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    Microsoft Unveils Windows 7 SKU Lineup

    If you ignore the ones that aren't going to be widely available it is only 3 or 4.
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    Beginners Linux

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    help building a fileserver?

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    How to: Dual monitor Movies on an ATI card

    If you read the above I was telling you how to display a movie across 2 screens, but I dont know of a way for ultramon to do this.
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    How to: Dual monitor Movies on an ATI card

    I have ultramon but what do you mean in one click it will display whats needed?
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    How to: Dual monitor Movies on an ATI card

    I have been using dual CRTs for a while and like so many others, who have posted here numerous times, I was wondering if I could watch a movie in wide screen across both monitors. I am running Windows XP and I have a ATI Radeon 9600 and was told there is currently no way to do it. Of course I...
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    I want to learn php

    A book is the only definitive source but you can go to a site like for some basic tutorials.
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    Is it me, or are drives going up in price?

    My understanding is similar to serbiaNem Usually the trend is for technology to improve and the price of the older stuff to decrease. As HD capacities increase and larger drives become available logic would dictate that the price of older smaller drives should decrease. It is possible you got...
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    Memory pairing question

    512 and 1 gig will not run in dual channel together. Try to take out the 512 and with just the 2 x 256 go to bios and see if u can manually disable dual channel most motherboards just auto detect it but some have a manual override. As far as whether it will boot with a 512 and a gig in terms of...
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    I don't recall precisely but if I remember correctly each widget becomes its own process and has its own memory usage. Obviously a weather widget is going to use alot more memory than a clock.
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    Konfabulator was originally for Mac OS X but due to its popularity Apple implemented its own form of widgets in OS X thus making this program unnecessary. So they ported it over to windows. I installed it and used it for a while but I eventually got bored of it. Enjoy.
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    task manager disabled

    The OS forum might be the right place
  13. X variable type Double is too small seems interesting. It seems like I am going to have to start learning c++. While we are on the topic anyone know a good online tutorial?
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    Need a calendar application - online or exe

    Outlook 2003? Add an appointment and click on the recurrence button. Some pretty fancy choices are available for repeating. You can probably see when the next time will be in febuary 2048.
  15. X variable type Double is too small

    These are some quality ideas. Thanks alot Cardboard Hammer. I will look into this hugeint implementation you mentioned but if you know of any place with some good examples and information on this it would be much appreciated.
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    SQL and question

    I have never worked with access before but when I was doing some database coding at a hospital I used a function that passed values to a class that passed the values to a stored procedure in sql that inserted the data. Sounds more complex but it worked for me, also you are not going to end up...
  17. X variable type Double is too small

    The code doesn't really have any practically applications beyond my own personal entertainment. I am just writing some code to demonstrate some stuff I have learned in calculus. Dealing with some partial infinite series there are some rather large factorial values which exceed doubles...
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    posts today

    In a person profile you can click "Find all posts by ______" which will bring up a chronological list of all posts starting with the most recent. You can just see that posts made today have a date of today and posts from yesterday are listed as yesterday and anything earlier than that has a...
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    can I change the layout color?

    Actually there is an extension for firefox called uriid ( that allows for a "Apply User Stylesheet (CSS) rules on a site-by-site basis." So you can have a css just for but like I said before the current theme works for me.
  20. X variable type Double is too small

    Im using Visual Studio 2003, in the variable type double is to my knowledge the largest number variable but it only goes to 1.79769313486231570E+308 or basically ~1.8 * 10 ^ 308. I am writing some math programs and any number bigger than that returns the value inifinity. Is there a way...
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    Budget Headphones

    Thanks alot for the help I am gonna try to contact Sennheiser first for a possble repair. But I am still open to suggestions for a good pair. I still want to know where I can Bose Wireless for 75 bucks.
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    Budget Headphones

    GMC - as much as I would like to blast music in my house I am not the only one who lives here. Also I still prefer the mobility that is offered to me by wireless headphones. I can go downstairs and listen to music also. Impulse - Not really, I have a minidisc player which is great but it is...
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    Budget Headphones

    BrettG - You wouldnt happen to have the number would you? demons9872 - Where have you seen bose wireless for 75 bucks? GMC - You keep recommending wired headphones but my question remains how do I use them in places not next to my computer?
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    Budget Headphones

    The reason I liked wireless headphones was they do not limit me in where I can go. If I am listening to music I may not want to be sitting in front of my computer. I often lie on my bed or do work at my desk with them on and I cant really do that with a wired pair. While we are on the topic if...
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    Budget Headphones

    I am looking for an inexpensive pair of wireless headphones. I had a pair from sennheiser that I got as a present but they fell apart (the thing was connected by like a tiny piece of plastic) plus they were never that comfortable anyway. But I did like them and am looking for a cheap comfortable...
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    mail server

    Can you send mail to an IP address? I recently figured out how to host a site off my computer and am trying to see what else I can do. Thanks in advance.
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    google desktop

    I also installed Google Desktop a day or two ago. Its awsome and I think its an understatement when you say that it is 10 times faster than xp. It is searching over 25,000 files on my computer. Last week I did a search on xp of my hd for a document containing a word. It probably took close to 10...
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    I dont know what I did to my router?

    Though resetting would seem to be the obvious choice i would prefer to be able to fix the problem with out reseting. Anyone else have any ideas??
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    I dont know what I did to my router?

    I think I added some info to the static routing page and now i cant access my router config page but my network is still running fine. How can I get to my router config page? Its a linksys, and I dont want to reset it. Thanks
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    Whats a good inexpensive KVM

    I am looking for a good but inexpensive kvm. i got a vga monitor and ps2 keyboard and usb mouse. I dont need more than 1280x1024 resolution. any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Annoying Restart Message in SP2

    Someone really needs to find a workaround on this.
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    Annoying Restart Message in SP2

    I have been looking for a solution and havent found one yet. In SP2 with automatic updates after it installs the updates it pops up a message to tell you to restart. So I click restart later and 15 minutes later it pops up again and 15 minutes after that it pops up again and i am pretty sure you...
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    Hotlinking from frontpage ?

    i was about to ask what hotlinking is but then i remembered my trusty friend google always has the answers.
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    Custom Mail Notification

    the problem is the mail system is built into the webpage and is part of the system and i dont know if there is a way to do this. It is called angel. it is made by cyberlearning. I will find some linkage. What would I need to do to figure out how to do this?
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    Custom Mail Notification

    My school has a course management system. Their is an e-mail system. Is there a way to make a e-mail notification system for it? Any help is appreciated. -XPhantG0d Here is a picture. It is in a larger html page and is based on courses. The system is called angel it is made by cyberlearning
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    Google Hardforum

    Yes but i was just wondering if there was a way to tell google to visit this site again.
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    Google Hardforum

    I just googled hardforum and this is what came up. [H]ard|Forum Database Error There seems to have been a slight problem with the [H]ard|Forum database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser. ... intersting though is that if you google hotmail it also has the...
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    Ratpadz GS

    I dont know the answer to your questions but i am pretty sure this is not the right section to post in. This will probably get moved.
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    Do I need to actually click the newegg banner?

    No. if you read the thread that was linked to above you will see that if newegg sees lots of clicks [H] doesnt directly get more money but in the future kyle can negotiate for higher rates due to the high clickthrough.