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    GTX 780 / CPU

    I am currently running a GTX 780 with an i5 2500 but think I am experiencing a bottleneck in some games, and especially if I use 3D vision (am aware barely anyone uses this lol). I was wondering if an upgrade to an i7 3770 would show much of a performance improvement in this situation? I...
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    Upgrading from i5 2500K - for gaming

    I am running a GTX 780 with an i5 2500 and am wondering if a CPU upgrade would help performance, especially in 3D vision. The general view seems to be that a 2500 doesn't bottleneck a GTX 780 but am wondering about this in certain scenarios, such as 3D vision use and games that seem to require...
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    GTX780 and Bethesda Games

    I recently upgraded from my 580 to a GTX780 and am pretty disappointed with the performance I am getting on games like Fallout 3, Oblivion and Skyrim. I have done most of the tweaks and my 580 ran these games ok but on average settings. I was hoping with the 780 I could crank things right up...
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    Upgrade for 3D

    I tried out 3D vision 2 to see if it would take and am finding I pretty much love it and will continue using. Problem is my GTX580 doesn’t cut it with the required 120 fps at 1920x1080. So am looking to upgrade but not go crazy, not into SLI or anything that advanced, so single card solution...
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    New Screen Advice - For Gaming

    I need a new screen as my Hanns-G 28 inch has died on me. Problem is I am completely overwhelmed with the new features to look out for when buying a new screen. I mainly want a screen that will be good for gaming, with a very low response times as sensitive to that. Ideally i’d like to keep...
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    Upgrade from 6870 advice

    I’ve just upgraded my rig to an i5 2500k and now want a better performing card. I currently have an AMD 6870 and I like to game at my monitors native res of 1900 x 1200. I find this card is ok but struggles a bit in some games so am looking for something higher end. Ideally i’d like a single...
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    Fallout 3 – performance decrease on new machine

    I upgraded my Q9650 system to a i5 2500k running windows 7 64bit and seem to be getting worse performance in Fallout 3 for some reason. I am using my same graphics card (amd 6870). Funny thing is it was smooth as butter on the old machine. It loads on the windows 7 system but is not smooth...
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    RAM advice for Asus P8P67 PRO

    I am looking to pair the Asus P8P67 with a Core i7 2600K and am struggling a bit on the memory as am a bit hazy on the subject. I was going to aim for Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz: - it says this memory runs at 1.6...
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    Core i7 advice

    I’m looking to get a fairly powerful CPU that will last me a couple of years. I’m not going to get into the water cooling stuff, as much as I’d like to I cant stretch the budget that far. I’m into high performance gaming so was thinking of going for the Core i7 960 3.20Ghz. does that sound...
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    Performance Issues

    I posted on here a couple of days ago asking if I had enough juice in my pc to maximise the use of a new card, as my system is an ancient 18 months old lol. I have a quad Q9550 clocked at 3.80Ghz with 3GB of ram running at 800Mgz and run my games at 1680 x 1050, i’d like to use 1900 x 1200...
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    Do I have the power?

    Hi I'm in a situation where I'm not sure if i need a full upgrade or just a new graphics card. i was pleased with my 4890 but am looking for silky performance on new games, i'm very fussy about lags in frame rates. so i'm basically going for a top end card. My current system is running a...
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    Single Card Advice

    I been out of it a while and need a bit of advice on a card upgrade. I currently have a Q6600 system running an ATI 4890. First off I assume my rig will run one of these newer beasts, i have a 650 power supply? I’m looking to play games on 1900 x 1200 res I’m looking for a single card...
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    Need HELP diagnosing Asus P5QL problems

    I’m having real problems setting up a friends pc. Its running on an Asus P5QL and the parts used seem like pretty good quality although not sure about the 450 PSU. It was built with everything except the graphics card, which I installed for him, then the problems began. The card is an...
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    Looking for powerfull good value for money solution

    I’m looking for a single card configuration to run games on a 24” monitor. Its been a long time since I upgraded so need a few pointers. I’m looking to spend about £450 for a good solid card that is reliable, POWERFUL, no overheating or driver problems. I want to be able to play new games and...
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    Card for Maya?

