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    Forum performance

    I have noticed over the past week that images hosted on the forum have become extremely slow to load. We are talking 15 minutes for one page of the funny images thread to load (if at all). Do we need to hire more hamsters to turn the wheels?
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    Looking for a RAID 6 solution to easily grow under Ubuntu 18.04

    After nearly losing 3.6TB worth of data last night I'm looking to move from MHDDFS to a RAID 6 solution for my storage. Thankfully I got the drive that took a dump working in read only long enough to copy everything off it but it was quite a wake up call. Many years ago I was running RAID 5 in...
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    Need help with libvirt VM connectivity

    I have a feeling it is something very basic I'm missing here but this is driving me nuts at the moment. I can't get bridging to work in a persistent way between the guests and the outside world on my server. The system is an old HP i7 2600 desktop with 32GB of ram running Ubuntu 16.04 x86...
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    Gigabyte MW50-SV0 NVMe support using PCIe adaptor?

    I'm thinking of upgrading the current mSATA SSD on this Gigabyte MW50-SV0 motherboard for a Samsung SM961 NVMe drive using a Lycom PCIe adaptor. Any idea if this will result in a bootable drive?
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    Smallest laptops with 32GB RAM?

    I currently have an X1 Carbon (gen3) and looking for something similar in size that will hold up to 32GB RAM. The laptop will dual boot Windows/Linux and used to run several VM's that mainly need a lot of memory. The Lenovo T470 is the smallest one I have spotted with 32GB support, are there...
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    Home Lab build for GNS3

    My X1 Carbon with 8GB RAM doesn't cut it any longer so it is time to get something a bit more powerful to run GNS3 on. The hardware I have in mind is: Xeon E5-1650 v3 Gigabyte MU70-SU0 4 x 16GB Crucial DDR4 RDIMMs Corsair Hydro H60 cooler MSI GT 730 I will re-use the following from...
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    Xeon E5-2xxx V1/V2 equivalent of an i7 2600?

    What is the Xeon E5-2xxx V1/V2 equivalent of an i7-2600 in performance? The application will be highly multithreaded (GNS3). The main reason going Xeon is for the max RAM supported and having the ability to add a second CPU when needed.
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    Any way to run duplicated VM UUIDs on same server?

    I have an interesting issue which I can't find an answer for. I have a few QEMU based images files that I need to run on the same UUID. As far as I understand it you can't have duplicated UUID's on the same host. However is this also the case if you do nested hosts? I was thinking...
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    Sapphire HD6450 FleX not working with 3 x DVI screens.

    I'm very confused right now, according to the information for the Sapphire HD6450 FleX it supports 3 DVI monitors out of the box. Well when I connect three monitors I appear to run into this issue: So what happens now is that according to the latest Catalyst centre I have two active and...
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    Remove bugs from screens?

    I received a HP LP2065 from eBay today with two dead bugs "on display". Is it possible to take it apart to clean the panels?
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    Decent low profile card for dual DVI?

    I need to drive two DVI 1920x1200 screens using a single card in a low-profile PCIe slot. What is the fastest card that will fit those limitation?
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    Multi-threaded winzip password recovery software

    What is the best multi-threaded brute force zip password recovery software out there that will run on Windows? If it support 8 threads it would be great. Edit, found what I needed.
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    The total rebuild of the original Udat case from 2004 has finally been completed: The full twelve page worklog can be found here.
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    2600k motherboard for GTX 580 SLI?

    So the pretty ancient E8500 is simply not fast enough to keep up with the single GTX 580 I use (100% CPU load while the GPU is running at 58%)... Now I plan on jumping on the i7-2600k bandwagon and upgrade to SLI. What motherboard do you suggest?
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    EVE Online - Characters evolved

    As I recently reached half a decade spent in one game I decided to make some old vs new comparisions of my characters, enjoy:
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    5 screen EyeFinity available yet?

    I must admit I have not followed the EyeFinity development too closely recently. But did ATI/AMD ever release drivers to run 5 screens in portrait mode for EyeFinity?
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    Plantronics DSP-500 replacement?

    Well it seems I'm finally forced to replace my very long lasting (7+ years) DSP-500 headset as it no longer is supported in win 7. A pity really as they look and sound as if they were new... So what are my options for a USB headset with similar build quality and with official win 7 64bit...
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    Project Ione

    This project has been in the making for half a decade... 2005 A shiny Silverstone LC-17 case arrived to become a HTPC fitted with an MDVA (audio spectrum analyzer). Step one was to send off the aluminium front beezel to have 112 2mm holes water cut in a suitable pattern...
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    The art of ducting.

    I had to install a duct between an old Scythe Ninja heatsink and a Noctua fan in my new HTPC. Materials used: Basswood and duct tape. I was planning to use cardboard at first but as I didn't have anything suitable laying around I ended up with the basswood instead. Enjoy...
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    Passive cooling of E8400 CPU?

