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    FIFA World FREE on Origin PC

    Just got an Origin popup regarding this: I don't know anything about it other than it's FIFA, it's World and it's free on Origin PC.
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    Dungeon Defenders - $3.74 - Steam - 12/4/11

    Steams Daily Wishlist Giveaway and Daily Deal for today is Dungeon Defenders. All DLC is dirt cheap as well.
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    PC is killing UPS when under load

    Not sure where else to post this thread, so it's going here. My PC (specs in sig) will overload my UPS when playing Dragon Age Origins in nvSurround mode. This also happened when messing around with nVidia's Aliens VS. Triangle demo in nvSurround mode as well. I have the resolution maxed out @...
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    Logitech G19/119.99, G510/71.99, G13/47.99 BNIB FS Save 40% instantly Use Code: DUKE-NUKEM Code only good for 1000 uses. Free Copy of Witcher Enhanced Edition included if you opt for it. I picked up the G510 for 74 after tax. Free shipping
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    Dell U2410 for $489 + Tax /w Free Shipping @ Dell Home

    Not as impressive as a U3011 and not as inexpensive as a U2311, but still an awesome IPS monitor. Dell U2410 $489 + Tax. Free Shipping. Use DPA for an extra 3% off (~$15)...
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    Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 5.4.2 (Free Until 9/25/10) Get a free fully licensed copy of Wondershare Video Converter ($65 value) until Sep 25th, 2010 Go to the page linked, become a fan if you aren't already. Enter email and name in the box that unlocks after becoming a fan Click on the "Get...
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    Jawbone 2 BT Headset - $20 + $5 shipping - (7/20)

    Seems like an amazing deal if you want/need a bluetooth headset. I have ordered from these guys before with no problems. - July 20th only
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    NewEgg banner AD for Crysis is not working

    Other NewEgg banner ads are working fine, but the one for Crysis preorder doesn't work. I takes me to the following URL, which is a dead one:
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    2K screws the PC community again - PC version of Bioshock limited to 2 installs

    Apparently the assholes running 2K games really don't like / give a fuck about PC users at all. First - They release the Bioshock Demo on XBOX Live over a week before the game was released. Second - They wait til the day before the game is released to finally let the PC community get the...
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    Performance Issue in WoW

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    Antec TPII 550 Dead

    About a month or so ago I started having problems powering my system up. I would have to toggle the power switch on the power supply and then hit the power switch on the case in order to get the PC to power on. This worked fine up until last Saturday. The computer would no longer boot at all...
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    My Dell XPS M170 experience (long)

    Last week Dell had the Smoking XPS M170 Deal. Like many other people on this forum, I couldn't bear to let such an awesome deal slip through my fingers, so I went ahead and ordered one. Yesterday, while at work, I constantly refreshed my UPS delivery status to make sure the computer hadn't...
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    Is this hot?

    So, I hopped on the Oblivion bandwagon when it came into town last week, awesome game! After playing the game for a while, I decided to check my video card temps. Both cards were sitting at about 84 celsius! It kind of freaked me out a bit :) When I was still playing FEAR, the hottest temps...
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    Seagate 200GB Ultra ATA/100 $49.99 After MIR @Best Buy

    Was in Best Buy today doing last minute Christmas shopping and saw the 200GB Seagate drives for $49.99. (after $90 MIR) The site states they are sold out, but there were about 10 of them sitting on the shelf...
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    Performance Issue in WoW

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but I will anyways. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue or what, but I am curious if other people have this issue. I play WoW using maxxed out visual settings and a resolution of 1920 X 1200. Normally I have no problems what-so-ever...
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    I plan on building a new system. I'm mainly going to be playing Free Cell and sometimes Solitare. I'll also surf the net a bit. I put together the following system; let me know what you think! AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Processor Socket 939 Retail Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Silver Thermal...