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    Anonymous Planning To Stop CISPA

    I agree with freedom of internet etc, freedom of speech etc. But to ask internet warriors to come out of their basements to protest in sunlight ...... Besides, if those folks really come out, you think some face recognition software wont be used. Unless they wear their Wookie...
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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO & 16 gigs

    Not trying to oc the memory, just looking to oc the 2600k (unlocked cpu). Maybe things have changed, but wanted to know if i could oc with that amount of ram (years ago, lower oc's occurred with higher amounts of ram). I know, back then you oc'd by raising FSB etc.
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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO - using sata III SSD

    Was looking at getting an ssd for windows and a couple games and read about some bad SSDs out now using the sandy bridge. Was looking at the corsair 3 drives, that have been recalled. I already own the MB (Asus P8Z68-V PRO) and a 2600k processor. Want around 120gig drive (SSD) and will...
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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO & 16 gigs

    Its been awhile since i have posted, but i am building a new rig. I have the asus p8z68 pro board and a 2600k, and am looking to order my ram in a couple days - and want to run 16 gigs of ram. Anyone having issues with that? what ram would you recommend? Can you still oc with 16 gigs...
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    Free Media Converter, DVD Ripper

    Very nice, something to mess with on a day off from work.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I could use this card!!!
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    Fix for Vista MCE/ Hauppauge tuner cards on PC's with 4gb Ram?

    no problems here with my 1800 and 4 gigs with Vista Ultimate, but I dont use it very often. the 1800 does have more features btw,
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    Which one is best? OCZ, Mushkin or Corsair?

    I have OCZ on one PC - It has run for over two years very strong. I have 2 x 2 gig kit of mushkin on my gamer PC - the stuff is excellent - got it when it was over $300 - you can get it now for about 140 on the egg and both are seem to be great stuff. I just recieved my 2 x 2 gig of gskill -...
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    GTX or New GTS

    I have a question that could help make the decision, and I haven't run across an answer. Will the card be used for media - HD content? Does the GTS have the same benefits that the newer 8600 series has for encoding content? If I was to use the card for more than games - then I would consider...
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    GTX or New GTS

    For what it is worth - when you go to nvidia's website - which card is the 'top of the line' ? So you can get a top of the line card for the price of a nice midrange card. I'd take the GTX. One thing to consider when buying PC parts is some will OC, some won't. I'll get the next top...
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    Cant install - play - ea games in vista ultimate

    Over the last couple days I tried to install ' command and conquer - the first decade' and Battle for Middle Earth II and the expansion pack and could not get past the splash screen. I first tried this in Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I looked for updated drivers - started with nvidia. Ran the games...
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    Logitech Z 5500 vs THX Z-5300e

    I currently own both sets sitting in the same room (the z5300 actually use an audigy 2 and the z5500 use onboard sound), and the z5500 speakers are definately better in every aspect than the z5300 speakers. I listen to them both, but when I want to hear something and crank it, I shut down...
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    iPhone Killer?

    the version att is selling is a dumbed down part made by htc. The original version has 2 camera's (one on the front and one on the back) and has the ability to use 32gb of storage. They dumbed the product down so as not to outshine the iphone. One of my buddies bought the original (8925...
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    How is the IP35 Pro onboard audio?

    I have that set up, I use the digital optical out and it works fine for bf2142. Haven't tried it for bf2.
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    RE; 4 Gigs RAM, is 2x 2Gig better than 4x1Gig?,

    I am running the following ram and it seems to work quite well. mushkin 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model 996564 - Retail I have my quad (B3) running at 3.2 on air. I still haven't adjusted the ratio's though - running 1:1...
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    Is this PSU able to handle the q6600 g0 and 8800 gts 640mb

    I was having the same issues, a couple days ago. I switched my ram to 1:1 and doing that allowed my to update my bios for my mb. After I updated bios and verified everything connected properly - everything became a breeze. Good luck
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    Newegg still shipping B3 q6600's

    no worries, my b3 is running at 3.2 right now (had some initial issues getting the raid 0, and seeing all 4 gigs of ram etc) so I am quite happy right now. I don't return items for reasons like this, I have returned one item in the last 5 years and it was a DOA raptor drive. I was...
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    Newegg still shipping B3 q6600's

    I posted this not to bitch - but to inform - for those considering ordering and wanting a GO. Re read my first post - it says I am keeping it and will oc anyway. Maybe I should have titled it 'newegg still shipping B3 q6600's' oh wait, I did. I wanted a GO - but got a @#$$$ B3, now I am...
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    Newegg still shipping B3 q6600's

    As the title states - I recieved a $%&^* B3 yesterday instead of a GO from newegg yesterday. Be aware - I am keeping it and will oc anyway. I just got a tuniq 120 and if anyone has one and a coolermaster 830 case, the tuniq is too large to use along with the 4 side case fans. Just...
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    How much power will these specs need

    Look at some of the reviews for the psu before you buy it. I had one, it was stable and it ran my rig quite well. BUT, there are is a flaw that someone else can explain better than I can or run a search. I replaced that psu with a pcp 750 quad. People seem to be really high on the corsair...
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    Auzentech XFI Prelude - Mini Review with Pictures

    I would like an answer to one thing. Does this card match the old soundstorm off the old nf7-s board that was my first computer build? I have z-5500 and see that it has S/PDIF with a toggle or whatever. I want to know, if I buy this card, will I be able to install drivers and use the digital...
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    Is this $230 rosewill psu good?

