set vcore at lets say...
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    when will we see new dual cores

    for my needs a quad is overkill and i was hoping to get another dual core on the 45nm platform..ive read rumors about ones coming but does anyone know when these will be out. im hoping they will have some decent L3 cashe....a true dual not ones with cores disabled.....
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    after using sharepoint 3.0 cannot access microsoft sites

    my wife uses sharepoint from her home computer and now after using it she cannot access any microsoft site...dns server cannot be contacted ...its only microsoft sites that wont connect...has to be sharepoint connected cause ive read some on it but how do you fix it...
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    Cant get into any microsoft sites

    my wifes computer will not connecy to any microsoft sites...msn homepage yes but no sites like anything directly to corporate...its vista sp1 and as far as i know its all of a sudden....2 other computers connected to the same router will connect fine...ive checked security settings and reset...
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    asus m4a79 dlx temp question

    I just bought an asus m4a79 dlx to get ready for my quad experience..this is probubly my first experience with a newly released board... I notised that the bios even had voltage settings that were less than stk voltage... if i set my voltage to 1.32v in bios cpuz reports the voltage as 1.32v...