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    PS5 SSD Installation Warning/Advice/Very Soft Screw

    While the PS5 SSD installation : is a simple procedure for almost anyone especially folks here at H, keep in mind the inner SSD screw is made of butter and will strip very very very easily. I ended up stripping a good bunch...
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    Recent Samsung RMA Experience/G70A Issue ?

    Anyone RMA'd a Samsung monitor recently? My G70A 28" started developing a random red line across the screen in the middle (first time had that happen to a monitor, very disappointed). Since it's out of the 15 day return window all they are offering is to send it to their NJ service center here...
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    PS5 Live! Practically GA (Horizon Disc Bundle) iff any one still needs one. Need to login via PSN to buy like always.
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    AMD cards actual power consumption/Kill a watt accuracy?

    This is actually a dual question: how far off is AMD's wattman reported power consumption from actuals (I understand NV is pretty accurate). Also how accurate are the kill-a-watt P3 meters over 1 KW? Reason I ask are the following observations (using a Corsair RMX 850W for the 3090 and the EVGA...
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    Possible to install different nv driver per card?

    Is it possible to install a different nv driver for different cards on the same system? Managed to snag an initial batch 3060 and wanted to see if I can run the 470.05 driver on that card only? Any experiences?
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    PSA: High CPU clocks/power consumption on idle on Ryzen CPUs caused by Windows Image Acquisition (WIA service)

    As my posts on this thread indicate, myself and many other users have been plagued by high core clocks and power consumption on Ryzen CPUs when the machine is doing very little...
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    Very similar to a top rated deal I posted a few months back, but now with a 3600 guaranteed. No brainer for < 300 with the 4th of July code on the site (the actual specs are much better than the link may suggest, walmart's liquidation arm so no concerns about returns if you don't get what's on...
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    Very high CCD1 temp readings?

    On the X570 Tuf Pro and 5900X with just PBO enabled (disabled also makes no difference), CC1 is idling in the mid 60s...sometimes on reboot it will shoot down to 40s like CCD2 and as expected but mostly just stays in 60-70 range. Running latest 3801 bios and def don't remember it being this high...
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    3090 FE or 3090 FTW3

    Have a new 3090 FTW3 coming in today. Was thinking of using both my 3090 FE and this for mining but luckily managed to get a RX6800 at MSRP as well so going to put that in my secondary rig (the thought of two 3090s is tempting but will make my office a furnace in peak summer). Which one should...
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    Ryzen PC with 1650 Super

    Dunno why I got it but it's Fri night and this seems like a good deal for 425 with the coupon attached, given how just the 'cards' are going for 300+...the seller is basically walmart's ebay arm so no issues with returns. Not sure what I will do with it lol but hoping someone who needs it can...
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    GW2765HT incompatible with 3080 DP/flickering

    Looks like there is a general flickering issue using DP with some Benq 2765HT (and other monitors?) and 3xxx cards: I have the exact same issue with a Zotac 3080 , luckily it doesn't happen on...
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    Dell 5k UW released Def trying this ...may help me rationalize the 3090 over 3080 purchase I just made too lol.
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    Gray Uniformity Decent?

    Need some objective/subjective opinions here. Background: 1. Had a very uniform U3818DW that I sold few months back to make room for a 48CX, unfortunately the OLED developed a few dead pixels right after I sold my Dell so I got another U3818DW on sale that had great gray uniformity but more BLB...
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    Control, Tomassi fight not triggering?

    Completed the game, completed foundation and completed AWE last night :) Wanted to finally tackle Tomassi but he is no where to be found in Sterling AWE? Game is patched till the 9/04 update. Went back to talk to Emily in Executive few times but made no difference since it was already in my...
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    2080 Ti Fan Issue?

    Have a weird issue with my 2080 Ti Zotac Triple Fan: all of a sudden the last fan next to the port bracket started running at 100%. Disassembled and tested all fans: turns out the fans work fine when connected directly to the headers on the card. Now the issue is that fans 2 and 3 using a pwm...
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    Asus Mini PC PN60 Fan Disassembly?

    Anyone know how to disassemble the heatsink/ fan on the PN60? Cannot find anything online and have a noisy fan I would love to repaste. Here is the pc...
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    H100i Pro will not sit flush

    Just got a H100i pro replacement from corsair for my H100i whose fans had started to give out but for some reason no matter how hard I try I cannot get the base to have good contact with the CPU, it barely touches and the processor heats up to 90c just idling. Reinstalled the retention plate...
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    Antec Still Around?

