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    Need Mobo/CPU recommendation

    Heya guys - I'm looking to do a pretty major system overhaul in the next couple weeks. You can see my current system config in my sig - planning on getting a new video card, mobo, cpu, memory, and hard drives. I've already settled on picking up a Radeon 5870 1gb for the video. I'm...
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    Upgrade or Start over

    Working with the system listed in the specs below in the sig - I'm not sure if I should bother upgrading within this framework or if I should move on to a board that supports the new Intel core architecture + DDR3 ... and perhaps more importantly, SLI of any variety. I know DDR2 is super...
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    SLI on Intel Chipset w/ Current Drivers?

    Hey guys - system specs listed in the sig, but basically what I'm dealing with here is an Intel BadAxe2 motherboard using a single 8800GTS at the moment. I picked up another 8800GTS for $80 as a refurb on Newegg thinking that my board was SLi capable. As it turns out, and as most of you...
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    8800 & Vista - Dedicated/shared memory problem

    The control panels in Vista Ultimate (32 and 64bit) are not recognizing my 8800 GTS 320mb card correctly.... it list dedicated video memory as 256mb.... thus ignoring some of the on-card memory. Anyone else having this issue or know if the card is actually working fine, but reporting wrong...
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    X-Fi Fatal1ty Conflicting with 6800gt

    I just tried installing the X-Fi Fatal1ty edition on my system without formatting and got a massive conflict of resources. The card is interfering with my video card, forcing windows into 4bit color. WTF. Anyone having the same problem or have any suggestions? I tried doing a clean format...
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    New Riva Tuner Sep 6

    Just got done reading over at the guru3d forums.... Unwinder, creator of RivaTuner, states that the public release of the latest version of RivaTuner will take place next Friday. This should be of particular interest to anyone who owns a 'latest gen' board (especially 6800 vanilla and LE...
  7. J

    MSI 6800 "Vanilla" User Impressions

    Well, I bit the bullet and purchased an Nvidia based gfx card. My recent gaming performance was falling somewhat short of my expectations. My 9800Pro ran games like Far Cry and Doom 3, but it did not run them well enough IMO. However, I decided with this generation that I didn't want to buy...
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    6800 Vanilla to hold over till PCIe??? Help

    If you check out my sig, you'll see my specs. I'm thinking about replacing my 9800Pro with a 6800 Vanilla. I'd rather not spend $500 (or even $400) on a card this time out since I hope to be moving to an A64/PCIe setup in the spring. Thus, the 6800 would just be to hold me over until that...
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    If you want an eVGA Ultra, call them today

    I made a tough decision and emailed eVGA to cancel my pre-order for the 6800 Ultra this afternoon.... as I generally like the people on the forums, I figured I'd post this news here: I imagine (no assurances) that if someone was to call them this afternoon, they might let ONE person place an...
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    My XP: Doom 3 - 9800Pro, Ti4600

    Well, I was serendipitously able to obtain a copy of Doom 3 early and I figured that I would post my initial experience of the game with both of my systems. You can check out the sig for the specific hardware info. System 1: I installed and loaded up Doom 3 with no problem. Menus looked...
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    eVGA GT & ULTRA Preorder 8/10

    Just throwing it out there as I know a lot of you are still looking for available cards without completely burning the wallet..... eVGA has been listing the availability of the "second wave" preorder for the GT.... just today (or maybe yesterday), they also began taking 2nd wave preorders for...
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    MS Explorer Crashes frequently after Format

    Hey guys - See sig for system info. I recently reformatted my main rig and to my dismay, I've been getting a lot of explorer crashes (both memory reference errors and just plain explorer has encountered an error type messages) recently and I THINK it has to do with the reformat (and perhaps...
  13. J

    Where can I get a 6800GT/Ultra NOW??

    I'm looking to pick up an 6800 Ultra (preferably) or a 6800 GT today. Manufacturer doesn't necessarily matter all that much. I can't find any anywhere for 'non-gouging' prices (I'm not paying $800 for an ultra) - anyone suggest any "retail" locations to try? Or anywhere online that actually...
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    RON and Nvidia Drivers

    I have a Ti4600 on my secondary comp and using some of the 50 series ForceWare, I experienced "flashing farms" as well as other strange graphical issues - anyone know if this has been fixed in the latest driver versions? I also experienced REALLY sluggish gameplay in games like UT(original)...
  15. J

    System won't detect fan speed

    I recently upgraded my cooling to the Thermalright SP-94 with a 92mm Panaflo.... after stupidly changing around the wires on the fans header, I got it to work. Only trouble is that the fan speed cannot be detected by the BIOS or by my system utilities. It just reads "0 RPMS" - is there a way I...
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    P4 3.0C overclock problem on IC7-G

    Whenever I start to overclock my CPU, I seem to lose my SATA functionality... I have a second hard drive hooked up via the "on-chip" connection and it ceases to show up in during post or in windows.... Any ideas?
  17. J

    What's in your Doom III box?

