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  1. Ihaveworms

    Setting up a new network for a home

    I am moving to a new home later this year and I plan to setup networking and surveillance in stages after I move in. I am a software developer by profession, but am definitely not well versed in networking. I am looking for something that has a nice easy to use user interface and based upon my...
  2. Ihaveworms

    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    This weekend is tax free weekend in my state. Given that, I was looking at possibly upgrading my computer. Current specs are: i7-4770k @ 4.2ghz 32gb RAM 1070 GTX I play on a 1440p 144hz monitor. The game I play most now is Escape from Tarkov and want to play Cyberpunk when that comes out. At...
  3. Ihaveworms

    Question about fps below hz on a gsync compatible monitor

    I am looking to get a LG 27GL850 and looking at the compatibility list I see that it does 48-144Hz. Lets say I am running a game and am getting below 48fps..lets say 35fps. The variable refresh rate doesn't go that low, but it could do 2xfps as the refresh to get the same effect (70hz). Right...
  4. Ihaveworms

    What is the go-to coolant now?

    You may have seen my thread in genmay with my radiator leaking and it looked like corrosion. I have been using distilled water with PTNuke for the past 5 years, but I have been reading that the PTNuke might be causing some of the corrosion. So... what is the common liquid coolant to use...
  5. Ihaveworms

    Looking at the Creality Lineup

    I'm looking at getting a printer under 500 and have been eyeing the Creality lineup. I'm not sure if it is just me, but they seem to have too many models and it is confusing trying to figure out the benefits of one over the other. I am looking at the Creality CR 20 Pro, Ender-3, and Ender-3...
  6. Ihaveworms

    Are HGST drives now discontinued?

    I know that Western Digital had bought HGST a few years back, but there were still HGST branded drives being manufactured and sold. My NAS is getting a little full, so I did a search for HGST and all the links just return to Western Digital. Are HGST drives no longer being made?
  7. Ihaveworms

    Games not going fullscreen

    I am having an issue where BF1 and now For Honor will not go full screen. I can do borderless window, but it refuses to go full screen. This just started without any driver update. I went ahead and updated my drivers and it still didn't fix it. Alt+Enter didn't fix it either. I have a 1070. Has...
  8. Ihaveworms

    290x to 1070 worthwhile upgrade?

    I have been running the machine in my sig below for quite a while @ 1440p. I am running BF1 at a mix of high and medium to maintain a smooth playing experience. I have noticed that overall the framerate is pretty good, but there are these stutters that I get every now and then. I was wondering...
  9. Ihaveworms

    Are display resolutions outpacing video cards?

    It seems that in the past year or so there has been a big push for high resolutions display to 4K and beyond. Now that people are using 4K, 5K, or even higher resolutions, how are games going to be able to play at acceptable frame rates on these things? I feel like video card performance has...
  10. Ihaveworms

    Put a koolance block on my 290x

    I got a XFX 290 on release day and unlocked it to a 290x. I decided a couple of weeks later to try my hand at water cooling. Temps went from 93c load (stock speed) to 46c load (overclocked). Just wanted to spread my cool story bro moment. Also a tip for anyone that gets the block, I think...
  11. Ihaveworms

    Built first loop, having problem with bubbles.

    I just finished building my first loop and I am having a problem with the pump creating bubbles and/or cavitating. It is a pump/res combo: The tube is mounted vertical with the pump at the bottom. When I look at the outbound...
  12. Ihaveworms

    GPU thermal paste question

    I am going to mount my water block on my 290 tonight and have a question about that. I know with a CPU you only need to put in the center and let the pressure spread the paste over the IHS (with the chip only being in the center of the spreader). The GPU chip does not have a IHS, though. So...
  13. Ihaveworms

    Is my 4770k a dud?

    I tried for the first time overclocking my 4770k. The last processor I have overclocked was a Q6600, so all these new settings and voltages are unfamiliar to me. There seem to be so many now. I was looking at this guide:
  14. Ihaveworms

    Aftermarket cooler question

    I know galaxy, gigabyte, msi, etc put custom coolers on their cards, but I couldn't find anywhere to buy just the coolers themselves. From looking around it doesn't look like there is much offering in the aftermarket GPU cooling realm other than what you get on your card when you purchase it. I...
  15. Ihaveworms

    Recommend me a Z87 board between $170-$250

    I am looking for a board for a new 4770k build and have been using newegg as my search engine to do so :p. It seems there are tons of Asus boards out there, but I am trying to go with a non-Asus brand after reading about their RMA shenanigans. I really like the MSI yellow and black color schema...
  16. Ihaveworms

    Going to build in January, have a question

    I am going to do a complete rebuild in January and don't forsee any intel processors coming out between now and then, so I thought I would go ahead and ask. The budget for my build is max around $2700ish and I am trying to decide what platform I want. If I go with a 4930K, I am going to be...
  17. Ihaveworms

    Who is the XFX rep here?

    I can't remember the name of the XFX rep that is on the forums here. My video card has spading out and artifacting hard. It started about a week ago and has become progressively worse. I created a ticket, but I wanted to give a heads up to him as well.
  18. Ihaveworms

    Good monitor overclocking guide?