    I need some advice on what card to get for use in Maya. It would be nice if it was decent for games as well but that is not a major priority. Is it worth the extra expense for a quadro or would a high end GTX do the job? I’m looking to spend around £400 to £500 Thanks for any advice
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    GTX 280 Temperature question

    I am aware of these cards running at high temps but took the risk to get one anyway. Just want to ask what you guys think of the temp readings I’m getting as I am wondering if I have a problem or not. In Farcry 2 the temperature seems to settle between 85 to 90 degrees but the thing starts...
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    Overheating problem

    I’m having some real issues with over heating, my CPU and Ram seem to sky rocket according to Everest and Probe. I have a Q9550 with corsair 6400 ram on an Asus P5Q-E board. I don’t know if these readings can be accurate, they are going up to 196 degrees according to these applications. Seems...
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    Power supply for 280GTX

    I'm getting a 280GTX and am going to need a decent power supply upgrade. i heard there are some issues here as some dont come with the required 8 pin connectors and i dont want the hassle of this. so any advice on a suitable supply would be appreciated, i am looking to spend up to £100 on...
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    Build Advice

    been a while since i have built a system, just wanted to confirm that I'm on the right track, with the main components anyway. this is what I'm looking at: - Processor: - Intel Quad Q9550 Memory: - Corsair 4GB DD2 XMS2 Dominator / PC2 - 8500 Motherboard: - Asus P5Q-E Graphics Card...
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    GTX 280 in older system

    I'm looking for a boost in game performace but dont really want to upgrade my entire machine. I have a single core Pentium 4 3.60mhz, is there any point in putting a Geforce GTX 280 in there? I'm willing to pay a lot for a decent card but not the amount it would cost to build an entire...
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    Problem - need new card now

    ello all I have an annoying problem, my water cooled radion X1900 is broke, anytime i play a game it overheats immediatly, very irritaing. I cant figure out what is causing this, it has liquid in it, it is very loud now so i am wondering if the pump is broken. anyway it seems bust to me...
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    Looking for performance boost

    Hi I currently have a radion X1900 XTX running on a Pentium 3.60ghz system with 1.5GB memory. I was thinking of upgrading as I know I will have to in the near future to get the best performance out of these new games. I have got Bioshock and running on the above system the performance is...
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    Terrible noise coming from Radion X1900XTX

    Hi My computer sounds like its going to take off and i have the supposedly silent liquid cooled Saphirre Toxic X1900XTX. Ive had the card about 6 months now but over the last month it has been making a real loud noise, like a fan on full blast. The sound is not coming from the visible fan...
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    ATI setup help

    hi Im new to ATI cards, previously owned nvidia for the last 3 years or so. a while ago i brought a X1900XTX and im still getting to grips with setting it up everytime i re install. just want a few tips really on the best combination of software as i have read some people dont use the...
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    Core 2 system

    Hi I currently have a pentium 4 3.60Ghz system, I am thinking of using this as a DAW for music applications and processing, i am going to get myself a second PC for games etc. I have in mind the Core 2 DUO E6700 for a games PC (already have a radion x1900 to go with it) . I been reading...
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    ATI Tray Tools with X1900 XTX

    im trying to get better performace out of oblivion with a radion X1900 XTX, i have to play with vsync on as i cant deal with the tearing on my 2405. running in 1680 x 1050 it seems to be ok but i get dips in the frame rate, and it feels pretty sluggish. to be honest i expected it to play a lot...
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    Resolution problems with Radion x1900

    Hi I recently brought an ati x1900 xtx card, previously I owned a geforce 6800. very pleased with the performance but I seem to be having some issues with the resolution options I have in games. With my nvidia card I used to use 1680 x 1050 in most games, as im running a 2405 wide screen...
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    Upgrading to nvidia 7900 GTX good idea?

    hi I have a dell 2405 screen with a 7800 GTX. Im looking for a performance boost as new games like oblivion are slugish on the higher resolutions. I dont really want to go the sli route so do you think the 7900 GTX offers enough of a performance boost to justify getting it? Thanks for...
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    Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400 help

    i have an intel d925xecv2. it says it supports 400mhz DDR2 memory. this may sound stupid, i was going to get some high performance corsair DDR ram, that would be 800mhz. would this motherboard not work if i installed this memory thanks for any help
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    Intel D925XCV2 memory HELP

    I just got one of these motherboards and am looking to buy some memory, I have my eye on getting some Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400. do you think that would be a good choice, im not really sure it is compatable, it goes up to 800mhz, will it work with this motherboard. thanks for any help
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    Upgrade advice as need performace boost

    Hi I recently brought a dell 2405 monitor and am thinking of upgrading my machine a bit so I can play games at its native resolutions. I currently have a Pentium 3.20 running a 6800GT graphics card and am thinking about upgrading to a motherboard that supports PCI express so I can get a 7800...