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  1. Reaper

    PDXLan Nov 2-4

    Finally checked this, I'm at 8
  2. Reaper

    PDXLan Nov 2-4

    Anyone else going? Two good buddies and I are going, table 8. First party in a while, as illustrated by the likelihood that I'll be borrowing a tower
  3. Reaper

    The Lost Art of Lans

    I've been keeping up with this thread and I have a group that I always used to LAN with for about 4 years solid and our decline happened for many reasons. It's almost been a year since the last LAN. We had a series of events in about a years time that included several births, at least 1 divorce...
  4. Reaper

    Scratch Project: Acronym (mITX XBMC HTPC)

    Not to sound like a dick, but I had this deja vu feeling looking at the rendering, and it reminds me of the Phantom Console. Fortunately, you have a media drive planned and you're not defrauding anyone. It looks like it will be pretty damn cool.
  5. Reaper

    Adidas4275's new living room theater build

    Since I didn't see anyone ask, how old is your sister?
  6. Reaper

    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Looks like the Z series they have at Target we got for my Parents for Christmas
  7. Reaper

    I want to buy this Lappy Any reason I shouldn't? is there a comparable lappy out there that has escaped me? I want a system with a Turion, and I like the 17" monitor
  8. Reaper

    So I have 4 GB of DDR2 800 Ballistix

    And I keep fricking bluescreening, couldn't even get into windows with all 4 1GB sticks, and today it BSOD'd, and I popped one stick out and it was fine, however the other thing might be a RAM slot on my mobo, which is more likely?
  9. Reaper

    PSP still worth it?

    I'd loot for a used fat, but thats me and what I have, I have the old one fully updated to the latest firmware and it has some neat integrated features, they also stopped producing UMDs so you can get a bunch of movies for quite cheap, I also have a Datel 4GB HD and double battery, $40 at...
  10. Reaper

    Free Antec 900 when combo with Phenom 9600

    Unlocked multipliers, easier to OC
  11. Reaper

    Free Antec 900 when combo with Phenom 9600

    mang, and I paid $280 for my Phenom, my damn urge to finally have a new system right away, and I finally had the time to get everything together in the last few weeks
  12. Reaper

    Free Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / SQL Server 2008 / Visual Studio 2008

    Do you have to be in the IT industry to attend?
  13. Reaper

    Project: "Water-Logged" ... External Radlicious Box

    This has so much potential, I will be checking back often
  14. Reaper

    Aliens: Colonial Marines, thoughts?

    My roomie was part of a group that was making a fan mod with the EXACT name and concept about 6-7 years ago and Fox came in with a cease-and-desist order and demanded their code, they didn't give it up but saw some gameplay, so we believe they took that Idea and now, we have the announcement...
  15. Reaper

    Buying Refurb 60GB PS3 - Good or Bad Idea?

    YOu can order one from GS online for 429.99
  16. Reaper

    Help me choose a WoW name!

    How about "I'm about to lose my life, friends, and self respect"?
  17. Reaper

    Circuit City 50% Off games 19.99 and under

    Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is $1.00, I bought 4 copies as gifts, b/c Pirates rock.
  18. Reaper

    Project: Galaxy 5.0

    That, sir, is [H]ot.
  19. Reaper

    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Addition to my setup, my TV show on DVD collection Off topic a bit, but I felt I needed to offer a rebuttal to Nahid's movie collection by showing my TV show on DVD collection 24 Seasons 1-2 The 4400 Seasons 1-3, don't have boxes to 1&2, go them as a gift from my sister Alias Seasons...
  20. Reaper

    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Off topic a bit, but I felt I needed to offer a rebuttal to Nahid's movie collection by showing my TV show on DVD collection 24 Seasons 1-2 The 4400 Seasons 1-3, don't have boxes to 1&2, go them as a gift from my sister Alias Seasons 1-5 American Dad Seasons 1-2 Angel Seasons 1-5 Aqua...
  21. Reaper

    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Can't hurt to try
  22. Reaper

    $100 from Bank of America by Opening a Checking Account

    I work for a Cash Advance place (I know, we rip people off, whatever) and part of the application process is that you bring in a 30 day bank statement. We look for NSF fees and stop payments. People with BoA accounts incur more charges on average than any other bank that we deal with (about 7...
  23. Reaper

    Dyson DC07 @

    Vacuum usually runs for $400, 219.99 + 5 for shipping, save 175 on an AMAZING vacuum, if you have any type of respiratory issues, this thing cleans twice as well as a Windtunnel
  24. Reaper

    PS3: what are the differences between the 80 and 40 Gb?
  25. Reaper

    BigAMD worklog:

    Just gotta say, you won't necessarily see an improvement on the vid card temps if you're running the water through the CPU first, that'll heat it up, might want to look into splitting the line so half the water goes to the vid cards and half goes the the CPU
  26. Reaper

    just got a ps2...

    GTA trilogy, Hitman Trilogy. Most gamestops have the sets for $30, good deal for 3 brand new games. Also, if you're into thinking and group fun, Buzz! the Megaquiz
  27. Reaper

    Project: Galaxy 5.0

    Man, I can't tell you how often I've used that line. Usually I'm not referring to RAM though...:D
  28. Reaper

    28" LCD - $539 @ TD, no MIR

    Tiger Direct Rapes babies
  29. Reaper

    Upscaling S-DVD to 1080P - quality improvement?

    Have you run it through the 360 HD-DVD drive for the 1080p upconvert?
  30. Reaper

    Favorite video game character?

    I Live...Agaaaainn...
  31. Reaper

    AMD Should Bring Back 939 To Make Money

    I love slots...all kinds of pink slots... I'm done now
  32. Reaper

    Buzz! The Mega Quiz

    the controllers are USB with 1 port for the 4 controller setup, and now that I think about it, there should be no reason a 60GB or 80GB PS3 wouldn't run it
  33. Reaper

    Buzz! The Mega Quiz

    no idea, don't have a PS3, I'd google it
  34. Reaper

    Buzz! The Mega Quiz

    This game is SOOOOOOOOOO cool, got it for PS2, for $40 you get the game + the 4 buzzer set. Random quiz in a variety of setups that lead to the final round of multiplayer where how fast you answer the question can gve/take your final life bar away, last person standing wins. For someone who...
  35. Reaper

    50" Plasma + PS3 or Computer Upgrade?

    I would either shell out the extra cabbage on an LCD, or save a ton by getting a DLP, very good price/performance value. My $0.02
  36. Reaper

    Finally quit World of Warcraft

    The only time I ever played WoW was when my roommate had to go to work and was in the middle of an instance so I finished it out for him. I'm part of a LAN group that saw a MAJOR drop in attendance after WoW was released. We went from selling out 70 spot LANS to having trouble filling up 25 man...
  37. Reaper

    LAN party game with 3 or 4 people?

    + a billion /endthread
  38. Reaper

    Should I replace my 360 with a PS3?

    Not true, I was just at GameStop yesterday and they will pay $180 in store credit for the 360 and an additional $50 for the HD, making a Pro/Premium system worth $230 in store, or 20% less for cash in hand which is $180 I am not saying get rid of the 360 I'm just saying what GameStop will...
  39. Reaper

    CompUSA Closing Clearance Deals

    I saw the beefy 30" Gateway monitor for less than newegg, but I still don't have the 1600ish to buy it
  40. Reaper

    Post your LAN Party pics!

    Actually, my girlfriend and doc's girlfriend were in my room playing SingStar on the PS2, and there was howie_23 and his wife, but they were out when I took the pictures, and the night before there was another of my buddies and his girlfriend over, so 4 females to 9 males, much less than an...