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    Full Disk Encryption

    Can anyone tell me of any full hard drive encryption products out there that just access as a layer of the operating system, a sort of on the fly kind of encryption? I've taken a look at truecrypt but I was wondering if there was anything else out there that can achieve this.
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    Problem with SD card on my PDA

    The other day, all the music on my SD card on my iPaq just disappeared, so I thought I would just put it back on, no problem. But on my pda, there are 2 weird files there with very strange file names that will not let me delete through the pocketpc file explorer or in explorer while i'm synced...
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    Asus P4C800-E deluxe problem

    I have a P4C800-E deluxe mobo and i've been trying to start it up with a 2.4 Ghz P4 in it, and it starts, but theres no video on the screen and theres no beep or anything. I tried to switch out the ATI card with a few different video cards and a nvidia geforce 4 card worked for me and I had it...
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    Using a Wifi card as an AP

    Is it possible to set up a wireless network card as an AP? I have a USB one lying around and I wondered if it was possible.
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    The UnOfficial 3D Max Tut List

    Thanks for the links. I'm just getting started in 3d max myself.
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    Gnome & Portsentry

    Does anyone know what port Gnome/Nautilus use to connect to localhost? I'm using portsentry and IP tables keeps banning me. I've narrowed it down to localhost, but I can't figure out what ports cause I have too many connections.
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    Shutdown windows remotely from Linux

    ..why? Just keep it patched and updated.