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    $800 Build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Arma 2, Empire Total War, and casual WoW 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $800, yes. 3) Where do you live? California 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please...
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    Sempron 2400+ or P4 2.0ghz

    I have 2 computers, AMD and P4, both running 512mb mem and an open 8x agp slot. They are almost identical so to speak except for the Processor/MB. My question is, which computer should i put my Radeon 9700 pro. I never had an AMD before and 2400+ is equivalent to 1.67ghz but based on some...
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    BF2 Stat Viewer

    To those people who haven't seen this yet and would like to check their stats through the website... BF2 Stat Viewer
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    Power supply or video card issue?

    I just got a new video card and a couple of days ago i reformatted my hard drive and i made sure all drivers were up to date including the MB chipset. Recently, i've been getting a weird problem, the problem only appear when i'm playing games, the power suddenly shuts off without any warning. It...
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    Random reboots with 9700pro

    Lately ive been getting random reboot while running 2d/3d applications. Then it became worst, i'm now getting BSOD and something about 'stuck on infinite loop' regarding atidvag....i've checked everything listed below but they dont seem to be the problem. Memory- tested and no errors...
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    Refurbished x800pro

    Has anyone tried buying a refurbished video cards from Newegg? I've been looking for anything i can grab on right for my little brother- cheapest as possible but with great performance. This is so tempting to get but ive never bought any refurbished items from newegg..anyone have...
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    Unable to share files with 2 routers

    Ok, this is like a stubborn nut to me. I've setup a home network with 2 routers. My computer which im using right now is connected to Router 1 and where the modem is connected as well as the Router 2 (duh! :) ). I've disabled the DHCP Server on Router 2 so I have no problem accessing the net...
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    Radeon x800 "XL"

    For the start, i just blew my 6800GT card 2 weeks ago (OEM-so no warranty :( ). I was about to buy another one at newegg but I read somewhere the upcoming X800 XL will be much better and cheaper. How is this possible? Only $299 and almost the same (if not better) as 6800gt..?
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    HL2 Speed Record You can actually download the 1.1GB video showing the whole game being played. I would probably beat the game less than this but with a cheat. :p
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    HL2 engine error?!?!

    bump n/m
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    Cannot backup HL2 on Steam.

    Just got done downloading through Steam (7hours on cable) :rolleyes: . I played for awhile and everything ran smoothly. However, when i try to backup the game i get this error... I clicked on Properties and it's 100% downloaded. Any suggestion? -Thanks
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    Half-Life 2/ATI -- SM 3.0

    I read this somewhere but couldn't remember where (well-known hardware website). Theyre saying HL2 will be able to support SM 3.0 with a patch, just like Farcry. But Valve will not release this patch 'til the new ATI card that supports SM 3.0 comes out. Can someone confirm this? Im planning...
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    Nvidia: Too many drivers!

    those bastards are out of control...! Just downloaded one (66.77) and the next thing i know they've already release a beta or something (66.93). Cant they just settle for one solid driver per month and just issue hotfix when problems occur, like ATI does! This is my first Nvidia card...
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    E7205 "Granite Bay" -Anyone still using this?

    **Aopen AX4R-Plus** Was sorting some stuff in my garage and stumbled on this mobo and remembered that i had it :rolleyes:. I feel stupid buying this long time ago for $200 and now its just collecting dust. Its been almost 2 years now since i threw this into the garage because of the lockup...
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    Case fan from 12v to 5v

    Well its pretty obvious switching to 5v will make your loud fan dead quiet but any downside doing this, besides lower RPM and CFM? Do you just change the wiring connection on the molex from the fan and PSU?
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    Ocing 9700 pro

    I was able to install ATI silencer and ramsinks after carefully checking i have good flat contact on the GPU and enough thermal paste (AS3) for about 30mins. Everything runs smoothly but when i overclock, i can only go up 375/670 before its start to get artifacts. By looking around alot of...