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    HDR 10 and Dell U3011

    Hey Guys, I was wondering how this whole 8/10/12 bit thing works for HDR and if my Dell U3011 meets the requirements of the various HDR standards out there. My understanding is that the panel is native 10bit but with 12bit internal processing capability. Dell U3011 Review: Dell's New 30-inch...
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    X-fi Titanium Issues

    Hi, My x-fi (nearly now 4 years old), had been working flawlessly since purchase, but recently, when I swapped in new speakers (KANTO YU5), I get very very low volume coming out of the RCA outs on the card. Line out works fine however. I checked the leads, and switched cables and no luck...
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    Batman AA & 360 Wireless Controller

    Hi [H], I recently purchased Batman AA, and was hoping to use my wireless receiver and controller for 360 on the PC, however when I run the game, only the guide button appears to be working. This issue is only apparent in Batman, as SF4, Flatout, Burnout, Redfaction etc all have ZERO...
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    VR Zone Article Doesnt say much good...

    Just saw this on VR Zone, ......and they don't have very high hopes for fermi...some points are valid though everything is based on comparisons to the soft launched tesla cards...but the fact that the top end goes for $4000, I...
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    Guess no ghost busters game?

    See Link: :eek:
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    ATI 4X00 Series HDMI Out (7.1 LPCM)

    Just wanted to see if anyone has used the 4X00 series as viable alternative to a dedicated sound card, since connecting to a home theatre receiver is all the craze these days. Just wanted to get more information on this, as it does support 8 Channel LPCM which means 7.1 audio uncompressed right...
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    Beneath a Steel Sky & Lure of the Temptress FREE!!!

    2 Really old games from (Good Old Games), for free when you make a new account.
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    Steam in Game WEB Browser!!!

    Check your Steam Beta Application under Settings, to enable it. Then when in game, use your friends list short cut to access it.
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    2.0 Speakers (CDN Purchase)

    I know theres a bunch of threads out there, but please bear with me, as I need a set of speakers under 150, shipped to Canada. Currently I can acquire the gigaworks t40 for 90 bucks(futureshop pickup) which seems like a steal. I will be using my x-fi naturally. Are there anything else out there...
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    RMA X-fi Gamer???

    I constantly get crackle/popping noises in select games (Grid & Crysis), and occasionaly weird screeching noises in vista, (though not often at all). I am not sure, if this is hardware related or software, this crackle/popping didnt happen on xp. Using the latest beta drivers. Card is less than...
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    Operation Flashpoint 2

    New Operation Flashpoint 2 Preview: Enjoy!!
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    Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900RPM Quiet down help

    Got a pair of these along with the default fans with the Antec 300 case and another Kaze Jyuni running at a 1200 rpm. The 2 higher RPM Scythe Fans are the intake, while the rest are exhaust. I want to control the fan speed of these fans, but nothing fancy. I found these on ebay and am wondering...
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    Smasung DVD Drive Malfunction?

    I got a major wierd problem. I have a Samsung SH-S223F Optical Drive thats run on a SATA interface. When I install games, during the install process, it just halts. The disc read light stops, and the dvd stop spinning. I have even let it run for an hour or more, and still no luck. It happens...
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    4850 Video Upscaling

    Can the 4850 upscale any video file, ie any avi file played via vlc etc, or does the player have to support it, like Power DVD etc.? -- Thanks
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    x1900xt Shimmering All of a sudden??

    I have a major problem, all the textures in any 3d Game are shimmering like crazy. This did not happen before, only recently. Running vista 32-bit, nothing oc'd. Any suggestions? (Also how do i post a pic in my message, without using something like Image Shack etc...sorry)
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    2GB Dual Channel VS 3GB, Mismatched Pairs

    Hi, I need to upgrade the ram on my Thinkpad T61, it comes with 1GB PC5300 at 667mhz DDR2 SO-Dimm, and was wondering on my options. a) Add in a 1GB to make it 2GB running in Dual Channel mode or b) add a 2gb stick and have 3gb of ram or c) throw out the memory and buy a 2x1GB kit (really...
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    Vista Headphone w/ X-fi Gamer

    Hi, Just upgraded to vista, and love it. Finishing up my updates/installs and have one problem. TF2/ Source eng games don't run in headphone mode, because vista is setup for 2 speakers. I can't seem to find a headphone mode anywhere. The X-fi currently is set to headphone, but i like the...
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    MCE Remote in Vanilla XP

