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    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    I ditched cable a few years ago because it was over$150 a month for cable, phone, internet. Just do internet now for like $70, plus Netflix and Hulu. And then kids wanted Direct TV so they could watch sports, which was $35 a month, then went up to $40 when ATT bought them, and is now going up to...
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    Picked one of these up at Costco a couple months back. 2nd monitor for an iMac for the wife. Looked great, but it had an annoying whine to it that you just could not ignore. Tried all kinds of different brightness settings, different HDMI and Display Port cables, it just wouldn't go away. Might...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 versus AMD Radeon R9 Fury @ [H]

    They are all out of stock at Newegg. The listed prices haven't gone up, but you can't buy them.
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    UPS Tests Saturday Delivery as Web Shoppers’ Clout Increases

    That is funny they are so late to the game. Amazon has delivered on Saturday using carriers like OnTrac for a while, and now even does Sunday delivery free with Amazon Prime.
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    Time Warner Wants Hulu To Stop Airing Current TV Shows

    I also just subscribed to Hulu for the commercial free option. If Hulu doesn't have current shows, there is no point in keeping the service. Netflix and Amazon Prime have plenty of content.
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    UPS Having Trouble Handling Holiday Online Orders

    Two days this week I've had packages delivered while I was getting ready to leave the house, before 5:00 am. They're starting crazy early.
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    Social Media Making Millennials Less Social

    I'm way too old to be considered a Millennial, but I am a recovering Facebook user. :p Turned off my account some months ago because I was becoming one of those thumb-staring zombies. For about a week I missed checking it and feared I would be missing out on stuff. I got over that. A few...
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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    We have charging stations in front of my office. We got a small subsidy/stipend to cover the inconvenience of the construction project. The company that manages the stations paid for the install, and charging is not free - you have an account and you pay different rates depending on if you use...
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    Hulu May Launch Ad-Free Service

    I had Hulu Plus for a year or so when I cut the cord. The kids only used Netflix and Amazon, wife and I don't really watch anything but movies occasionally. Hulu just wasn't worth $8 a month plus the ads. Especially the same effin' ads over and over and over again. So I had to cancel it. Haven't...
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    Antec 900w Power Supply $69 A/R Kyle and Paul reviewed this one. It didn't end well :eek: but maybe a deal at $69.
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    Same here, except running my i5 at 4.5 ghz. Not any great reason to upgrade. Only a 6 or 8 core would really be a big bump for me when I encode video or process raw photos, but just not worth it yet with the price of DDR4.
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    NVIDIA Interns Build Bikes for Low-Income Kids

    My company did a similar bike build for kids activity at one of our sales meetings. We had to earn virtual money doing various team building activities, and then with the money we could buy tools, the bikes, and helmets. Then we assembled them. Teams of 8 to 10 and each team built two bikes...
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    UPS Puts Packages On Car Roofs Now

    Our UPS driver is awesome. Tucks packages out of sight in an alcove next to our porch. If he misses us on a signature required package, he'll call our cell phone to see when we'll be home (we're usually shuttling kids to and from soccer practice). He'll often come back at the end of his route...
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    Microsoft Attempting to Scare Windows XP Users Straight

    Agree - industrial setups will stay on XP for a while. Where I work, we needed to upgrade several computers that run test equipment in our lab. To upgrade our software to a version that will run on Windows 7 32-bit (:o) was going to be $50k. Equipment vendor doesn't have 64-bit unless we went to...
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    Shockingly, You Still Hate Your Cable Company

    I'm happy with Comcast Business internet & phone. I didn't like Xfinity - data caps, and the bundle options cost too much. Getting just internet or phone unbundled was almost as expensive as the bundles.
  16. M 2/12/13 HOT DEALS

    Link goes to the GTX680. Should go here (I think).
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    Restaurants Banning Food Photography

    Heard this story on the drive in to work today. Food photography must be big business.
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    Hulu Has $695M In Annual Revenue

    I use the paid version and the ads don't bother me too much, because they are short. A lot are only 30s, most about 1 min, very occasionally a 2 minute ad and there are very few breaks for ads per show. Although I will admit if content is available with Amazon Prime I'll watch it there first...
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    Poll: Which motherboard manufacturer are you loyal to?

    I've had Asus and Gigabyte, mostly Asus over the years. I loved my Gigabyte EP45-UD3P board, and would be loyal to Gigabyte based on that board alone. But over the last couple years I built three Z68 and one H67 builds with Gigabyte boards, and 3 out of 4 died far too young. So Asus is my go to...
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    Poll: What video card do you have?

