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    Windows 11 available via WSUS

    for those running WSUS in your lab or Production, check the box, sync, and start the downloads. Do not forget to approve!
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    New thread in watched forum email is blank

    this is the email I get when alerting me to a new topic. Used to have the OP's opening post. This is what I get now.
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    vSan performance

    Im new to vSan and am doing this in my Lab as a learning experience. I currently have a FreeNas environment with the following specs within FreeNas and get about 1 to 1.1 GB's in read and writes. - 500GB SSD's in mirror Fdev x8 - intel Optane as log for vSan, I have the following across 3...
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    Back in my day.... we used mysql_query. now its some mysqli shit. as far as I can tell, i can only use a single DB connection for a single query unless i free the query result from memory. if a free the result inside a foreach, the whole thing dies. the way how i USED to be able to do this...
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    WaterCooling fans

    Looking for what people are using as fans on the Rads. Currently using the Corsair fans that came with the Rad and feel like i can do better air movement. Would need to be white light fans to match the design
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    Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad

    anyone using? suggested over thermal paste?
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Was hoping to get a 10GBe Network card to fit a 1x PCI Slot. Cant find one. Was hoping to get a M.2 expansion card to fit a 1x PCi slot. Cant find one. What say you [H]. what ya using your 1x slots for?
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    AIO for 2080TI founders

    So i recently water cooled my 2080ti, but was a full custom loop. Trying to figure out how water cool my husbands 2080Ti. He is not interested in a full custom loop and frankly his case does not support it. I see two options EVGA looks to have a heat sink that covers ram and Core...
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    Water Cooling LayOut - Please review.

    I have a Corsair Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE case that i'm looking to water cool. I wanna do a 3 rad setup using the corsair Hydro series "stuff" looking at the built in configuration tool on the site, they recommend a 2 rad setup (top and bottom), but i was thinking of doing on the back (see...
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    R7 core temp

    What does everyone use to monitor CPU temps? The apps I have used thus far only show 3 cores.
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    Question: OC a K CPU, but not the Video card?

    Trying to push my 8086K processor to 5ghz. Runs OK with CPU bench only but this PC does not have a GPU, so i'm using the built in GPU. When i OC the CPU, I assume the GPU comes with with it. Is that correct? Any way to NOT OC the GPU and only OC the CPU? when i run CPU-z bench, the CPU is...
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    Do you vertical mount?

    L@@king for a new case and kinda like the idea of going vertical case I'm thinking of going with has vertical GPU mounting, Corsair Obsidian 500d RBG SE thoughts?
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    [H] and

    FYI. L@@Ks like your AWS mail IP is listed on[] if you wanna have a look.
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    nvidia 4k surround

    anyone have this working? 3x 4k monitors all show correct rez WITHOUT surround enabled. when i enable surround i can only get 1080p
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    2080 TI shipping?

    anyone get shipping updates yet? what is the expected ship date? all i can tell from nvidia website is that my order was received and box shipment
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    wireless sound bar

    Anyone use sound bars for home TV's? we just got an LG SK10Y and from what I can tell I can not change the wireless settings to be more... secure. any fuck with a little bit of XP could join the wireless, set BT to auto (verse news to be set to BT before BT will play) and start streaming audio...
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    voice low, action high

    i have the same issue as what most on the internet have the speach is low in movies so you have to turn it up. than someone shoots a gun and its extremely loud. have a 5.1 setup optical input from the TV which is putting out douply digital. source is apple TV 4k
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    Kraken question

    Looking for some help on adding a bank account for Kraken. Im Tier 2 verified which shows I can do 2000$ daily and 10,000$ monthly of fiat (my USD to them). I ASSUME this means link a bank account. when I go to withdraw.. it says I ned to be Tier 3 confirmed for a WIRE transfer. to...
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    Asus Prime z370-a

    I have it. Struggling to get 6+ cards working. anyone have else have any XP using this motherboard and more than 5 GPU's? Thanks!
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    windows 10 - free? any truth to this?
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    My First ATI card

    Today im getting my first ATI card. I understand a bios flash is recommended. can anyone point me in good direction to get started? Thanks! geting an MSI 570
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    Zcash trading

    Hi all! does anyone know why most exchanges are no longer doing Zec? Each site I visit have said for the last 24 Hrs that the wallet is being worked on / removed / disabled. Support is not saying much.
  23. O - possibly stole coin from me

    never mind
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    unable to set memory and fan speed for GPU2

