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    Question About PS3 w/HDMI & Optic

    My current setup is as follows: 1. PS3 is hooked up to my PC monitor via component cables for video 2. PS3 is hooked up to my PC sound card via optic for 5.1 sound My current monitor does NOT have HDMI connections. My question: If I purchase a new monitor that has HDMI...
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    Port Forwarding For Killing Floor

    Can someone give me a hand? I had a Motorola modem then it died and got another modem. New modem wouldn't allow a static ip. Got another modem. New modem static ip works, but now I can't get port forwarding to work. All I've tried to get to work atm is port 7707 UDP. No such luck. No...
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    Port Forwarding for Killing Floor

    Hello. My old modem crapped out and I now have a new one. I've used the port forwarding website and I've made a static ip. I have 2 firewalls. One is Comodo firewall and I turned it off. The other is the modems firewall and I've turned that off. I had them on as well and still didn't...
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    What Linux OS should be used?

    LoL, I've never used Linux for home use at all and have never really looked into it either. What Linux OS is being used? To further show I have no idea about wtf I'll also ask is Ubuntu and Linux the same? Thx.
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    Hooking up Wii to PC sound card?

    I've got a 24 inch PC monitor and a 5.1 creative sound card with the 5.1 speakers hooked up to it. Is there a shortcut in getting sound to my PC while NOT unhooking anything and getting sound to a Nintendo Wii at the same time? I currently have my ps2 hooked up to my pc via optics and it...
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    Selecting a file auto ajusts it left. Don't want it to do this.

    there's got to be an option on how to make folders NOT do this. not sure if it did this before or not. i recently formatted and am now noticing it. using windows 7 now and it DID NOT do this in vista. not sure how to explain. if u have 30 files in a window. 10 in the 1st column,10 in...
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    Sacred Gold (PC) runs very poorly

    in sacred there are 4 acts and i believe 2 more acts in the underworld (sacred gold has all 6 acts in 1). i'm on act 3 and my eyes hurt so bad from looking at this, but i wanna finish it. i've ran as admin, windowed mode, 4xAA, vsync, triple buffering, lowest video setting, 1 cpu core, all...
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    Problem with AVG, Ccleaner, Quicktime & Win7.

    fresh install and quicktime works as intended. installed ccleaner and cleans all the bs as intended. quicktime still working. install AVG and quicktime still works. now, run ccleaner and it deletes something that makes ie8 not play quicktime any longer. all i get is a question mark...
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    PC Monitor Vs HD TV

    maybe i'm missing something, but why would u purchase a new pc monitor over a new hd tv? monitors cost about 2x more than tvs and tvs do the exact same thing if not even better? lol, i'm trying to find out wtf i'm missing, but are unable to see why. sure, i've got the dell 2407, but bought...
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    Vehicles destroy gameplay! ?

    i know a lot of u ppl prefer the damn vehicles, but i wanna 1v1 u with what we are given and not silly ass vehicles. i hate the bf games. sure, i can choose not to get in a vehicle, but when i'm fighting sum1 and another cums up in a vehicle to kill me that destroys teh gameplay imo (for me)...
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    Buy PsP now or what 'til new version?

    i pretty much only play rpgs give or take a couple action/adventure games and the psp has and is coming out with a lot of games. not sure how the new version of the psp will handle older umd games. will i be able to download all older umd games currently available thru w/e system they are...
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    Shopping for new 5.1 speaker set for PC/TV/Videogames

    looking to upgrade my pc speakers. my current ones sound good (to me). they are about 10 years old. they are creative 5.1 5300. nothing wrong with them. just feel the need to upgrade. the upgrade will be used for all. my pc is my tv, music, videogames, etc. the set i'm looking @ are...
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    WinVista how to tell which language version?

    how to tell if u have 5 language standalone or all language standalone installed?
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    Storage HDD failure. Two questions.

    my 500gb hdd storage drive failed on me. 1st question. if i leave the drive @ full capacity, burn sum files and then add more so it's back @ full capacity does that reduce the life of my drive dramatically? 2nd question. my drive seems to stop working once warmed up. i only have a 1 to...
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    How to prevent microphone echo?

    my old hs mic went out so i went out to purchase a new one. came across Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset HS-1000 and the sound is GREAT! only thing is the microphone has so MUCH echo it's unbelievable. what are some tips in order to remedy my issue plz.
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    Upgraded Vcard and no performance increase in WoW.