    With the announcement of Doom III gone gold, many of us are scrounging together our last nickels and dimes trying to upgrade everything from hard drives to video cards. I thought it might be interesting for people to post what you're buying in the next few weeks in preparation for the 'next big...
  18. J

    TH7-II and newer P4?? HELP

    Hey - I've got an Abit TH7-II Raid mobo and I'd like to slap on a new processor -- see sig below. I just got a Northwood P4 (2.8) and I'd like to throw it on this board -- Will it run? By the same token, will a P4 1.7 (400mhz FSB, 256k L2) run on a i865 board? albeit slow?
  19. J

    Best way to Overclock 9800Pro

    Hey guys - I'd appreciate your help on this one.... I've never done any overclocking on my video card, at least not on my ATi. I used Coolbits on my Ti4600, but to my knowledge, there isn't a registry patch that has the same effect for ATi cards. What's the best way to overclock the 9800...
  20. J

    Driver Choice for Ti4600 and older

    Now that there have been some new drivers released by Nvidia, I was wondering what you guys recommend for a Ti4600. I had some display corruption on some of they're drivers a few months ago (Specifically in Rise of Nations - farms would continously dissappear and reappear.... solved by...
  21. J

    Thermalright SP-94 -- what fan to use?

    I'm looking for some suggestions as to what fan to mate with the Thermalright SP-94.... I'm looking for good cooling without blowing out my eardrums - See sig for computer specs - I'd like to keep the noise below the intel stock sink ----
  22. J

    172x to replace CPD-G420S?

    I'm thinking about getting myself a Samsung 172x to replace my Sony CRT on my main rig. You guys think it's a worthy replacement or should I wait another year or so? I'm not overly concerned with the loss of an inch in viewable size.
  23. J

    Blurry corner on Sony CRT

    About 2 years ago, I was transporting my computer over to a little lan event and I took a corner a little too hard. As a result, my 19" Sony CPD-G420S took a dive off the seat of my van and wedged itself between the seat and the door. After quietly muttering a few explicit words, I stopped and...
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    IC7-G and Game Accelerator - BUSTED :-(

    Hey guys and gals(?) - I've had my IC7-G ever since they first hit the market. I've been using Corsair DDR in dual channel mode. My problem, however, is that I don't seem to be able to use the "Game Accelerator" settings in the BIOS. I have 4 sticks of Corsair TwinX PC3200LLPT ( 2 pairs of...
  25. J

    IC7-G Overclock suggestions

    Hey all you experienced overclockers out there - I'm wondering if all of you can't make some suggestions as far settings go for overclocking my rig -- specs are listed in the sig, but here they are in more detail: Intel Pentium 4 3.0C Northwood Retail Abit IC7-G w/replaced Northbridge cooler...
  26. J

    Complete Overclocking "n00b"

    Hi - I don't really have any clue when it comes to overclocking, yet all of my hardware seems ready and able - I'd like to do some modest overclocking but I don't know where to start --- Here's the rig: P4 3.0 Northwood Abit IC7-G 2 x Corsair TwinX PC3200LLPT Radeon 9800 Pro I'm...
  27. J

    R420 has 16 Pipelines!!!

    All I can say to this latest bit of information is "hell yeah"
  28. J

    Original Intellimouse Explorer

    I bought the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer way back in 1999 (WOW) when it was one of the first, if not THE first optical mouse on the market. The wear on the mouse is finally starting to bother me and I'd like to replace it. The trouble is that I don't really care for the Explorer 3.0A or...
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    GearGrip arriving today

    I recently purchased a Samsung 152N. To help with portability (not much of an issue since it weighs about 6 lbs), I also ordered a case ace ( gear grip for it - just to make sure that the screen is protected in transit. As soon as I get it, I'll let you all know what I think...
  30. J

    Just got my Samsung 152N

    If you've been keeping up with the forums, you'd know that the Dell 2001fp has been a pretty hot topic around here. I purchased one and quickly sent it just wasn't up to my expectations, especially for the money - even if it was on sale. So, I purchased a Samsung Syncmaster...
  31. J

    Samtron 77V turns pink

    I've got this Samtron "El Cheapo" 77V 17" CRT on my secondary computer and I don't really want to spend the cash to replace it. The problem is that the screen intermittently has a pink hue to it, which makes everything very difficult to see. Does anyone know what could be causing this? and if...
  32. J

    Looking for TV tuner

    I'm looking to buy a TV tuner for my main rig but I have absolutely no experience with this type of card. I'm looking for internal and preferably with remote. FM/AM radio capability is not necessary. Anyway, I've tried the ATI TV Wonder Pro *Remote Control Edition* but the sound doesn't...
  33. J

    The Samsung 172x??

    Has anyone used one of these or read any reviews? It sounds pretty damn nice.... Here's a link and some specs: Specifications Model 172X-Silver...
  34. J

    UT and Logitech?

    Anyone know how to get Unreal Tournament to work with a logitech mouse and keyboard? Ever since I installed the Mouseware and iTouch software, UT has a critical error during startup.
  35. J

    What was Dell thinking???

    The Plot thickens, So, I was a little unhappy with my 2001FP purchase and I requested a return the same day that I recieved it. All of this is mentioned in my post in one of the other topics. However, I get an email from Dell today stating that they're very sorry and that they hope the...
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    Sony Finally has good LCDs?

    I was cruising around looking for a decent 17" LCD and it looks as if Sony has finally rolled out a decent unit. Below are the specs - anyone know how this performs in reality? SDM-HX73/B -- $ 619.99...