    Hi All! Wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue before. Using Ubuntu 16.4, I installed version nvidia-387 and Cuda 9.1 my start.bash has sudo nvidia-settings -c :0 -a [gpu:2]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=525 sudo nvidia-settings -c :0 -a [gpu:2]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=150...
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    dual power supplies

    im about to ask what im sure is the stupid question of the day.... most guides call for two power supplies the more cards you have and use a paperclip to do so. what happens if you leave the GPU power supply on and remove the MoBO power completely? im talking you have the risers and GPU’s...
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    *Tap Tap* This thing on?

    Looking to start folding at home and was thinking of tagging my progress to [H] interested in Fold@home (Cancer is preference) Still team33? any info would be great!
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    screen flicker and audio drop

    Hi Everyone under I asked for suggestions on an AMP I was looking to buy. I ended up getting Marantz NR1508. we have an Apple TV connected via HDMI to the AMP, and then the AMP connected to the 4k TV. So nothing really odd / off...
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    [H], Been out of the home theater game for a bit and with the new Apple 4k TV on it's way, it's time to upgrade to a 4k setup. we already have the TV that's 4k ready. The current AMP is not. We have 6" to work with height wise and need a 5.1 setup. Came across a few Marantz receivers...
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    I want 2x 16x slots

    for a Kaby Lake processor. I have yet to decide on proc or MoBo. I tend to build my systems around the MoBo. What chipset will allow me to run two Video Cards @ 16x? is it still the x99 chipset?
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    Looking for a new Keyboard

    Hi all! I have a g15 and it's time to replace it. I do not need a screen but controls for audio would be nice. keypad a is necessary need one USB port to connect the mouse Suggestions?
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    to the fiber internet HOME users

    Partner and I are looking at Comcast 2gbit bidirectional offering. Problem is.. everything is 1gig at the house. for those that have fiber in the house now with 500+ mbit service.. what do you use on the LAN side of the connection?
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    to the HP Switch admins

    HI All, I have an HP switch that is having an issue. We have a connection that is fiber being converted to CAT 5 and connected to our port. We have 3 vlan's on that port (1913,1914,1943). nterface 2/37 flow-control tagged vlan 1913-1914,1943 untagged vlan 999 exit I have...
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    To all The o365 Admins

    Hi All, so i have which if o365 enabled. Im trying to setup a cisco conference server which works with o365 federation. As in, you would be able to call <user> from skype. Thus far, with cisco APPS, this works without issue. As in, using jabber on...
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    Recommend me a keyobard

    Currently have a g15. Served me well... everything "works" though i need to hit keys a few times before they register. Like most tech.. It's time to replace. I don't need a screen but the built in USB hub is NICE.
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    With respect... from where i sit, Nvidia and Intel are crushing it. so my question is.. why have YOU chosen AMD over intel and Nvidia?
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    DDR4 3866 on an 6700k?

    hi! MoBo is a GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 which has support for the G.skil F4-3866C18Q-16GTZ running at 3866. The proc arck sheet over at Intel says the proc runs (default) at 2133 max. to this means says I would need to OC the proc memory controller to get the standard proformace out of the memory...
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    share password between MAC and PC

    hi all, looking for a solution which will allow password sharing between MAC and PC. I suck at google and also looking for personal XP on products which will hopefully be referenced in this topic.
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    Intel x520 - getting 1.5 GPS

    Hi All, so i was expecting to get above 5GPS between my vmware box and my windows 10 desktop but looks as though I'm only getting 1.5 MAX I used my vmware thick client to access a point to point network (SFP runs directly between the hosts) and did a file transfter. Windows showing 1.5 MAX...
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    Backplane question

    am looking at the Norco RPC-2304 which appears to have a passive backplane. Im reading other things on the netz that reference some backplane's being SATA II which would limit the type of drives i plan to put into this case. Is is true that a passive backplane would limit the speeds?
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    HBA or onboard SATA

    am looking at attempt #2 for a home storage server using freeNAS. Will be using 10gb intel cards from vmware host direct to the freeNAS server. So i wanted to know if you would recommend an HBA card or use the SATA ports on the Motherboard. I guess what im thinking / wondering if i load the...