    I got an mce remote from a freind of mine, with the ir blaster and everything, but now i'd like to use it windows xp (pro). Is there any free software that I can use to prgram the keys. I dont wnat anythign fancy, just things like volume control and stuff. Thanks
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    XP Task Bar Themes

    Just searching around the web for some new free taskbar skins (currently use zune theme). I also don't want to install anything but the theme, ala no windows blinds, crappy bloaty software. Any website recommendations?
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    Setpoint VS UberOptions

    Hey guys, Have you used Uberoptions as a viable alternative to Setpoint?, Do you have screens of the program, and also last question, what does Setpoint 4.4 fix!!!, I wish Logitech used something called Change Logs!!!! -- Thanks
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    SRS Audio Soundbox

    Hi, before I get ridiculed about using crappy sound software to emulate 3d surround and that I should buy a brand new sound card, I just want to know if this thing actually works, and if not why?. Currently I have a crappy SB Live! Dell 5.1 and wondering if this works better than CMSS-3D on...
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    CRYSiS Min SPECS !!??? Accroding to the EA online store, the min specs have been posted. Don't know how accurate they are (9800pro/16gb HDD space) EA link...
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    RSS Reader for PSP

    Hi there, I was just wodering if I can get Hardocp News Feeds on to my psp via the rss channel, I keep tryign but it always shows up as no items avliable. If anyone could tell me how I could have rss on my psp that would be great, (cfw 3.40OEA bythe way(
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    Access Console in ET Quake Wars

    How on earth can I get to console.. the ` key doesn't work in game.. I wanna remove the damm frame rate limiters..fps is unplayable. Can't even alr-rab in game bah. this game is frustrating. Any help greatly appreciated
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    360 controller and BF2 for AIR only

    Hello, I was just trying to use my gamepad with bf2 for flight and the deadzone is soo massive on the 360 controller. I used kbm emulation like control MK and various other programs but when I do, the movement gets all stuttery. Hard to explain but is there anyway I can adjust deadzone on the...
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    PS2, Dscaler and x1900xt(VIVO)

    Hello, I was just going through the net and found I can play my ps2 on my x1900xt. I tried it with Dscaler and the quality is extremly terrible. I then tried it windows movie maker and voila, the quality is a lot better. Now is there anyway I can get moviemaker to just display the video instead...
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    HDA AUDIO BUS driver issue

    Hello, I just did a major format on my computer and have run into a problem while installing sound drivers. I'm using the on board AD1988 by VIA on my asus P5B and everytime I try to install the sound drivers (Soundmax), it says HDA Audio Bus not present and is required. I googled for ages and...
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    Control Fan Speeds of Antect True Power 2 550

    Hi there, I am trying to control the temps of my computer and I noticed that when connecting the case fans to the psu's fan only connector, it will make the fans spin at extremely low rpms. After some research, I realized that the temp monitirong feature of the psu was responsible for the...
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    Crysis MP Sys RequirmentS???

    Hello According to an article posted by fansite CrysisOnline (linked to Crysis-France), they posted what the lucky few who got to play the multiplayer version of the game were running crysis MP on System Running Crysis • Core 2 Duo E6700 • 2 GB of RAM • NVIDIA 7800...
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    Halo PC and Multiple Instances on one PC?

    Hello I have halo PC, and was wondering if there was anyway to run multiple instances of the game and the spliting the 2 games into 2 halves on my screen. Kinda like a forcefull split screen setup since Halo Pc has none. Its just a thought to see if its even possible. Double cliking on Halo...
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    360 wired controller mic support on PC

    Hi there... I just wanted to know if the wired 360 controller for 360 allows the input of any mic when u attach it to the pc... is the difference between the 360 wired controller and the xbox controller for windows...because i can't seem to find any info relating to normal mics being plugged...
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    Overclocking AMD ath xp 2800+

    My system Spec: AMD atholon XP 2800+ (2.10 GHZ) ECS KM400-M2 motherboard 1GB 3200 generic ram x1600 pro AGP 256 system bios : 04/21/2005-KM400A-8237-6A6LYE1BC-00 according to SiS sandra i have overclocked my motherboard from 2.10 ghz to 2.30 ghz but when i play a game overtime it jus...