    I think the only reason this questions was asked was because the newegg combo deal offered. A q6600 for 279 and this rosewill for 100 bucks off. I think I will take the plunge and see if this PSU is worth a crap (along with the q6600). I already have a pcp 750 quad running my PC and have...
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    163.44 and BSOD

    I read somwhere the aforementioned drivers should only be used if you use the hotfix from microsoft and if you revert back to earlier drivers you should remove the hotfix. I don't know how accurate this is though.
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    X38 vs P35...

    aproximately when is the abit Quad gt x38 going to be released here in the States?
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    Nvidia driver with Fan Vista 64 bit

    I thought ntune was only for PC's with an nvidia motherboard
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    Nvidia driver with Fan Vista 64 bit

    I have been using rivaturner 2.02 in order to max out my fan speed on my 8800gtx oc with my vista 64 bit. Then recently the rivaturner quit working - and refused to load due to 'unsigned drivers', so I game anyway and now I BSOD in vista 64 bit because the fan won't turn on to max speed when...
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    Getting no mouse pointer in some games

    I know this is probably not your current problem, but I wanted to through this out there, I have a G7 cordless and sometimes my netgear (also running at 2.4 frequency) will actually cause my mouse to stop working when I was playing both bf2 and bf2142 - I moved my netgear further away (closet...
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    Games That Will Take Advantage of 4GB of RAM

    I currently go over 2 gigs - when I play bf2142 at 1600 x 1200 at 2aa and use Vista Ultimate 64- bit. I bought the mushkin in sig and it smoothed out my gameplay just like going to 2 gigs from 1 gig in bf2 using windows xp. I have a g-15 keyboad and it can monitor usage of ram.
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    Looking for 4gb of OCable Ram

    I have that mushkin, it does well. They have higher line model at 8500 speed with low timings if you want to spend more. I did not feel the need to though.
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    2gb or 4gb

    When I run vista Ultimate 64 and bf2142 at 1600x1200 I go over 2 gigs of usage. That is a current game at a setting many people currently play at. Future games will only use more ram. Going to 4 gigs improved my gameplay in vista much like going from 1 gig to 2 gigs does in windows xp...
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    turn of lowering of multiplier when in vista

    I have an e6600 that I can run at 3.2 in windows xp and the multiplier stays at 9. When I go into vista ultimate - the multiplier keeps going to 6 and back to 9. Any help would be appreciated.
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    2x2GB Fun: Mushkin HP2-6400

    I got my memory today - I am running them @ 1:1 at 356 fsb so my oc is processer is now at a comfortable 3.2. I haven't pushed further - I played bf2142 for a couple hours and it was stable. This stuff runs better than my ocz platinum that it replaces.
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    2x2GB Fun: Mushkin HP2-6400

    I read a thread on the mushkin forum indicating they are testing other IC's but the HP2 and the the XP2 models all currently use the same IC. The lower priced models use another IC. Either way - that is what I ordered and I hope they don't suck.
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    2x2 Gig Sticks for Abit IP35 Pro

    I ordered the following ram listed below ( get it Monday). At first I'll be using it on my current board (see sig). What attracted me to the Mushkin ram was that it has good reviews and it uses the same IC's as the higher priced Mushkin ram listed earlier in the thread...
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    Mushkin ram 2 x 2g

    I ended up ordering the kit with 5-4-4-12 settings. I read that it uses the same IC as the other more costly Mushkin kits - I read on the mushkin forums. I'll recieve the ram on Monday.
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    2x2GB Fun: Mushkin HP2-6400

    I will get mine set from newegg on Monday. How would someone know if they were 'swimming' and where did you hear about this? Also as an fyi - this model uses the same ic's as the other two more expensive models - they just binned differently per one of their folks on the mushkin forum.
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    Why go 4GB?

    I have installed windows vista unltimate 64 bit and after a few days of searching for drivers etc I finally have a solid set up. I play bf2142 and when playing I am using my full 2 gigs of ram, for all of you saying why? That is why. This game that is been out for how many months - 660 plus...
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    Mushkin ram 2 x 2g

    when running bf2142 on vista I am running very near 2 gigs - see sig for details. I am looking for ram that has some ability to oc. I have read 2 x 2gig kits have a better chance of not having issues - so now I am researching these kits. I am getting a quadcore intel soon, and I have...
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    Mushkin ram 2 x 2g

    I did not run a search on the forum, I found what appears to be your site with google. I have never used mushkin before so I am a tad leary, I also noticed your processor is an amd, but onboard memory controller vs bridge will probably have different results. (yes a good review). Since I...
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    Mushkin ram 2 x 2g

    Anyone using the Mushkin ram 2 x 2 gig kits? mushkin 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model 996564 - Retail How is Mushkins customer service? Anyone used in on the...