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    USB C / external drive issue

    So i just got a new laptop with USB C/Thunderbolt - and I run VM labs off an external NVME drive. I noticed they were taking some time to start and seemed slow vs using my USB 3.0 connection so I ran some crystal disk marks. Just as I thought. My drive is doing 40 MB/s transfers and read...
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    not PC specific but OLED?

    I need ot replace my TV in the living room - my budget is 2000-2500 My choices in theat range are OLED65C9AUA Sony a8g PX75-G1 tow are oled, on is quantum dot - top two are 65 inch bottom is 75 inch Vizio is 2199 Sonys is 2399 LG is 2499 what do I do ???
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    A little threadripper help

    I have a 1950x and an enermax liqtech 360 which I can only assume has corroded as it no longer cools very well. I am seeing very odd behavior - like when I run Cinebench the cpus all drop to half speed. I don't see the temps hitting above 69 at stock but still I see it half the cpu speed. I...
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    Threadripper - what had happened was..

    So I ran my MS updates last night because I was out of town last week. Boom now I get blue screen of death - page pool error??? dammit - did i miss a newsflash about MS updates crashing AMD??
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    1920X Threadripper at Amazon for 356.00
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    Free Sync 2 or G-sync question

    So - I have a 144hz curved Samsung screen I just picked up for cheap. It is a 32 inch 1440p screen. I set it next to my 27 inc Gsync 165Hz gaming monitor. I run dual 1080 TI in sli. I mainly play Destiny 2 and Overwatch. Here is my question - Does the Gsync or Freesync even matter if your frame...
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    warm deal?? Samsung NU8000

    Best buy has the 55" on sale for 799 - it supports 1440p@ 120hz and freesync so could be a good candidate for a big screen gaming monitor
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    Samsung NU8000 49" does it support 120hz and freesync?

    I know the 55 inch does but does the 49" one support it?
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    ATT Moto Z2 Force 129

    if you missed out on the 99 dollar deal a white back - they have them for 129 now
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    Destiny 2 Forsaken 25.00

    Amazon is selling D2 forsaken pack (which is all year 1 dlcs and year 2 forsaken and 2 more I believe) - for 15 dollars xbox, ps2 or pc.
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    24 hour sale Motorola Z2 force att only - 99.00

    Need a new smart phone - Motorola is selling a brand new Z2 Force att version for 99.00 bucks qualcom 835/4gb ram - I own the verizon model and love it -
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    Heat issues on Threadripper

    Greetings - I have a 1950X, ASROCK Taichi mobo and a Kraken x62 cooler When I run the software with my x62 it shows temps some 30 degrees C cooler than the ASROCK hardware monitor. Obviously this is conerning since my asrock tool is shoing 89/90 c under stress load ( just a few minutes of 95...
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    Threadripper 1950x 599 at Microcenter

    That is a pretty great price.
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    Poor raid 0 NVME on threadripper x399??

    Just builf my threadripper and used two wd black 256GB nvmes and set up raid 0 on them. Benchmarks...are meh at best. My 960 pro pisses all over this and that is a stand alone nvme, Any thoughts? Did I do something wrong?
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    Laptop purchasing advice

    So I am in the market for a gaming laptop - Micorcenter has the powerspec 1510 on clearance for around 1000 bucks= i7 7700HQ 16GB ram 256 NVME (960 evo) 1 TB hdd gtx 1070 (not HQ) Here is the few downsides I see - it is pretty bulky. I mean not terrible but 1 inch thick. The ips panel is nice...
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    So you want a 1080 TI but...(long way to get one)
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    Up to 400 dollar trade in on NOTE 8 - totally not 400 off

    Trade in 400 off - they have several models includes an LG V20 which you can pick up for about 150. You can get the unlocked Note 8 for 550 plus tax, free 2 day shipping.
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    Mint Sim buy three months get three months free

    Uses the T-mobile network - I am using it not with no problems and dirt cheap - Right not they are offering 3 months free with 3 months - 60 bucks for 6 months unlimited talk/text and 5 GB / 75 bucks for 10Gb for 6 months.
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    usb diconnectes on ryzen

    Does anyone know of a fix? This is my third ryzen mobo and it happens on every one. First I thought it was my corsair headset but my mouse, kb and usb drive all randomly disconnect. It is so bad the pc is pretty much unsable
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    1700X wtf?