    I am jumping into the Korean monitor game and have been searching for a newbie guide to overclocking the monitor. The only guide I have found is this one . There isn't much there. I am wanting to know what all those settings do...
  19. Ihaveworms

    F2P Rift

    So any of you guys playing rift now that it is free to play? I downloaded it this weekend and have been playing it. Pretty good so far. Lots of new people around so it doesn't feel barren.
  20. Ihaveworms

    New corsair 100% mechanical Keyboard

    Thought you guys might like to see this. It seems pretty tempting...
  21. Ihaveworms

    Seagate Barracuda 7200 3 TB - $99 @ Amazon

    Price has been up and down on these throughout the weekend. This time it isn't a lightning deal so you can grab more than one. I got 3 of these myself. Edit: As of 5:00pm EST, back up to $145.
  22. Ihaveworms

    Windows Server 2012 storage pool question

    I have been looking at Windows Server 2012's storage pools and it looks like an ideal solution for my home media center. One thing I couldn't find information on is adding a preexisting pool to a fresh server install. I ask this given the following situation: You install Windows Server...
  23. Ihaveworms

    Windows server 2012 driver

    Does anyone know if there is a driver than can run on Windows Server 2012? I have a HD 6450 in my HTPC and I am thinking about installing Server 2012 on that box.
  24. Ihaveworms

    Free 1-Day shipping @ Amazon (school stuff) with discover

    I saw on my discover profile that you can get free 1-Day shipping at amazon if your use your Discover card on school supply stuff. Code: DSCVRFSP Thought I would share. Lasts until September 15th.
  25. Ihaveworms

    this is ridiculous

    Is It just me, or does this thing seem ridiculous? I can see people slinging their mouse around and bump into something, breaking the fan off. [IMG]
  26. Ihaveworms

    Lion sharing issues

    I find it overly difficult to share between Lion and Windows 7. First of all, it is a known issue that you get an invalid password when trying to setup a user account to a shared folder on Lion. Then, I could never get my DVD/CD drive on Lion properly shared. Windows was never able to connect to...
  27. Ihaveworms

    QPAD MK-85

    Have you all seen this? Looks pretty cool. Expensive though.
  28. Ihaveworms

    Albums question

    In my photos menu I have two albums: Camera Roll and Photo Stream. Both contain the same photos every time I take a picture. Why do I have both and do I need both?
  29. Ihaveworms

    Lion running hot?

    I upgraded to Lion today and noticed my mac is pretty hot. I will just be web browsing and my MBP will be at 76C. Anyone else notice a heat increase with lion? Edit: Actually it looks like it was so hot because it was indexing all the stuff for spotlight. After it finished, it cooled back down.
  30. Ihaveworms

    Problem seeing N network

    I have a ASUS PCE-N13 card I am trying to connect to my N network. It is a Netgear WNDR3700 v2 running DD-WRT. It does not even show up in my list of networks, yet I see a neighbor's N network. I updated the drivers and I still do not see it. Here are my settings for the wireless: If anyone...
  31. Ihaveworms

    Looking to build first HTPC

    So it is coming time to build a HTPC and I am totally out of the loop on lower end processors and video cards. I want my HTPC box to be able to decode high bit rate 1080p, do software RAID 5, and extract stuff in the background without making the video and audio stutter. I don't really know what...
  32. Ihaveworms

    Chrome warning

    Chrome gave me a warning recently. Thought you may want to know.
  33. Ihaveworms

    Reading from another terminal session (screen)

    I am not a big linux man so I don't know all the odds and ends about it. Here is the scenerio: There is a server running minecraft. We used screen to start another terminal session and started the minecraft server there. So if the look at that screen, you can see all the console activity...
  34. Ihaveworms

    Mouse recommendations needed

    It looks like my g9 is dying. The mouse no longer senses when the left mouse button is held down. It sees the initial click, but after that is doesn't see it is being held down. I have tested it on two computers, so it looks like it is dead :(. As such, I am in the market for a new mouse. I...
  35. Ihaveworms

    Just got my first mechanical

    I got this in today and I am impressed with how it feels. I got it in the brown switch as I didn't really like how much pressure it took on my friend's G6v2. I also didn't want the clickyness of the blues for annoyance factor on skype. The free keycaps were a nice bonus :D
  36. Ihaveworms

    Thinking about this audio upgrade

    Currently I am using a X-fi xtremegamer with some beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80ohm headphones and I was looking to upgrade with some Christmas money. I have been looking at various headphones at thought the AKG K701s looked pretty nice. I am going to mostly being listening to progressive trance...
  37. Ihaveworms

    CPU temperature when downloading

    I have noticed that when I am downloading something at a decent speed, say 2mb/s, my CPU temperature gets pretty hot. It will jump anywhere from 8-15C from normal usage like web browsing. I dont understand how just downloading something could be so processor intensive and generate this much...
  38. Ihaveworms

    Fallout Men

    Today we unite under the banner of lack of soap and facial hair. Post your men!
  39. Ihaveworms

    Strange behavior with icons

    Whenever I place a new application in my applications folder, it shows up as a crossed at icon whenever I click on my applications folder in my dock. Now after I launch it for the first time and allow it to run, I would think it should change to its normal icon. However, it just stays that way...
  40. Ihaveworms

    Display port adapter with audio?

    I am having a hard time finding a display port to HDMI cable/adapter that will also carry audio. Can someone point out one?