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  1. vick1000

    Sony X800H and HDR issue.

    More specifically, a certain game caled Need for Speed Heat keeps putting the TV into HDR mode, even though I have HDR in the game, on windows and on the TV all disabled. This results in a green and purple image of the game screens, and persists even after exiting the game, and only restarting...
  2. vick1000

    Signal loss, random and Heaven 4.0.

    So, I found a local willing to part with his EVGA 970 SC ACX2.0 yesterday for a princely sum of $175, and thought I had a great upgrade for my old 760 during these prosperous GPU market days. Everything installed great, did the whole DDU in safe mode first of course, this on my Win7x64 box...
  3. vick1000

    Samsung UN48J5200...

    Yes, it's an older model. Yes Rtings review says it sucks. yes, it's only 1080p. But they must have changed the panel, because it does not suck. I was going to pick up another crappy TV from Walmart to replace the Sanyo I was using, due to a weird blotch like "stain" that developed in the...
  4. vick1000

    Sanyo FW43D25F

    Sanyo FW43D25F 43" 1080p 120Hz Class LED HDTV - Saw it in store, noticed it was IPS based, took a shot due to Walmart return policy, absolute steal. Blacks on par with most newer IPS, I would estimate .12-.14. Almost NO IPS GLOW, this is sitting 3-4 feet away. No bleed, no dead...
  5. vick1000

    Market stagnation?

    So I built the base rig of my current one in 2011 (i5 2500K Z68), and I am not really seeing a reason to go Haswell/99. I know the quad channel is a significant upgrade over previous generations, but unless someone is going with 3x graphics cards, or does tons of encoding/workstation work, I...
  6. vick1000

    Corsair CX750M reliability.

    I just bought this PSU from Best Buy, more for trouble shooting (and UPS lost my HX850). It seems to have solved my issues with cold boots. So I am wondering if I should just leave it installed, or go for a higher end unit. GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 i5 2500K@4.0ghz 1.25v Mugen 4 HSF 4x4 GB G.Skill...
  7. vick1000

    Gigabyte Z68X power up issues.

    I have a GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 with a i5 2500K in it, and This machine has been running flawless for about a year maybe longer. I bought some new fans and had recently bought new video cards, so i decided to do a complete tear down and clean everything, tidy up cables, etc. Now I had this problem...
  8. vick1000

    Texture filtering issue Deus Ex:HR

    I Just bought a GTX760 to replace my old GTX560Ti. I can't remeber seeing this issue with the 560Ti, but I am not sure. No matter how I set the filtering in game, or force through the NVCP, there is a stark transition line on ground and wall textures (you know, filtering out to a certain...
  9. vick1000

    Eizo & Samsung, what have they done?

    No IPS glow from a PLS panel !!!!!!, very low black point, .012 cd/m2, no uniformity issues, no lag issues, above average pixel response, logical pricing. But seriously, NO IPS GLOW!!!! I wonder if they brought back an iteration of the ATW Polarizer...
  10. vick1000

    Polarizer film?

    Hmmmmmm.... ...I wonder what this would do for a modern IPS panel?
  11. vick1000

    Disable tooltips in Win 7?

    I have googled and binged my tail off for two days now, and I cannot find a solution that works to disable all tooltips and balloons in Win 7. I have tried all the reg hacks and crap that comes up on the search engines, and they do nothing. I believe that they were or are, causing my...
  12. vick1000

    HP LP2475w replacment, time for a new monitor

    My trusty "old" HP LP2475w has developed a case of the "blotchy shadows". You know, the nasty blotches that show up on greyish or pastel backgrounds. And only after ~13k hours too. So I order a ZR2440, thinking maybe they got LED right by now....uhhhh nope. Bleed from all corners, plus the...
  13. vick1000

    OMFG!!! $3 for a preview..... What a joke.
  14. vick1000

    HDMI audio and Performance clocks

    I recently hooked up my 560ti to my AVR by way of HDMI to get proper 5.1 in games (works perfectly on Dolby Digital gmes). I also have my 24" monitor hooked by way of DVI, and just relaized that Adaptive power clocks are now history. I would eliminate the DVI, but my reciever seems to only...
  15. vick1000

    So what's the deal with shadows now?

