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    Yamaha 5.1 Surround Speaker system $88 @ Fry's

    I just picked this set up yesterday. They are awesome for the price! the model is NS-SP1800BL. Great reviews and my own short experience with them has been great.
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    warm! Microcenter DotD MC branded Sandforce 64GB SSD 89.99 no rebates! B&M only

    usually its between 99 and 109 these drives are awesome I run 2 in RAID 0 for OS MC Sandforce
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    Warm? LG W2363D Black 23" 3ms Full HD 120Hz B&M and online $299 before tax

    LG 120Hz 23" monitor @Frys after $150 instant savings egg link
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    Dilemma: video card cooling water or air your opinions

    OK let me set this up: Video Card is: ATI/AMD 4870 (not X2) now I have 2 of these and one sits in my main rig (mid-tower) the other is an SFF. here is my dilemma: clearly watercooling is better for any component and compared to the avg. 60-70c degrees I see with the stock cooler on...
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    Q9400 w/ ECS M-Atx G31 Intel board Fry's B&M $259

    link The difference between the Q9400 and Q9450 is that the former has half the cache at 6MB instead of 12. Saw this today was on the fence about buying it, I decided to pick it up but Fry's changed my mind for me. Long story short no one wanted to help me at first, until they caught wind...
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    Warmish in store... a little hotter online... 8800GTS 512MB

    saw this on Fry's site: 8800 GTS OC $299.99 after $30.00 mail in went to my local store today they had them for $359 on the shelf so I grabbed one with the rebate comes out to $329 not too bad.