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    AMD A10 Temps, is this normal?

    Take a look at this screenshot. It's a HP G7 Laptop, it originally came with a A6 and I upgraded it to the A10 trinity APU. I've cleaned the heatsink and put the IC 7 Carat Diamond thermal paste on there and look at these temps. The laptop isn't shutting down, the temps look to be accurate as...
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    New laptop! Help!!

    Alright, Its time for me to get a new laptop. I'm selling the one in my sig cause it's too heavy and big to take to school with me so I need something light and portable. I've found this hp laptop and it's right in my price range and the specs look perfect for me. With this laptop, I'd be...
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    Alright, heres a new built computer for a friend, specs as is, core i5 750 2.66ghz stock, ati 5770 stock clocks, WD hdd, and a BFG 550w psu. Heres the problem, airflow, everything seems fine, the cpu idles at 95*F, goes to 155*F max at loads with the stock intel heatsink fan combo. the GPU...
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    iPhone T-Mobile USA MMS settings

    My settings will not work, I've called tmobile many times, they have no idea what their doing. Does anyone have any settings for T-Mobile USA mms settings that work on the iPhone? Thanks
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    Quick help with memory

    Building a new computer for a friend, just brought the Intel DH55TC board and the I5 750, they're all here and now I need memory, the board says it supports DRR3 1333/1066 But on newegg, I've found a DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) type ram, IS it okay if I just install it on this board? would it just...
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    New Inspiron 1520

    Hm, I just ordered this guys, and it awesome. It was delivered yesterday and I've been enjoying it since. It is a really nice loaded laptop. I paid $1400 after taxes and it was well worth every single penny. Let me start out with the specs Intel Core2Duo T7250 2.0GHZ 2GB RAM 160GB HDD...
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    plz help me plz

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    mic not working

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    two sticks and 1 one stick of ram

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    should i get a pci fan cooler???

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    ram question

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    pentium 4 mobo supporting sdram

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    mobo that support rambus

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    router goodo for optimum online

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    HardDrive RMA

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    onborad lan and pci lan

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    floopy drive anit working

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    soc 423 and 478 (p4)

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    harddrive locked?

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    How Much Heat??

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    videocard drivers and win2000

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    power sluppy voltage

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    taking lyrics into another song...

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    laptop harddrive portable

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    freakin laptop too hott

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    Need something Good, under $150

    I need a good videocard that will last me another 2 years guys. Right now i am playing Mideval total war 2 on my x300 and it is just awful. I know i've seen some X850 ATi go down to $139 and 7600Gt down to the same price. But i want to know waht i can get for that much... should i wait for...
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    coloring my keyborad.

    alright, i've got a brandnew compaq keyborad here that my aunt never used because she brought a seperate wireless combo. but now i've got it in my hands :D and i want to color blue. (just for fun). i've already brought a blue spray can. but what and how do i do it? do i just spray it over...
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    deleting DLL file

    i need to delete a dll file. i found it on my computer in a folder of a program i unstinstalled. i cant not delete it no matter what. i did safe mode, safe mode with cmd, and linux live cd and still no hope. i need some sort of program that will force delete the file for me. anyone tell me one...
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    pc keeps restarting

    i have a hp pavillon 6735 pc here and it keeps restarting whenever i logg in... this is my uncles pc... the problem jsut started... i've went into safe mod (im in safe right now spyware scanning and next virus scanning) and it doesnt restart.... whenever he loggs in any account user it...
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    watching prog

    i need a program that i can send to my aunt so when there is something wrong with her computer i can fix it over the computer.. i can not go there all the way to cali from ny due to school and she wont be able to do it.. so is there a prog that i can send her and tell her to open it and ill be...
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    printer problem

    I don't know where to post this but I'll post it here... I've got a dell printer 720 that i got for free when i brought my system... well, ive havent been using it in the summer because i didnt have any reports or papers to wite or anything, but now when i print some pictures it comes out...
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    ipod to pc

    i need a good program to transfer all of my songs from my ipod to my pc... i've tried a lot of programs but their not good at all i want a freeware, and i need one that doesnt rename the files or puts the songs in folders i want a program that takes the file and transfer the files to my...
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    formatting 4700 system

    ok i want to format my system because it has been almost a year since i got the system... but there is a partition on the hdd that you use to format and also the windows xp cd... now which one do i use? the system recovery unit on the hdd or the xp cd that came with the system... and if i use...
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    ipod battery life

    ı have a ıpod mını 4gb ı had ıt almost for 6 weeks already and ı love ıt and all but ı am goıng on a 12 hour flıght back to ameırca from Turkey and ı need to lısten to my ıpod but ım worrıed about the...
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    stress testing

    one of my friends just got top of the line pc.. now he wants to put it thru a BIG PAINFULL stresstest... he told me that you can use 3dmark to stress test for as long as 24hours.... or any other program... the stresstest needs to stress the grapics card and cpu memory, chipset at the same time...
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    ipod warrenty

    my friend asked me a qustion about ipods the other day.... i said id get back to him he asked me if he buys a IPOD MINI 4GB from bestbuy and doesnt buy that bestbuy warrenty that they offer, does he still have the manufactors warrenty? and i wasnt really sure... so how does this work?
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    gta sa help

    i need help i can not beat the lower rider misson where you have to bounce the cars... ill upload my game file and can someone beat it and send it back to me? thank you... i've tried atleast 50 times and i cant do it... thank you.. heres my game file its the 3rd one when you load up gta...
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    GTA-SA controls

    i've just brought gta sa, and the controls are soo out of place... ive got used to the vice city and gta3 controls but on this the controls feel like shit... is there anyway except for going into options, to change the controls? because in options i dont know have of those the controls there...
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    DELL mod

    ok my warrenty on my dell system is about to end in 8 mounths. biggrin.gif and i want to get ready to mod it but first i want to keep it cool this is what i want to do the back fan, (cpu fan) as known as (system fan), i am going to turn it around and make it a exhaust fan. i am going to buy...
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    home network

    just got a d link rouater, nice one, firewall and everything and it works but i want to turn on file sharing and printer sharing. i went into network places and did the home network thing and i did it on the other computer also. the other computer sees my computer but can not access it. but my...