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  1. Reaper

    PDXLan Nov 2-4

    Anyone else going? Two good buddies and I are going, table 8. First party in a while, as illustrated by the likelihood that I'll be borrowing a tower
  2. Reaper

    I want to buy this Lappy Any reason I shouldn't? is there a comparable lappy out there that has escaped me? I want a system with a Turion, and I like the 17" monitor
  3. Reaper

    So I have 4 GB of DDR2 800 Ballistix

    And I keep fricking bluescreening, couldn't even get into windows with all 4 1GB sticks, and today it BSOD'd, and I popped one stick out and it was fine, however the other thing might be a RAM slot on my mobo, which is more likely?
  4. Reaper

    Dyson DC07 @

    Vacuum usually runs for $400, 219.99 + 5 for shipping, save 175 on an AMAZING vacuum, if you have any type of respiratory issues, this thing cleans twice as well as a Windtunnel
  5. Reaper

    Buzz! The Mega Quiz

    This game is SOOOOOOOOOO cool, got it for PS2, for $40 you get the game + the 4 buzzer set. Random quiz in a variety of setups that lead to the final round of multiplayer where how fast you answer the question can gve/take your final life bar away, last person standing wins. For someone who...
  6. Reaper

    Vizio TV's

    I heard that there have been a couple cases where the circuitry in Vizio TV's winds up blowing and has burned down houses. Anyone heard anything confirming/disproving these stories? The reason I ask is because I want to buy a 42" LCD and the Vizio's prices are the best hands down.
  7. Reaper

    HTPC build opinions

    I am currently doing a system split/upgrade where my current system turns into an HTPC, Server, and main rig by picking an choosing parts. My HTPC will contain the following, any suggestions are greatly appreciated. SilverStone LC17 PC Power & Cooling Silencer 275W(?) Gigabyte GA-K8NS AMD...
  8. Reaper

    Ultra PowerPartner

    I have a Arctic Cooling Silentium, and I love the design, accessibility and quiet of the machine. The only drawback is that it has a fully custom Seasonic 350W PSU. Now this PSU was just dandy for my 2500+, 2 Hd's, 1GB RAM and 6800 Ultra, but since I want to build an AM2 w/ an 8 series card and...