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  1. Ihaveworms

    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    I think I'm going to be sick.
  2. Ihaveworms

    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    So at this point which brand is a runner up to EVGA. I always bought their Nvidia GPUs.
  3. Ihaveworms

    Will Zen 4 be the real deal and a worthy upgrade from Zen 3

    I am trying to hold out for the 3D cache version. My 4770k is getting crusty.
  4. Ihaveworms

    transient power consumption spikes

    Just need to add a capacitor bank in another case beside the main case :LOL:
  5. Ihaveworms

    Amazon’s New World game is bricking GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards

    I remember world of warcraft would hit very high FPS in the menus back in the day as well.
  6. Ihaveworms

    Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome After Shock Update

    I use Brave. Chrome without the spyware.
  7. Ihaveworms

    Setting up a new network for a home

    At this point the house is already fully Sheetrocked so I can't add any ports or additional runs unfortunately. As for the PoE switches, one would be in a garage so it wouldn't be exposed to the elements. The other would be mounted underneath a covered deck area. So the most it will face is...
  8. Ihaveworms

    Setting up a new network for a home

    I am moving to a new home later this year and I plan to setup networking and surveillance in stages after I move in. I am a software developer by profession, but am definitely not well versed in networking. I am looking for something that has a nice easy to use user interface and based upon my...
  9. Ihaveworms

    Amazon sharing your internet without consent

    I looked in the Alexa app on my phone and did not see the described option to turn it off
  10. Ihaveworms

    Best Buy Beta

    Why are you buying so much applecare is what I am wondering. Just self insure...and be careful.
  11. Ihaveworms

    Can we get CD-R made in Japan in the near future?

    I still have a spindle of Taiyo Yuden DVDs I haven't touched in a very long time.
  12. Ihaveworms

    GPU mining moves to RTX 3000 laptops (AKA exploring new lows)

    What a waste of hardware and electricity.
  13. Ihaveworms

    Opinions on the Logitech G502 Mouse?

    I have a 502 hero that I no longer use for my gaming PC. The switches in the left and right mouse button started to fail on me in about 5 months of use. Waaaay sooner than my previous g500. Looking at reviews it seems this is a common problem. I got a replacement from logitech, but am using a...
  14. Ihaveworms

    Has your G-Sync display locked you into the Nvidia EcoSystem?

    I hated the idea of getting a monitor that would lock me into a particular video card side (Nividia vs AMD). I waited long enough until Nividia finally had their "G-Sync Compatible" imitative and bought a monitor that can do both freesync and g-sync without issue.
  15. Ihaveworms

    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    I'm probably going to wait till late this year or early next year at this point.
  16. Ihaveworms

    Cable management fail

    All my nasty is hidden behind the motherboard tray as well. Clean in public view, nasty under the cover.
  17. Ihaveworms

    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    Yeah I would need to get new RAM. I'm still on DDR3. It is sad that a 1070 is going to struggle in cyberpunk when it is only 1 generation old. If that's the case, I feel like there isn't a big point in me upgrading now if I need to wait for nividia 3xxx series. By then new AMD cpus would...
  18. Ihaveworms

    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    This weekend is tax free weekend in my state. Given that, I was looking at possibly upgrading my computer. Current specs are: i7-4770k @ 4.2ghz 32gb RAM 1070 GTX I play on a 1440p 144hz monitor. The game I play most now is Escape from Tarkov and want to play Cyberpunk when that comes out. At...
  19. Ihaveworms

    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    Pretty much how I feel about all streamers. I see no appeal.
  20. Ihaveworms

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I have been using the same filco 9.5 years now with brown switches. I took the caps off it today to give it a cleaning.
  21. Ihaveworms

    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! Running real time on Playstation 5

    I have my doubts that the storage is anything highly proprietary. If I was to guess, it is a PCI-E 4.0 based nvm-e.
  22. Ihaveworms

    Extreme overclocker pushes dated AMD FX-8350 beyond 8.1GHz

    That's crazy. I would have guessed the opposite.
  23. Ihaveworms

    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    I had a EVGA 7800 GT that I bought and then used the step-up program at the time to upgrade to the 7900 GT. That 7900 GT was constantly giving me issues, artifacts, overheating. Regretted upgrading to that card.
  24. Ihaveworms

    Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

    I don't think its because people are repairing their phones. It is because phones are stupidly expensive now and people are not wanting to fork over $1000 every year for the latest and greatest.
  25. Ihaveworms

    Recommend an affordable 1440p 120+hz Variable Resfresh Screen?

    I just picked up a lg 27gl850 last week when it was on sale. So far so good and meets your requirements.
  26. Ihaveworms

    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    I don't get why people watch twitch streamers in the first place.
  27. Ihaveworms

    Why do passive / heat pipe cases fail?

    Pretty much. Cost is high and you can have a quiet computer with a custom water loop, a large radiator, and a few low speed fans. That solution is near silent when using headphones. Modern aftermarket CPU heatsinks with 120 and 140mm fans are also quiet. I think the main noise people tend to...
  28. Ihaveworms

    AMD processors: Threadripper 3000 and Ryzen 9 3950X in November

    It is also for people that want lots of PCI-E lanes.
  29. Ihaveworms

    NetGear R7000 cant do 1gbit WAN
  30. Ihaveworms

    NetGear R7000 cant do 1gbit WAN

    I have the same router and 500mbps internet. Tomato does software based NAT or whatever it is called. You need to use a firmware that has hardware based acceleration. For that you can use the merlin firmware. That's what I use and can get over 500mbps throughput over WAN.
  31. Ihaveworms

    Hunt: Showdown (Crytek multiplayer survival shooter)

    Graphics look the same to me. When 1.0 hit they reset your graphics settings to low and you just need to change them back to be whatever you had them set to previously. Maybe people are too derp to figure that out.
  32. Ihaveworms

    Question about fps below hz on a gsync compatible monitor

    I am looking to get a LG 27GL850 and looking at the compatibility list I see that it does 48-144Hz. Lets say I am running a game and am getting below 48fps..lets say 35fps. The variable refresh rate doesn't go that low, but it could do 2xfps as the refresh to get the same effect (70hz). Right...
  33. Ihaveworms

    Hunt: Showdown (Crytek multiplayer survival shooter)

    I play on US East with my friends grouping 2 and 3 are near instant queues.
  34. Ihaveworms

    Look at this $1900 monster...

    I like having only fans on the radiators and in the PSU. Generally I find those fans are quieter.
  35. Ihaveworms

    Look at this $1900 monster...

    Water cooled card....still has a fan on the card. Come on now.
  36. Ihaveworms

    Hunt: Showdown (Crytek multiplayer survival shooter)

    I played a bit on the test server. The new male sounds are an unneeded change. They need to revert that.
  37. Ihaveworms

    Hunt: Showdown (Crytek multiplayer survival shooter)

    Saw that today. That's going to be fun.
  38. Ihaveworms

    NVIDIA RTX 2070 & 2060 Super at Amazon

    Prices like these are why I still game at 1440p and not 4k. It costs too much to maintain good frame rates at 4k for little benefit in real world visuals.