    I just picked up a 1799X at MC to put in my main rig and move my 1700 to my play on media server - umm...all I did was drop it in the same mobo - seemed slower so I ran cinebench and I am getting 963?? I looked up average for 1700x and it in 1491?? I don't get it - the 1700 in it before was...
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    TCL 55" HDR 4K TV for 450 (costco members)
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    Weird Issues with Ryzen 1700

    I have a Ryzen 7 1700 - and I have weird issues with my usb. I thought it was the asus prime x370 board so I got a asrock 350 board and the issues still persist. I have a corsair headset - and it randomly will power off or get muted. I also get weird mouse freezes and stutters. It is odd -...
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    Weird Performance issue with Ryzen 1700

    I have a Ryzen 1700 and Asus x370-pro mobo - Everything stock - just my corsair lpx 3200 running at 2933 (best it can do) ..when I run Cinebench - I get 300-400 points lower score than the ryzen 1700 score?? I did a clean install of windows 10 but still the same results...any thoughts?
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    Saw today at Costco B&M - here is the link to the samsung site
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    Bestbuy Dell 27 inch gsync 449

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    Overwatch Origins Edition at BJ Wholesale 23.99 YMMV

    My local BJs had the cards on the shelf but when I went to buy they were out of stock but you might have better luck. Xbox edition - there were actually a lot of xbox and ps4 games on sale when I looked today in the 20-30 dollar range but this one struck me as a good deal. B&M only YMMV
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    512GB external SSD -Lexar (micron ssd) usb3.1 99 bucks at Costco

    B&M so YMMV - I picked up an xbox one S for 239.00 and was debating between an external ssd or hd for games - I was going to make my own external ssd but the cheapest 500 gb one I could find was in the 140 dollar range (not to mention getting a good enclosure) - This is about the size of a...
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    27 inch 2k 144hz freesync monitor 270 free shipping

    Got this off slickdeals monoprice so not really sure of the quality but if you are an amd user this might be a good deal for you
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    7700K and voltages

    So I delided my 7700K and now it's temps are not a problem. I tried for 5.9 Ghz on 1.30 volts but not stable, then 1.35 not stable - so I backed down to see how high I can get on auto. 4.9 on auto but under x264 stress the voltage goes up to 1.4,,,is that safe? The temps never break 69 C I...
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    Cool Labs Liquid Ultra question

    Do you have to let this cure? I got some to do a delid and plan on putting it on my Ryzen as well (not delidding just between the Ryzen and Corsair H60). is there a cure time I have to let it sit or can I use it right away?
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    Acer Predator XB1 27 Inch IPS 165hz @costco 599 GSYNC

    YMMV - brick and mortar (could not find it online) but my local Costco has the 27 inch IPS 2560x1440 165Hz (144 overclockable). this is the gsync model - I checked on line and it is going for 749-799 and costco has a 90 day return policy (incase of dead pixels).
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    and...Intel is already dropping prices...

    Right now I have a 1700/370x on pre-order (total is about 550 bucks with tax). For the same amount I can get a 6800K and 2011-V3 motherboard...I have to admit I am kinda tempted to cancel my pre-order and get the 6800K. I mean the cinebench numbers are impressive and all but I don't use it...
  33. G not responding?

    I can't get to the website it is not responding - or taking too long to respond. I wiped my history and flushed my dns cache but stil nada - I can get to the forums no problem.
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    LG G5 H860 dual sim 409 bucks on ebay

    NEW LG G5 H860 5.3" GSM Factory Unlocked 32GB Dual SIM 16MP Module phone TBH I preorded an Axon 7 but the constant delays and now being told it was going to ship 9/9?? please So I went looking for the best phone in the 400 range and I came across this. International verison supports dual sim...
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Thanks Microcenter for opening early and not putting that on your website - then selling out the 20 you got by 10:10 am
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    get free 30 dollar gift card for using samsung pay

    the catch is if you have never used it before, between now and the end of the month, set it up and use it (only works with a limited number of samsung phones btw) and the first time you pay with samsung pay you will get a 30 dollar gift card to either Best Buy, Ebay, Nike, Whole foods or Regal...
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    Free Cell Phone up to $650 via Citi and Att

    Right now if you get the Citi ATT Access more card and spend 2000 in three months you will get a statement credit up to 650 dollars towards the purchase of an ATT cell phone. This potentially could be double if you are not an att customer currently and move to them and get their 650 switch...
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    280X or 770 4GB

    So I am in the market for a new Video card to replace my aging 480GTX. I run two monitors one 2560x1400 and the other 1080P. I am playing The Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars TOR as my two main games plus other randoms I might want to check out and game on the 2560x1440 monitor. So...I can get...
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    need some advice

    I bought an HTC ONE from swappa. The seller has sold one other item, an iphone 5s. He listed it in great condition but that was it. It was 260 bucks, I had good experience with Swappa so I bought it. When it arrived it was not stock, the boot loader was unlocked and it was running Revolution HD...
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    Groupon New LG e970 179.99 Decent price for a unlocked gsm smartphone - quad core, 2gb RAM - 16gb Ram and a 16 gb sd card included. Will work on att natch, tmo (gets tmo lte) and smart talk and all the other mvno gsm cell phone companies. Basically...