    Radeon HD6990. Plenty of power for the games I play
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    Studios Making Another Push For UltraViolet

    Totally agree with this. I was loading up digital copies of a few movies I bought a while back, three just had a code you entered into iTunes and it would download the MP4 file. The Ultraviolet copies required me to create an account, download software, and view them in their shitty software. So...
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    Video Gamers Demand Bigger Boobies

    Made me think of this video:
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    Best Buy Moving Closer To $11B Buyout

    Amazon started charging sales tax in California, so I pay that now. Still buy most everything online for the huge selection, lower cost, and ease of shopping whenever and whereever I want. For me, sales tax on Amazon has only made and more competitive with Amazon, but I...
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Won an HD6990 when we had that drawing, so I figure I have no chance of winning again, but why not try?
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    [H]ot - G.Skill Ripjaws 8gb 1866mhz $35.19

    I have my 2500k running at 4.5ghz with 4x4gb sticks of ripjaws. Doesn't seem to effect my overclock
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Lovin' my HD6990 from the last drawing!
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    What is a good deal on a 3 TB now?

    I got a couple of the Seagate 3TB externals back in November - one for $110 from Amazon and one from Staples for about the same with a $25 off coupon. $130 seems like a decent enough price right now.
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    Cable Bills Could Reach $200 A Month By 2020

    I recently dumped cable and switched to streaming. I got a couple Rokus and a digital antenna, so I get my local programming there (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX). I don't watch sports and I follow politics on the radio. Don't have Netflix, I have Hulu and Amazon Prime streaming. I don't watch many movies...
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    Reformat Hard Drive or Not?

    I did this recently with a Gigabyte board. Board crapped out, got an identical replacement, installed it and everything was fine with the installation. But I did need to activate Windows 7, and I had to call the 800 number to do it since the online activation failed since I'd just activated that...
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    Senator: Employers Shouldn't Seek Site Passwords

    Golf clap :p I can't ask how old an applicant is, I can't ask if they are married, I can't ask if they have kids, because none of that has anything to do with the job they are applying for. But I can get the answers to all that stuff and tons more on Facebook. Makes perfect sense. Will be...
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    How Facebook Can Land You In Jail

    Divorce for Women 101 - wife always says she's afraid and files a restraining order against the husband. I would not conclude that the ex-husband is a douche because of it. Restraining orders are easy to get and a nice bargaining chip for the wife to have in the divorce proceedings. The guy may...
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    Not me - Amazon has so much product that I buy enough from them yearly that $80 for Prime is a bargain, plus I get streaming videos included with that. I don't buy that much from Newegg, so paying for Newegg Prime/Shoprunner/whatever would be a waste of money for me.
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    Netflix CEO Has Words For Comcast

    I just did this - just call Comcast Business and make an appointment, and then cancel your cable/phone as soon as the business is installed. My wife wanted to keep phone, so I did Comcast Business Internet (15mbps) and Phone, costing me $97 a month. We were paying $208 a month for...
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    Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's

    I'm with you - wierd, as a college student I would spend more on computer upgrades than I do now! That article is right about spending the extra $400 on a 17" monitor, though. I did that in around '95 or '96 and that was one of the best computer purchases I made. I used that thing for over 10...
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    Anyone else notice newegg doesn't have any shoprunner items?

    +1. I've had prime since they first introduced it, well worth it as I constantly by $10 CDs or DVDs, so the $80 a year saves me on hunting for more stuff to get over $25 to get the free shipping. Since they've added free streaming videos with Prime, the $80 a year is worth it just for the...
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    Amazon Expanding Its Presence in Seattle

    Sales tax doesn't stop me from buying on newegg, won't matter with Amazon either. Bottom line, I want lowest price shipped to my door from a reputable & reliable retailer. Whats my alternative, go to Best Buy and pay $40 for a bluray that Amazon sells for $25?
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    Mini Apple Stores Could be Headed to Target

    My wife goes to target at least once, usually twice a week. They've got clothes, they've got groceries, they've got school supplies, they are easier to get in and out of than a Costco, have low prices and you don't feel like you need to take a shower after shopping there (like you do if you go...
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    FEAR 3 - $7.83 at GMG (Activates/Requires Steam)

    Me too - just ordered and got my key at checkout.
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    I did go in to my local store back in August wanting to grab a laptop that was in their ad. They had over 20 in the store and it was a fair price, so I got a sales person so I could buy it - typcial upsell stuff, do you want the extended warranty, etc. No to all. But then he tells me I have to...
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    Corsair ax850 and 850hx

    I never really got the "Fully Modular" appeal. I've always needed the main ATX and 12v CPU power connectors, so I don't have any issue with those not being modular on my HX850.