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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO - using sata III SSD

    Was looking at getting an ssd for windows and a couple games and read about some bad SSDs out now using the sandy bridge. Was looking at the corsair 3 drives, that have been recalled. I already own the MB (Asus P8Z68-V PRO) and a 2600k processor. Want around 120gig drive (SSD) and will...
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    Asus P8Z68-V PRO & 16 gigs

    Its been awhile since i have posted, but i am building a new rig. I have the asus p8z68 pro board and a 2600k, and am looking to order my ram in a couple days - and want to run 16 gigs of ram. Anyone having issues with that? what ram would you recommend? Can you still oc with 16 gigs...
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    Cant install - play - ea games in vista ultimate

    Over the last couple days I tried to install ' command and conquer - the first decade' and Battle for Middle Earth II and the expansion pack and could not get past the splash screen. I first tried this in Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I looked for updated drivers - started with nvidia. Ran the games...
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    Newegg still shipping B3 q6600's

    As the title states - I recieved a $%&^* B3 yesterday instead of a GO from newegg yesterday. Be aware - I am keeping it and will oc anyway. I just got a tuniq 120 and if anyone has one and a coolermaster 830 case, the tuniq is too large to use along with the 4 side case fans. Just...
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    Nvidia driver with Fan Vista 64 bit

    I have been using rivaturner 2.02 in order to max out my fan speed on my 8800gtx oc with my vista 64 bit. Then recently the rivaturner quit working - and refused to load due to 'unsigned drivers', so I game anyway and now I BSOD in vista 64 bit because the fan won't turn on to max speed when...
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    turn of lowering of multiplier when in vista

    I have an e6600 that I can run at 3.2 in windows xp and the multiplier stays at 9. When I go into vista ultimate - the multiplier keeps going to 6 and back to 9. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Mushkin ram 2 x 2g

    Anyone using the Mushkin ram 2 x 2 gig kits? mushkin 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model 996564 - Retail How is Mushkins customer service? Anyone used in on the...
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    8800 gtx no 1:1?

    I spent many hours researching and bought a dell 2407 rev04 because it had the option to do 1:1 (I had an x1900xtx) and could not stand the stretched screen when playing. I then got a good deal on the x1900xtx and read that nvidia's drivers support 1:1 scaling and decided to get an 8800 gtx...
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    MSI 8800gtx oc

    I haven't owned nvidia card since my old trusty chaintech ti 4600 (been through 4 ati upgrades) and am looking at nvidia cards again. I have read good things about the evga and even the xfx, but what about MSI? What type of warranty and support do they have? The price at newegg looks good etc...
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    8800 gtx vista ulimate compatability

    I have been using ati cards for a while and have been checking out numerous forums to answer the following question. If I go ahead a purchase an 8800 gtx - am I going to have driver issues with vista 64 bit version? I have been thinking about making the leap to vista 64 bit so I can have 4...
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    which core 2 duo mobo has good onboard sound?

    I have an audigy 2, but don't want to use it on my core2 6600 build. I have been scanning the posts and want to know if any have a good onboard sound.... I play a lot of games and will be using my z-5500 in sig.
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    20.1 widescreen LCD and ATI

    I'll be in the market for a couple of LCD's within the next month or so. I am looking at 20.1 widescreen, can't afford larger sizes because I need two. I have my system in sig with an x850xt - ati and the new rig I'll build when the conroe comes out - I have the x1900xtx sitting in a box...
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    OCZ releases new line of PSU's 700 watt

    OCZ has released a new line of PSU's on their site. 4 12v rails etc. Thoughts for running SLI or crossfire?
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    OCZ PSU 700 watts?

    Has anyone heard a release day for the new PSU from OCZ? I understand it is based on the top of the line Fortron 700 watt....
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    new pc, new psu ... what to get?