    Can it be done and if so which heatsink would be up to the job?
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    Project Udat2010

    The original Udat case was built six years ago. It served me well for about two years until I got pretty much fed up with the performance of the EPIA board. So now it's time to revisit this little case and do several things right. Issues with the original: Slow network performance - The...
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    Mashie's home cinema

    After 11 weeks of waiting I finally got the subwoofer delivered today, and to celebrate it here are a few pics of the setup as it looks right now. The jewel case is there as size reference. Screen Pioneer KRP-600A Speakers Monitor Audio...
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    8400m biting the dust in XPS m1330

    Well I guess it was inevitable for it to happen, the nVidia 8400m finally died in my m1330 laptop. It wasn't much of a surprise considering nVidia totally messed up that chip and loads has gone pop soo far. After a bit of browsing looking for solutions (like buying a new motherboard) I found...
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    Phone with best camera?

    What I'm looking for can probably best be described as a compact camera with a phone bolted on to it. I don't care about the phone features as long as I can call people and send SMS. However what I do care about is the quality of the pictures so what are the best options out there?
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    Any 30" LED backlit LCDs available yet?

    As the topic say, any 30" LED backlit LCDs available yet or is the 24" Apple Ciname display still the biggest screen with LED backlight?
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    Aftermarket SSD for m1330

    I'm planning on replacing the 7200k drive in my Dell m1330 with a SSD, however I have no idea which ones are compatible. Any idea what brand the stock SSDs are that Dell provide, or even better, do anyone have a compatibility chart?
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    4GB DDR2-800 sticks (non ECC)?

    My P5Q Pro support 16GB using 4 memory slots, however it seems the sticks needed to actually populate it that way are yet to be released... So has anyone seen 4GB DDR2-800 sticks in the wild yet? I know you can get up to 8GB FB ECC sticks but if you don't want ECC the choices seems to be 2GB...
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    Need help making an EVE-Online logo bigger.

    I need to have this EVE-Online corp logo remade so it can be printed on a few T-shirts. The source image is 64x64 pixels so not much use. So if there are a friendly soul out there that fancy making a bigger version it would be greatly appreciated by me and my friends.
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    Took the plunge, now need the best driver for 3 x GTX.

    So after 2 years the time has come to replace the system in my sig so out goes the 2 x x1900xt's and in comes 3 x 8800GTX. Now I came across a little issue, the WHQL driver on the nVidia website seems rather useless. AA isn't working, nor is Vsync in EVE-Online when I try to force it through...
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    Vista traffic monitoring application?

    I'm trying to find some little application that can monitor one of my network interfaces, in this case a WWLAN HSDPA card in my laptop. I'm on a pay as you go tariff and need some way to monitor the amount of data I have used over a set period of time. I have 1GB to use every 30days so it...
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    No clickable links in email notifications

    For the past few weeks I noticed the email notifications sent from hardforum are missing the HTML code they used to have. Is this by intention as it is a bit annoying to have to copy and paste the url for each thread you want to check instead of just clicking them? The removal of HTML code...
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    1333 fsb and DDR2?

    Is there any Intel chipset that support 1333 fsb and DDR2? The reason I ask is because I would like to mix a new Quad Core with 8GB of cheap DDR2.
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    PSU for Tri-SLI?

    With the soon available Tri-SLI systems, what are the PSU options as 6 x 6-pin PCIe power connectors will be needed to run three 8800 GTX or similar cards? The current Quad SLI PSUs seems to have 2 x 8-pin and 2 x 6-pin at best so can you convert each 8-pin to two 6-pin connectors without...
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    x1900 crossfire vs 8800 ultra?

    As you can see in my sig my nearly 2 year old system is running two x1900 in crossfire. I play at 2560x1600 when possible, but SLI is a no go until Intel and Nvida start to cooperate again regarding Penryn so I will probably end up with a single 8800 Ultra/GTX for the time being. Any idea...
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    So no SLI if I go for a QX9650?

    I was looking around for components for a new system just to find out that if you intend to use a QX9650 you can forget about running SLI as no motherbord currently seems to support that combo. :mad: Any idea if Intel and Nvidia will get their act together and stop being childish with their...
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    EVE-Online: Trinity video

    The now 5 year old graphics engine in EVE-Online is about to be replaced in the next month or so. In addition to that 50 man years has been put in to renovate all the ship/station/gate models and the result can be seen below: 1280x720 (15MB) 1920x1080 (25MB) This is just a teaser shown at...
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    What happened with the I-RAM 2?

    I know it was a lot of talk about a possible I-RAM 2 with DDR2 and Sata 3.0 support from Gigabyte after the original I-RAM was originally released a year or two ago. Has anyone heard anything about the I-RAM 2 since then?
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    Cat 7.3 & 7.4 refuses to remember AA setting.

    I have this very annoying issue with both Catalyst 7.3 and 7.4. Every time I start the PC CCC reset the antialias to 0x instead of 14x as it was when the computer was shut down. I have the "Let the application decide" unticked as I want it forced in all games. Anyone else got this issue...
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    Overheating DLP, sign of worn out bulb?

    About a week ago my DLP rear projector TV started to shut down due to over heating after about 45minutes of viewing. Is this a sign of the 1.5 year old bulb is about to be worn out or is it some other problem? I'm not keen on buying a new bulb for $3-400 if that isn't the issue. I pulled out...
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    EVE-Online + Dell m1210 = ??

    Is anyone here playing EVE-Online on a Dell m1210 laptop? If so what kind of performance do you get?