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    HD4850 512mb vs HD5770 1 gb

    Was surfing google and stumbled upon this. I dont believe I missed this one since I always go on rage3d Mini Review Another one here Another review Another snippet here Another review Doesnt show a whole lot of games but you can get an idea of what this mainstream card pulls in. Cant wait...
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    HD5870 to be $399

    Kinna steep. Hopefully its $100 less. No competition from Nvidia means price hikes. 5850 = $299, 5870 = $399, 5870x2 = $599 Before posting a new topic, please look to see if it's already being discussed. There's an 8 page thread that's been on the front page all day about the exact same thing...
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    Nvidia GTX300 to demo on Sept 10

    The PR tactic of leapfrogging isnt new. So far this is still a rumor but we will see next week right? Nvidia on Sept 10 Next week is going to be PRIME!! :D
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    HD58xx is already out

    Was on AT and saw this AT Thread If you read it, it links to an XtremeSystems thread Post #29 by bingo13 is AT's Gary Key. proof of that in the AT thread linked above. So Sept 10 it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D