    I will be buying new parts over the next 3 months. I'm starting out with an opty 170 and an ati x1900xtx or 7900gtx, haven't decided, because I'm waiting on the dfi ati 3200 chipset and how it performs (or I'll get the 'expert' board and go nvidia). I want the ability to run either sli or...
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    roomate ordering parts for comp

    anyone useing the abit fatality sli? looking for options and stability.... Here are the rest of the parts, he will be using his current monitor and mouse and sound system. ocz 600 watt psu...
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    2 gigs (1 gig sticks)

    I am either going to get the ocz platinum 3200 dual gig stick set or 2 ballistics 1 gig sticks. for about 100 more. I like the fact that I found a forum for ocz that is really good. Does Ballistics have somewhere they have techs answer in a forum setting? I want to match my oc, see sig. I...
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    is this the correct forum for DVD burner questions?

    Just wanted to know, is the correct forum? I have an aging Sony burner and have been thinking about getting a new burner, that is faster, and won't give coasters, want duel layer as well. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
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    Just installed x850xt (agp)

    Installation went smooth. My 3dmark 2003 doubled (new score 12100). Now I want to try a moderate oc. Which software should I use?
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    x800xt with artic cooling ati silencer 4

    any of you have this combo of an ati silencer 4 with an x800xt? How about with an nforce 3, ex dfi 250? I have an audigy 2 on the third pci slot, was there room issues? Noticable heat reduction in the case and improvement over the stock cooling? My comp is upstairs and it gets hot up there...
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    z - 680 vs z-5500 logitech

    I have z - 680's messed them up ( long story short, I think I got liquid on the controller box), I was wondering if anyone had them and bought z- 5500. Is there any real benefit to the z- 5500's? I had my mind made up when I noticed the z - 680's back on new egg for 219$. I originally...
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    nforce 3 and x800xt (AIW) good combo?

    I have a DFI 250 gb and want to know before I purchase an x800xt, have the issues with the nforce 3 and ati been fixed? Issues with punk buster etc. I play a lot of bfvietnam, 42 etc. Will be playing rome total war and hl 2. (the x800 series) thanks
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    ocz powerstream 520?

    I have had ocasional blue screen with my rig when gaming hard. After reading this forum and numerous other forums have concluded that my tru 550 is the problem, so ocz powerstream 520 here I come. ( Don't want to spend 200$ on psu, pcp 510 costs too much). BTW,my 12 v rail drops to 10.4 when...
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    audigy 2 zs pro z-680 problem

    I am trying to set up my system with an audigy 2 platinum and the left front, left rear and sub sound muted during the diagnostic. The sub works when I play music. I have set it up with the three analog connectors. Any ideas? The right front and right rear and center channel sound great. I...
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    having problem setting up pata ide abit kv8 pro

    I set up my raid o with 2 raptors (and the raid works great), I can't get my comp to see my 200 gig western digital that I am using for storage( I was using it with my old board an NF7- S just fine). Have lots of music and movies that I don't want to lose. See sig for config. Any help would...
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    oc abit kv8 pro rev 1.1

    I have been looking around, what is a good oc for my system with the retail heatsink etc. I realise it varies with each chip etc. I can't get better ram or water cooling for a month or two. BTW, I don't care for the guru, I had a nf7-2 and prefered ocing with the bios directly.
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    realistic oc for an abit kv8 ver 1.1

    I just bought an abit kv8 pro version 1.1. Just wondering how realistic is it to oc to 2.4 on stock cooling with a newcastle 3000, or should I get a 3200 and oc to 2.4. I have hyperx 3500 ( see sig). Want to be able to use a gig of it. I haven't gotten the processor yet. I was going to get...
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    looking to upgrade to A64 (been reading alot)

    I am planning on upgrading to an A64 (3400), a clawhammer. I have been waiting for the Asus 250gb and have been reading quite a bit about the MSI neo Platinum and have narrowed it down to those 2 boards. What I am wondering is, has anyone had problems with compatibility with items in my sig...
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    satisfied for now with barton...

    I realise on this forum there are quite a few people that must have the latest and greatest, but right now I am actually happy with my system and looking at the reviews lately I see a 10-20% performance leap over my setup. I enjoy upgrading a great deal, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, but...
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    wd 200 gig question

    I'll skip the complete story. But I had to reinstall xp and did a partial format on one of the partitions on my 200 gig. When in DOS it only allowed me to format up to 136 or so gigs. I can't remember how to redo the hardrive without losing the info on the other partition that did not get...