    It seems there is a trend of new video carsd that have blocky, low res, dynamic shadow with flickering edges. I just built a new rig, fresh install, GTX560Ti, and Stalker SoC, and Borderlans have horrible dynamic shadows (which in Stalker is every shadow), and the edges flicker or move with...
  16. vick1000

    Install Win7 without 100MB system reserved partition?

    I see that one can pre-partition and format a drive to prevent Win7 from creating the recovery partition. My question is if I use Shift+F10 to bring up the command prompt and use diskpart to partition and format the drive, will the partiton table still be aligned to the 4K allocation desireable...
  17. vick1000

    Finally upgrading after 2+ years

    It's been two years since I have built myself a new system, after building about fifty for other folks in that time. I resisted the upgrade bug for longer than anytime in my history, but I just couldn't pass up on the deals early this week from the egg. It started out as just a mainboard-CPU-RAM...
  18. vick1000

    260.52 forceware Vista/Win7-64bit....

    Info here...
  19. vick1000

    The HD5850 prices are starting to drop, so is the flicker bug.... 2d still an issue, or was it ever? I am torn between a reduced HD5850 and a factory OC'ed GTX460.
  20. vick1000

    2490wuxi refurbs are back for "cheap".

    Techforless has the 2490wuxi refurbs back in stock back down to $580, show 13 on hand.
  21. vick1000

    Hai! I need to read rules!
  22. vick1000

    If you could get a NEC LCD2490wuxi for $573...

    ...Factory Refurbished from a reputable online e-tailer, would you? This company has an excellent return policy, paying return shipping, and 56 available. Hmmmm.
  23. vick1000

    LG 32LG70 $699@ Best Buy...

    Just picked it up tonight, not too great for text, but lots of control so maybe could be. The big shocker..... IT"S A VA PANEL. That's right, a VA. Probably a Samsung since it's 1080P. Not impressed, will be returning soon. Now I have to try and find a deal on a PannyLZ800......Grrrrr.
  24. vick1000

    BFG offers free upgrade for AGP owners... WOW, makes me wish i would have kept some of my old AGP cards. EDIT: Whoops, just found the sticky on the nVidia sub...mods please delete.
  25. vick1000

    Screen tearing even with vsync forced on...

    Just got my 4850, and I am getting tearing at all frame rates with it forced, and in all 3d applicatons including 3dMark06. Using Vista x64 and Catalyst 8.6. I installed my 8800GT again and no problems at all, except a little less performance of course.
  26. vick1000

    We just ratified a new contract...

    ...we just ratified a new contract, and so there goes some of the back pay. P182 and Q9300, instant -$30/ combo -$50 and free shipping...$360 Asus P5Q Pro and Asus 4850 combo, -$30 free shipping...$319...
  27. vick1000

    New LG 26" 720p at Best Buy $750. Anyone seen one? LG usually advertises IPS, but I can't find anything on this one. The 178/178 seems like IPS....I don't think they have ever used VA. They say they have one near me, I should take a look. 768...
  28. vick1000

    Q9850....4ghz with stock cooler.....:eek: Hate to admit it, I think AMD may be done for. Whoops: Thread title should be Q9650.
  29. vick1000

    Some dead/ stuck pixels may not be what they seem.

    I noticed several particles under the screen on my 2005wfp, small dust like particles that appeared to be between the sheild and and film. So using the guide for fixing the backlight bleed, I disassembled it and started figuring out how to seperate the front sheild and the rest of the panel...
  30. vick1000

    26" or 32" LCD TV for PC, gaming/ movies...

    ...with IPS panel (or Sharp AVS if you think it compares). List 'em, link to 'em, new/ used/ refurb/ anything, I need model numbers.
  31. vick1000

    What exactly is Sharp's ASV panel technology?

    From what I can gather from my google-fu skills, it seems like enhanced TN technology. Anyone know for sure what the properties are compared to TN, MVA, and IPS?