    Is Antec going under or something? Their support portal no longer works and no one seems to be answering the calls at their Fremont office. Three years ago I had gone in person and got a PSU and case side panel swapped out but not sure if anyone is going to be there. Left a couple of VMs a few...
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    1080 Ti Extreme 799.99 Go, Go, Go, LOL!
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    EVGA 1080 FE
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    GBT X99 UD3P Motherboard Sleep Bug?

    Have been using the GBT X99 UD3P Mobo with a 5820k oc'd stable to 4.2 over the past month or so, I have noticed that memory performance seems to decrease every time I wake from sleep and sometimes wake from sleep just fails. This is because the NB/Cache frequency gets fixed to 2.4 Ghz on resume...
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    355.60 feedback

    The new geforce 355.60 drivers are causing my system to lockup for 2-3 secs with a driver crash and then the driver resets to a max gpu clock of 540 Mhz that will not go back to default until a restart. Since I just built this system I thought it was OC related but this happens with both the...
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    HEADS-UP!Windows 10 USB drivers for Intel USB 3.0 chipsets totally broken :mad:

    Windows 10 USB drivers for Intel USB 3.0 chipsets are totally broken and only allow USB 2.0 speeds. I've tested this on three machines that were upgraded from 7/8 to 10 pro with the same behavior. In the interim, please use the drivers here...
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    Gigabyte X99 UD3P USB 3.0?

    Recently built a 5820k based system with a Gigabyte X99 UD3P board, installed all latest drivers again, enabled xHCI mode everywhere in the bios (and disable EHCI to be sure) but my USB 3.0 devices still connect at USB 2.0 speeds. At the first, I though it was a front port issue (have seen that...
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    2500k / Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3

    Rock stable components, gently used, no issues at all. Detailed FS thread here: Ebay cpu: Ebay mobo: 100% ebay rating...
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    CT8G4DFD8213.C16FAD1 vs CT8G4DFD8213.C16FAR1

    Does anyone what the difference in the last letter for these 8 GB DDR-2133 crucial parts stands for? AIDA/CPU-Z show the exact same values for every parameter. I'm asking since my 5820k/GB UD3P build needed 1.35 v + some memory controller voltage increase to boot and work correctly at the...
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    5820K WITH H100i

    Just assembled my 5820k right with a Gigabyte UD3P , 32 GB of crucial RAM and a H100i. Hard the hardest time getting the mobo to boot with all 4 memory sticks (had to update the bios, run it at stock settings with 1.35v to work but finally seems to be stable at 4.0 Ghz for the cpu and 2133...
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    NEC Service Quality Sucks

    So I have had a NEC EA274WMi for the past 15 months and have been generally very happy with it until a week ago when a pencil eraser head size spot started appearing on the bottom right of the monitor by itself, it looks like a mura defect but appears to be coming from inside the screen. I...
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    Gtx 670 OC with 18 months warranty! Thanks for looking.
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    PA272W Quick Impression

    Just got a new PA272W for testing. Screen is very good overall, no bleed, little glow and no overdrive artifacts. Only drawback right now I can see is the bottom has a red tint and this is with uniformity compensation set to 5. I think it's the GB-r LED panel to blame here, NEC has done the...
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    External HDDs USB Portable

    Delete, wrong forum, my apologies
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    Intel RST drivers?

    Has anyone else experienced BSODs and crashes using the Intel RST drivers recently? Both my dekstop and HTPC started having random BSODs recently (one is a desktop with a 840 Pro as the primary drive and a HyperX 3K as secondary) and the second is a notebook with a 830 as the primary drive and...
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    COD: Black Ops 2 Increase Difficulty in Campaign?

    Accidentally lowered the difficulty level in Black Ops2 , now it seems that there is no way to increase it short of starting a new campaign or playing in individual mission mode? Any ideas? In BF3 you could not change it at all during campaign, but it seems weird that you can decrease it but...
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    PC freezes for a few sceonds in 3D apps/games

    Here is the original thread: Turns out punkbuster removal didn't help! Installed a bunch of games today and all of a sudden everything started to stutter and freeze for a few seconds so I tried all recent forceware drivers, updated intel sata...
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    Beware of punk buster!

    Installed a bunch of games today and all of a sudden everything started to stutter so I tried all recent forceware drivers, updated intel sata drivers, realtek drivers etc. to no avail. Researched/installed/unistalled recent windows hotfixes to no avail. Ran antivirus scanners 2 times and wasted...
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    Matching ZR24W to ZR2440W and IPS glow

    I'm in display hell again :D, decided to switch my secondary 2333HD monitor to ZR2440W to match my existing ZR24W and thats when the problems started, the ZR2440W colors and hue were way off and no amount of manual tweaking would fix that. Tried a spyder 4 pro to get them to look right but to no...