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    DIY Home server room cooling, ideas/inputs

    Hi All, preface: I have all my server gear and network placed in my house in an around 1.8m2 (~20sqft) room, district heating enters the same room and therefor adds more heat in the winter time but more or less no heat in the summer as we dont have the heating turned on beside heating water...
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    Consolidating RPi's to one low power machine, but witch one?

    Hi All, As the years have past i been using RPi's for different small tasks, and they are doing great, but some applications like Unifi requires more and more ram and faster CPU's, therefor i was considering using an low power Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix to consolidate all the RPi into...
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    E1/T1 to RTP sound and back again.

    Hi Been looking around for an solution to take an E1/T1 line and convert each timeslot to an RTP stream (ITU-T G.711 PCM A-Law audio 64 kbit/s PCMA). thus I would like to define that time sloth 2 should be RTP streamed to ip address and timesloth 3 to etc. it should...
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    Cable Management products

    Hi Looking the the Startech cable management and...
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    network tester

    Looking for an network tester, what i basic need is the Fluke/Netscout linksprinter 300, this could be in one or more units. the features that i would like to use: VLAN (see them no need for .q) Port flash cable test and fault locating. Could this be done cheaper than the linksprinter 300?
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    Drawing network map

    Hi all I normally use Visio 2003/2010 at work to draw different drawings and sometimes network diagrams, at home i use a old Visio 2003 to draw/plan my network setup, but i would rather go towards something other than visio, maybe Dia, wouldn't mind paying for a good program. Anybody got any...
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    backplane for disks

    Hi i been looking for a backplane for my file server i will be building a RAID5 with 4 drives, and been looking for at good backplane, that dont make a lot of noise. been looking at the Chieftec CBP-3141SAS but are...
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    GS1910-24/GS1920-24 with Ubnt

    Hey Anybody have anything about mixing ZyXEL with a Edgerouter? does this work, without flaws. looking into changing my old Netgear unmanged switch with a GS1910-24 or a GS1920-24 Not sure what model to choose, the price here is almost the same (Denmark): GS1910-24 ~142USD...