    so, i had an 8800gts g92 512mb vcard and i upgraded to a gtx285 1gb vcard. i have my res to 1920x1200 and all settings on high. this includes the shadows on high as well (now). i was getting 30-60fps (before shadows) with my 8800gts and i'm still getting 30-60fps (after shadows) with this...
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    ATi 4870 & WotLK

    with the new world of warcraft coming out they DID update that grafx sum. i've been playing on the ptr server and i can not max out my settings anymore. with tbc & vsync on it idled @ 60 fps on 1920x1200. i was fine with that. copied my toon to the ptr and max'd the settings and now i get 27...
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    CPUZ 1.43 & E8400 misreading.

    is there something in my bios i'm not seeing? or maybe something that the e8400's have that i'm not aware of? anyway, i have the gigabyte x38-dq6 mb and am running the 8400 @ stock. EVERYTHING is running @ stock. cpuz says my multipier is 6x333 1333fsb giving me 2ghz cpu reading. it does...
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    RAID 0 on a GIGABYTE GA-X38-DQ6 LGA?

    fixed my issue.
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    How to Uninstall Via 4in1's?

    i recently took off my via chipset drivers off that came with my motherboard and installed the 4.55's. the old drivers were in my add/remove programs and could remove them. these 4.55's are not. i would like to remove the 4.55's and install the new 4.56's, but the 4.55's aren't in my...
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    CPU Temp Gauge Problem

    i just recently built myself a new pc. everything works beautifully. all except my cpu temp gauge. i have a dual read temp gauge that came with the chassis. on the left on the temp gauge is my cpu temp and on the right is the hdd temp. all the blue led's work and the hdd temp gauge. i've...
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    Why not a sticky for nVidia drivers?

    there has been a sticky for ati's drivers for the longest. why isn't there a sticky for nvidia's drivers? i don't own a nvidia card atm, but am thinking of a 6800gt and i'm sure others might too. i for one would like to see what's going on with nvidia's drivers to see everyone's thoughts...
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    Game Pauses Questions

    i've read here and there that game pauses could be driver related, hardware, blah, blah, but you would think that there would be some sort of fix. this mostly happens when i play sof2. i guess it's due to punkbuster, but am not sure. i got A LOT of pauses while i was playing dungeon seige...
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    Farcry Sound Problem

    i just recently installed farcry on my pc and it looks beautiful, but i can't get sound out of my rear speakers for shit. i've got 5.1 and it works on everything. music, movies, other games, but not farcry. i'm only getting my front speakers to provide sound. anyone else have this problem...
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    X800XT Bottlenecking with AMD 2600?

    does having a x800xt slow ur pc down with having my cpu? and also, how much performance will i not be getting becuz of the cpu i have? and any other bottlenecking issues u mite know about that u could tell me. also, does this card run extremely hot? do i need to add some fans for my hd? i...
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    Canned Air for Cleaning ur RIG?

    if u use a can of air to clean out ur rig. what is the best way to do it? just shoot the air from the can and clean? lol, i know, but not sure if that's all there is to it or not. i used to simply just blow into it with my own air, but figured this would be better? is there a better way...
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    New 52x CD-R's slow down?

    ok, i've got a lite-on 52x24x52 cdrw and i've always used 48x memorex cd-r's and nero for my burning tool. well, i went to fry's and picked up some new cd-r's and they happen to be 52x. with the 48x i could always burn a 700mb cd (full) in about 2min 35 sec. now, with the 52x it takes me 3min...
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    anything higher than 2.1 sound won't work!

    i got a hp pavilion pc from a friend and he wanted me to install a nvidia card and a new sound card. the sound card is an audigy ls and i used the drivers from the cd. i formated it and if i try to use the onboard sound (which is an asus a7n8x) and/or the audigy sound card nothing works past...
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    problems with nforce 3.13, 2.45's good...?

    yeah, so i've got an asus a7n8x deluxe v2 mb and when i formated i installed the 3.13 drivers. i could only hear sound out of my subwoofer and front 2 speakers and not my back two speakers. but if i watch a movie all speakers work. now, the 2.45's always had sound coming out of all my...
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    Best Nvidia Video Card for up to $200?

    a friend wants an nvidia card, but only has up to $200 to spend. any suggestions? thx!